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  • Oh no, Dude! Worth watching on iplayer image
  • I think I understocd that. How very annoying
  • xine267 wrote (see)
    What were they thinking with that song for Paso? Horrible

    Just reminds me what an incredible voice Freddie Mercury had.  That fella was struggling.

    Victoria might as well go anyway.  They haven't shown anywhere near enough of her tummy with the outfits.  image

  • raging. i will. sounds like it was good.

    some good performances. dani and vincent are definitely still my favourite.

    i didn't enjoy the wembley experience. too echoey and vast. weird.

  • I agree the sound wasn't good. Louis and Flavia have been my favourites until now but I didnt get their quickstep at all. Denise anmd James are now top of my leaderboard. Why is Strictly so addictive? I just love it (after running of course!)

  • it is good because, although the slebs probably do go on to aid their profile, once they start they really get into it. it is a proper competition.

    it is a real skill. not just sitting eating bugs.

    and i love the dancing, especially the waltzes. they are so romantic.

  • I heard a rumour that there was heavy producer involvement / interference with the dances this week, with the two Olympians being told to do something to showcase their Olympic skills. If true That would explain the bike and the gymnastics - I feel so sorry for Louis, that routine was not American Smooth - can you imagine if they'd stuck to a traditional one? He is surely strong enough to cope with all the lifts that the dance demands.
  • Who do you think should go tonight?

    Who do you think it is likely to be?

    Are they one and the same person I wonder...

  • I have peeked on Digital Spy's spoiler thread - couldn't face the "show" tonight image

  • Richard should go, bottom two should be him and Victoria but I wonder if the Team GB bicycle show will have won her some extra votes?
  • I would like Victoria to go.

    Richard will go. you heard it here first.

    I went to see that track cycling at the chris hoy velodrome tonight. nothing to it really. easy.

  • Claudia must have been reading this thread! She's had her hair cut!
  • Ra-ma la-ma la-ma ka ding-a de ding de dong
    Shoo-bop sha wad-da wad-da yipp-it-y boom de boom

  • Right result on elimination but wrong Bottom 2!
  • glad erin has gone. worst professional ever on strictly.

    wouldn't have minded if nicky had gone. he isn't bad...i just wouldn't have missed him.

    nice fringe claudia!

  • Yeah great haircut from Clavdivs.

    It's all very big atmosphere an' all that but I really don't like the Wembley show. Get back to the studio everyone!
  • agreed. just caught up with Michael's american smooth. i thought it was bloody great.

  • BeckyS wrote (see)

    I agree the sound wasn't good. Louis and Flavia have been my favourites until now but I didnt get their quickstep at all. Denise anmd James are now top of my leaderboard. Why is Strictly so addictive? I just love it (after running of course!)

    Oh no, Strictly is much more fun than running. image

    Loved Michael's AS and so disappointed with Louis'.
    Loved Lisa and Kimberley tonight. 
    Didn't think Denise's Charleston deserved 10s. It was probably technically good but it didn't have the goofy fun that some other Charlestons have had. 

    Victoria next to go surely - then its anyone's game. 


  • they deserved a 10 for holding that "egyptian' pose while being spun. that was brilliant.

  • Soup Dragon - who on earth voted Victoria in? Must've beaten Richard because she's got a prettier face although I'm glad he's gone now.

    Competition should start to heat up once we're rid of a couple more.

    Who do you think should be the next two to go?




  • Had to watch everything on catch up cos I was out over the weekend image. I never look forward to Wembley cos it's so vast it's impossible to see the dances properly IMHO. I was really surprised that Victoria wasn't in the dance off, as that Paso was crap, and the whole bicycle thing was just tacky!

    Loved Denise, Kimberley, Lisa, Dani, Michael, but agree with everyone about Lewis's American Smooth - it did nothing for me, I just sat there thinking, "Is this really an American Smooth"?

  • Right result for me - Richard just doesn't have the quality in his dancing.

  • for a gay man he isn't much of a mover. i don't imagine his mince is up to much.

  • Rumours for this weekend are Louis to dance paso, Michael - Argentine tango, Nicky - charleston and Lisa - rumba.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Didn't mind Wembley as much as I have done previously image  Enjoyed most of the dances, as I thought Richard would be out, his dance just didn't have any wow, not that many of them did!?  I even thought Erin looked totally disinterested in the routine too?

    Denise's dance was great but I say yet again, just way too good to be a 'celebrity'  Victoria's - she is better than she was but even as a fan that isn't syaing much.  Louis & Flavia were just odd, very poor choreo in my opinion, a waste of an opportunity for them and I think she realised that straight away?

    I am liking Dani more and more, Kimberley was good too, certainly can shake her bits.  Liked Lisa's and I really enjoy watching her.  Not sure if the audience reaction is anything to go by, but if they weren't being whipped up into a frenzy like Pavlov's dogs you have your winner right there!!  Loved Michael and Natalie too, that girl is a brilliant teacher!

    If your rumours are true Xine, I fear for Michael and Lisa image  Louis should absolutely nail the paso though image

    Against all my better instincts or whatever the phrase isimage  I actually thought GA were quite good, Kylie, for some odd reason, what with her doing massive tours seemed a bit lost on the floor??

    Claudia has been reading our thread hasn't she?? image  Didn't know she was a runnerimage


  • Raffo is much better at critting the Charelston than I am. I know it's meant to be fun and perhaps have that roaring twenties, silent film feel but I certanly don't understand the intricacies of the steps. And it's not a favourite dance of mine - so has to be something special or it leaves me a bit cold. It's rare that choreography can be genuinely funny (I think) and just as good comic actors are an underrated species it's probably difficult to be funny as a dancer  - rather than a laughing stock that is....

    Lisa and Robin always make me smile  - that's different again - but their Charleston didn't actually make me laugh. And I couldn't understand quite why Denise and James were good enough to merit three 10s. But that's probably my failing not theirs,and I could see how technically good she is.

    None of the dances wowed me at weekend - although I probably liked Kimbers the best, and Michael for improving all the time - in ballroom at least.

    Agree with everyone about Louis and Flav. Xine's comments about the request for Olympic stuff to be shoe-horned in makes a lot of sense. The comment - not doing it! I know I have to stop defending Vicky (she will go next if Nicky doesn't) but the song, styling and choreography were all awful and didn't help her one bit.

  • Why do all the Loud Girls now look indistinguishable?* I found Kylie a bit underwhelming too.

    * Probably cos I'm gettin' old and me eyesight isn't what it was.



  • Nope, I agree with you, didn't think Kylie performed all that well.

  •  Mind you, I'm getting on a bit too!

  • Funny you should say that about GA and Kylie, as I thought the same. Kylie seemed a bit lost, and those shoes were hideous! (IMO that is!) image

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