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  • Even Mr by eck ( who has an eye for women) struggled to identify the members of GA. Miss by eck wondered how Kimberly managed her costume changes so quickly...
  • I watched on replay and fast forwarded Kylie. I thought she'd be good, but I wasn't impressed. 

    lol at costume change for Kimberly.  I had a giggle at it myself over the supposed live show. image

    Just bought tickets for the live tour next year though in Sheffield. image

  • Didn't see much of Saturday at all but was completely underwhelmed by GA on the Sunday - I actually felt embarrassed at one point they were so bad.......**

    ** I too am old image


  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    GA have reach Spice Girls level of awfulness in my opinion, and I think that's because they're crap rather than I'm old image

    I was disappointed with Louis and the American Smooth. That could have been a fantastic dance for him, but the choreography was just odd image

  • it has come to my attention that there have been critical comments posted here about Flavia's choreography. this cannot be allowed.

  • And nor can negative comments about Kylie. She is like a fine bottle of wine....

  • but surely fine wine is allowed to age naturally ... image

  • Collects sediment at the bottom and is only kept around for aesthetic reasons or because it was such a big investment?
  • LOL at the last two comments image

  • Dude - listen to those jealous comments...!!

  • miaow image

    (don't kill me!) image


  • I must be the only person who really liked Kylie's performance! I even liked that she did one of her older, sillier songs that everyone knew (unlike George Michael doing his new single at the Olympic closing ceremony) and I liked her outfit. Whoever styles Girls Aloud should take note! Those matching silver dresses were horrible and didn't fit any of them properly.

    I know Kylie has always strongly denied having had plastic surgery, but she's certainly very well preserved image (I'm just thinking about her face, the body is a different matter - she's always been tiny). Maybe she bathes in Creme de la Mer? She could certainly afford to!

  • Also re: Girls Aloud - did anyone else think they seemed completely lacklustre. Both on Strictly and Children In Need, they looked like they could all have done with a double espresso! Kimberly is so full of energy when she's dancing, it was a surprise to see her looking quite jaded in the performance - do they even want to have a reunion? image

  • And finally ... rumour mill says Denise is doing American Smooth on Saturday!

  • Well, if Denise is doing the American smooth then Craig better unlock that 10. I'm not a huge Denise fan but she has really helped James come out of his shell and show some fab choreography.
  • You can stop miaowing boys. image 

    I thought Kylie looked good - but she must have had 'work' on her face. You can keep the bod - given a lot of hard graft. (I'm about 193 years old and I still have a 24 inch waist. So there. Little Nemo knows me so she will vouch for the validity of that statement!)

    But Kylie's lips change shape and size with alarming regularity.

    I'm just disappointed that the Loudsters are all so interchangeable.

  • Roll on Saturday. Should be a great show if the rumours are correct!

    Will Louis and Flavia get a 10 this week?

  • sharkie wrote (see)


    But Kylie's lips change shape and size with alarming regularity.


    *improper thoughts...*

  • Sorry late on here again.

    So the right person went and Nicky as the other one wasn't wrong, although it could easily have been Victoria.

    Down to those two this week, unless Mr Vaughan has a Latin. We have had people who are better at one discipline than the other before but they have generally been weaker anyway. In this case the guilf is amazing. His latin is frankly poor, His ballroom on the other hand is really outstanding ! Great AS on Saturday.

    I also agreed with Len and a few others.on here. I didn;t think Louis did an AS, He did a quick step. The AS is different although it can be rooted in either a Quick step or a Foxtrot. Craig said nice to see something different but when the something different is actually a completely different dance that is not right. You have to say though that is down to Flavia as the professional to do the choreography. She made a mistake I think because she generally is very good at the choreography.

    Kimberley was down to the end again. OK in theory its no particular order BUT is she wasn't down the viewers vote list then leaving her to the end would be cruel in the extreme by the producers. I think I wil lhave to start voting for her because she is definitely final material and clearly needs some support..

    The scores were high and i did like Denise as well although I just can't warm to her and really don't know why.

    Dani is really coming along as well.

    Lisa got a great reception. It was a good dance but i think the splits right at the end got the reaction. I have to say I really did NOT expect that and good on her.

    The big floor can be an issue I think and sometimes the cameras seem to whizz everywhere. They need to keep them a lot more static, the movement needs to come from the dancers not the cameras.

    The Loud Girls. OK apart from all that rap stuff !!! rap is like Knife in that it starts with a silent first letter, in this case a C. Come on rap is for people who can't sing so they talk. My voice is awful and I could never be persuaded to sing at a function but did a rap item once because, lets face it, any talentless person can!

    I thought Kylie was alright actually. She is a singer as well so why should looks count. I'd say it was a sexist conversation except that the women are actually worse than the men when it comes to these conversations. If pushed to make a comment, I think she is one of those ladies who has improved as she has got older image


  • Well, I know you're not 193 Sharkie, but you do have a tiny waist image

    I found Wembley a lot better than last year but I still think it's a bit too big. Here are my views, all completely biased and subjective image

    Lisa and Robin: time to up the technique and stop getting by on the performance now. There were clear mistakes in this routine (Robin trod on her foot because she got her steps wrong!) and I think it was overscored. I know she sells the routine really well but she needs to tone it down and concentrate on the steps. Oh and Robin, please NEVER wear those dungarees again!

    Nicky and Karen: was a bit disappointed with this as it looked better in rehearsal. His kicks didn't look sharp enough and there was something wrong with his feet. It was a great routine though and he finally seems to have a connection with Karen

    Denise and James: really loved this routine, it's the first one of hers that I've enjoyed as not only was it technically good, I actually felt some joy of dancing from her. Maybe this was here before but this is the first time I've got it. Dance of the evening for me but I've always loved the kooky charlestons like the ones that Ali and Kara did.

    Louis and Flavia: odd disjointed dance. No idea why it merged into some bizarre breakdance bit at the end, it just didn't work. Hopefully just Flavia having a mad week and they can do a normal dance next time.

    Richard and Erin: hah, Erin's Island is real - for those of you that read Monkseal! He didn't dance that v well and the choreography was a bit naff too. Not helped by the singer, really bad. Right time for him to go.

    Victoria and Brendan: woeful. Why was the bike there, it added nothing? Dreadful costume (they managed to make her legs look fat!), awful song and the dance just didn't go with it. I would have liked to have seen her dance to a proper paso song with a better costume as I think she could have done OK. Even Brendan seemed to hate it, sure I saw him try to garrote himself with that cape. Can't believe she escaped the dance off.

    Dani and Vincent: lovely dance, just maybe a bit hurried to get all the way round such a huge space? I would like to see that one in a smaller studio

    Kimberley and Pasha: not a bad dance but it looked a bit similar to their salsa. Thought they were a bit cruel to leave her name until last.

    Michael and Natalie: a real triumph, hard to believe this was the same dancer as struggled with the waltz first week. Nat is a miracle worker!

    Didn't really notice GA or Kylie as I was too busy cooking dinner image

  • Brendan has tweeted that they were asked to use that music and the flying bicycle, and that he did his best to choreograph a paso around it but maybe it didn't work. No kidding!

  • Great write up Little N - I agree about Victoria and Brendan. She looked terrible in  that outfit/hair style and make up  and I'm sure would have done ok in a more trad Paso. Not great - but ok.

    I bet the pro choreographers they draft in to 'help' the dance pros had a hand in the two peculiar routines  - Vicky's and Louis'. The two Olympians. I bet it is as Xine suggested - production insisted on 'Olympics' content.

    I also think the order of elimination is deliberately cruel sometimes - for shock  effect and to ramp up the emotion. They did it with Vicky for a couple of weeks too - it was a bit  'let's see if we can make her cry.'


  • Ah, crossed posts Xine. You were right and I bet Flavia had the same interference so to speak.

  • Oops don't know how that happened
  • Apparently James had a lot of help with the charleston routine too ... can't remember if they mentioned/thanked the outside choreographer after getting all that praise and the 10s?

    I'm getting quite excited for 3 weeks time, once (hopefully!) Victoria and Nicky have been cut things should get very interesting.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Way behind on ITT's this week and we are heading off for a few days break as it is Thanksgiving here tomorrow so won't see anything now until Sunday!!  5 ITT and 2 shows - that's about 5 hours solid Strictly - poor Mr TSimage

    Am appalled that Flavia and Brendan had to put that crap choreography in - how stupid are the producers image

    How is everybody getting "in training"?


  • Actually I agree that some of the music just doesn't go with the dances.

    Also agree wbout Robin's Dungarees, looked like a renegade from the Village people!

    Something else you said Topsec reminded me of a thought from Saturday as well.

    The singers. From the start of strictly they were pretty poor to be honest. Then the last 2 to 3 seasons they actually became quite good. OK you can struggle with the odd song when covering a really well known star but OK. This year they seem to have regressed and for Richard's dance their attempt at Club Tropicana made Wham's version sound like they were as good as the Beatles!

    Have they changed the singers again this season? No wonder Dave Arch is always wearing headphones image

  • Agree, the singers have been really bad this series! There have been a couple of incidents when I think the band have lost time & that's caused the 'timing issues' for the dancers.

  • We got to see a bit of training yesterday, TopSec.

    Most people were looking OK except for Victoria and Brendan who spent most of it with their arms tangled in the salsa. I think he needs to get her down to a salsa club and get her drunk on tequila!

    Dani (Samba?) and Denise (AS) looked pretty good.

    I am slightly scared by the idea of a Lisa and Robin rumba image

    Agree re. the singers, they need to pick stuff they can sing. It must be hard to concentrate on a dance when someone is murdering the vocals!

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