Strictly 2012



  • Oh oh oh oh oh I'm SOOOO excited image

    My thoughts:

    • Fern Britton - never really warmed to her and I'm not expecting much to be honest. 
    • Dani Harmer - my 8 year old daughter is thrilled that she is in it! I think she might have more fans that you'd expect...
    • Victoria Pendleton  - everything about her sets my teeth on edge, I'm afraid, I'm hoping she has 2 left feet...
    • Sid Owen - who knows?! He seems a good contender for "cheeky cahppie" of the series - wil probably do well on that alone!
    • Nicky Byrne - ah bless his little Irish socks. Popular with the ladies, I'll bet. 
    • Johnny Ball - a childhood hero! I hope he winsimage
    • Kimberly Walsh - eye candy for my husband! I'm expecting her to be really good.
    • Jerry Hall - really, really not sure at all! 
    • Lisa Riley - I reckon Lisa can move....but she will probably be marked down if the routines have to be adapted so that she can physically do them. Might be an unexpected hit with the viewers!
    • Denise Van Outen - meh. That's all...
    • Michael Vaughan - aww bless him, I like him but I don't think he is a Ramps! 
    • Louis Smith - he'll be amazing, and his bum will look amazing in the outfitsimage
    • Richard Arnold - who?! No idea..
    • Colin Salmon - I recognised his face when I looked him up. Reckon he could be a bit like Rory last year - good mover, will get to halfway, but won't be able to compete with the pretty boys!
    Bring it ON!!!
  • Crumbs Len - did you read my notes ???? I agree with everything image

    Haven't seen any training snippets or anything else as stupid hours at work currently and not even sure will be able to watch Friday image

    I'm not a huge fan of Brucie by any means but I prefer him to Tess and can appreciate the old fashioned skills he brings to the job which means he doesn't fall to pieces and stand there looking gormless when things to pear-shaped!

  • *shimmies into thread*

    I have red wine and a Gu chocolate pud for tonight. V. excited image

  • I'd forgotten it all kicks off tonight! I don't have anywhere near enough glitter ready!! image

  • You can never have too much glitter! image

    I'm hoping that Colin will dance as beautifully as he sounds, such a gorgeous voice image

  • I can pop to the shops in my lunch break and buy more glitter. And maybe one of those sparkly feather boas, too image

    What's the format for tonight then? Do we know who's dancing yet? I can't believe I don't know these things already!

  • Ahh, so excited! Two consecutive nights of Strictly image

    TopSec - I think we're overdue a female winner and I reckon that Denise might just do it. I agree she'll get a bit of the "previous dance experience" critique but I think Louis will also suffer from the "dancing isn't gymnastics" criticism that seems to crop up around 3/4 of the way through the series, usually from Len, asking for proper dance steps and less flashy cartwheels. BUT who knows, at this stage any of them could be the wildcard.

    Right, off to buy some glitter  image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    I can pop to the shops in my lunch break and buy more glitter. And maybe one of those sparkly feather boas, too image

    What's the format for tonight then? Do we know who's dancing yet? I can't believe I don't know these things already!

    +1 - does anyone know who is dancing tonight? Do you think it'll be a mix or will they do boys tonight, girls tomorrow. Oh the excitement!

    Do you think I'll be ok with just glitter or do I need to get a ridiculous spray tan too?

  • According to the website, six are dancing tonight. It doesn't say who though!

    Spray tan and tooth whitening kit added to the shopping list image

  • Although a personal fan of the fakebake (well darlings I do have to appear in skimpy track and field outfits all summer) I will be mildly sad to see everyone oranged up. Kimberley has always been a natural for the look (see PopStars - the Rivals! - anyone remember that?) but it's a shame the deliciously pale Vicky P. will have to conform. Conforming is so not her.....

    All the pre series training clips viewed now. Yep Outers will probably be good  - but I still reckon it's a swizz. Unfortunately Vaughnie looks rather wooden, as does Vicky... but hey it's the earliest of early days and the prog makers could be messin' with our minds.



  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Yes Sharkie, watched Michael yesterday and have to say it's not looking good for him image  He is also not a great personality either (I feel traitorous saying that) so am worried he will be first out image

    I won't watch it live as the broadcast quality won't be great so will watch it later, assuming they put it up for download on iplayer straight away.

    I have no glitter or fakebake and the sun is shining it's head off here, it's feels so "unStrictly" image


  • excited excited excited image

    Was supposed to be going out tonight to a tri club girls night but a bit of a drive to get there and as the friend I would have gone with hasn't phoned to say "are we going?"  I'm not calling her so I can stay in for the first night image

    Does that make me a bad friend? image

  • imageYippee!!!!  Da-da-da-daaaaa

  • Hello everyone image

  • tears already from VP

  • I think I may fall in love with Colin... 

  • I'd go one better than Len, best dance of the night - so far

  • ..until now

  • Oh, and what is Tess wearing? image

  • is anyone being eliminated this weekend?

  • Nope. Remainder dance tomorrow then first dance off after they all dance again next week

  • Oh Victoria image

    Last two dances were very good, I'm looking forward to seeing Louis tomorrow image
  • Not a bad opener.  Love Colin. image

    Victoria is going to annoy me I think.

    See you all tomorrow.



  • Frodo - I thought this was one of her saner outfits (not something I'd wear though!) I wonder what horror she'll have in store for us tomorrow night?
  • Victoria has annoyed me ever since the bio-doc on her pre-Olympics.  I can't deny she has sporting talent, but she comes across as as whinging, whiney, and high maintenance.

    I love Colin Salmon. Have fancied him for ages.  Never suspected he could dance like that.image

  • One disaster, two very good, three average. Pretty good for the opener.

    Can tomorrows lot keep up the standard? We'll see

  • It was when they showed that clip of him playing the trumpet with his jazz band in the introduction show the other week that I was lost, Schmunkeeimage 

  • Oh, and Darcy (yeah) might start to get on my nerves (yeah) but sooo much better as a judge (yeah) than Alesha, yeah?

  • She's already given more useful advice in one show than Alesha did in a whole series. 

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