Strictly 2012



  • Will Lisa be leading Robin in the rumba? Could be terrifying although I'm sure she'll give it her best a do a decent job.

  • Actually walk like an Egyptian was rubbish as well on Saturday. made the Bangles sound like the Beatles as wellimage Fortunately Denise wasn;t affected.

    Lisa and the Rumba. This is the worst dance for me, even as a viewer i never really get it so this is a killer dance. Possibly could have done with this earlier but still a couple of people much worse than her so better than getting it in 2 or 3 weeks time.

    It is sort of interesting now though because we could easily lose somebody good now. Vicky and Nikki are the ones most at risk but both might pull a performance out but Vicky has a latin so probably not.


  • Does anyone remember a couple of weeks ago when one of the Celebs (I think it was Nikki) said something about Saturdays being harder because in training they dance to the real song? He then shut up very sharpish as Bruce glanced him a look and moved quickly on. I wondered then if he was unhappy with the music quality. 

  • Yeah I do remember that comment  - although I would be surprised if Friday's dress rehearsal wasn't with the live band. Mind you how often does a ballet company rehearse with the full orchestra! The celebs with better musicality (and that's not Mr.Westlife!) will fare better with the live switch as they will actually respond to what they hear and feel rather than hanging on grimly to the steps.

    Of course if the band fucks up then it IS difficult.....

    As for Walk like an Egyptian  - the version used was the Puccini sisters, so that's what Denise and James will have practiced to. Mind you it's a bit typical of the mish mash quality of the night: ancient Egypt, roaring Twenties, a bit of Raiders of the lost Ark... and the essentially forties style Puccini sisters all shoe horned into one performance.

    Which they made a superb job of. Obv.

    But I preferred Chris and Ola too.....


  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Have to agree, that version of Club Tropicana was dire!

    Much as I love Lisa & Robin; Rumba - oh dear image
  • Robin and Lisa have a good relationship, so they might be able to pull off a good performance, though of course there are physical limitations......

    Will it be Nicky or Vicky who goes this week? I do hope it's not one of the others! image

  • I thought Lisa and Robin's rumba looked ok in practice yesterday - given all the usual factors which make this the dance of death I think they've got a reasonable shot at making it through and they did say that she is actually letting Robin lead!!!

  • Plumps up cushions, opens wine and pringles. image

  • Hello image

    I have chocolate!

    I may need alcohol for Lisa's rumba  image

  • I'm going to have to start watching on iPlayer to skip all thecrappy videotapes


    Do you think it's anything to do with them showing training in ITT?

  • Oh no. The comedy VTs are back image
  • Cringeworthy VT there. Not a bad dance but didn't like the music. 

  • I liked that though I wasn't keen on the middle bit of the song.

  • Bruce gets worse. image

  • God Bruce, please retire image

  • Oh bog off Bruce. You are so annoying
  • We agree then ;0)
  • Ooh, I really loved that. Clever Pasha and well done Kimberley image

  • Urgh, Bruce. So so annoying. I tried to persuade miss by eck to delay watching so we could skip those bits. I failed
  • Happychap wrote (see)
    We agree then ;0)


    Yes, clever Pasha - a good but different tango. Inspired choice of music.

  • I image Kimberly's dress too.
  • She looked gorgeous
  • Not started well..
  • More naughty lifts there I think!

  • Oh dear. 

  • I think it is about time Victoria went ... perhaps she could take Bruce with her ... please!
  • Definitely didn't flow like a good salsa

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