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  • I agree Sharkie, I think it will be Nicky and Michael in the bottom 2. I'd prefer Nicky to go as Michael and Natalie are good fun together.

  • hi everyone

    I am UP TO DATE! image

  • Yeah - I have so come round to Natalie. Also I loved the way Kimbers called Michael 'Vaughnie' on ITT the other night, just like a true sportsperson....

    I'm soppy and love it when the slebs and dancers get on and real relationships - no, no, not just bonktastic - develop.
  • I'm another one hoping for Michael to stay and Nicky to go. However, I'm dreading Michael's Samba *hands over eyes*image
  • I'll be watching with miss by eck and her friend tonight. I have popcorn and hot chocolate for tonight. I might make refills when Michael dances...
  • I'll be missing this tonight, I have to go out and eat Italian food and drink red wine. tough I know but someone has to do it I suppose. So I'll stay out of this thread until I've caught up in the morning image

  • Time for Michael. I have a cushion to hide behind
  • I'm missing the show in favour of going to a punk rock concert image
  • A somewhat odd finish from Lisa!

  • I'm not surprised she gets 'tired in her topline' - I mean her, erm, assets must weigh a good couple of stone?
  • I wasn't impressed. She lost her timing a couple of times and sometimes her footwork was dodgy
  • l have missed most of it ... got stuck in the lift! Eek, luckily K managed to force the doors open ...slurps wine!!
  • James actually went wrong...
  • Fab Charleston from Louis and flavia!
  • Crikey I wasn't expecting tens - top of the leader board


    Denise could be bottom two if she doesn't get the votes

  • It was very good.

    Denise or Lisa could be at risk
  • As usual the judges final order is right.

    Well I say that but I wasn't actually totally sold on Louis's Charleston. I would have had him JOINT top with Dani and Kimberley.

    The mistake in Denise's dance WAS blatantly obvious although I didn;t realise it was James at first.

    Lisa - I thought was OK actually although she tired slightly.

    I thought Michael's critcism was fair. He doesn't have natural Latin rhythm but it was obvious he had worked hard.

    It should come down to Michael and Nicky BUT I think Michael may get votes  and I don't think Nicky wiill. Denise and Lisa are definitely in mid-table danger zone but it could be almost any of them.

    If the bottom two is Michael and Nicky then I fear for Michael. If Michael or Nicky are in the bottom two with anybody else then they should go BUT the real possiblity is they could both get voted up and two others be in the dance off.

    Lets see

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Well I enjoyed tonights show image  Pretty much liked all the dances too.

    Kimberley: I've actually come to really liking watch her dance, I did fade a bit but last weeks and this weeks dances were both really good.

    Dani: I've also really warmed to her too, she is an excellent dancer and a strong contender to win.

    Lisa, I guess she really had nowhere to go but downhill after her fabulous start, still enjoy watching her but I now don't think she will make final three

    Michael, once I take my rose tinted specs off - he really is in severe danger this week.  Love him and his partnership with Natalie but Latin is a killer for him.

    Nicky: Improving all the time but as someone said earlier and after reading about it on DS, his love of himself and indifference to his partner is pissing me off.

    Denise: As I mentioned before I can't not like her but realised this evening what is missing with her for me; it is the fact that I know she is going to be great so it's not like watching the rest of them perform.  Then of course it went pear shaped and I actually do believe that it was James that went wrong.  This may be an interesting week to see whether thet have the vote as they are mid table!

    Louis: Loved it, one of the best Charlestons I have seen, don't know what Craig and Bruno were thinking?  His foot swivels were great - the whole thing was great and deserved top of the leader board

    Dance off??  Unless Michael really is getting lots of votes it's him and I gues Nicky?  But I wouldn't want to be putting money on that!  If it is someone else with either of them unless the other cocks up it is them out anyway!  Am very tempted to peek at the spoiler, I never have in years though so won't start now!

    Will be back home next week so will be able to chat with you whilst it's on and watch it in HD quality on the TV rather than over the internet.  Good connection this evening though so OK actually.

    See y'all tomorrow!


  • I have peeked at the spoiler image
  • So did I Frodo. Saves so many questions when watching later with miss by eck
  • Please, please, please don't give any clues  - not in word or emoticon form! Don't even mention that you know  image

    Stay away 'til 9pm please.

    I thank you. imageimage


  • *slinks away to sit on the naughty step*
  • Wasn't getting at you Frodo... As if! image

    It's just that someone on another site gave real clues. - probably didn't mean to. I like the surprise - although am not expecting too much surprise in who actually goes.

    It was the week Kimbers was in the dance off and the poster did a big shock horror emoticon beforehand.
  • just watched.

    i enjoyed Louis and the Mrs Flavia Dude Abides but agree that it maybe wasn't worth a ten. I think because he worked hard and injected the draaaammmmmaaaaaa they felt they had to reward him.

    dani and vincent were fabulous. they are just so dinky and cute and their waltz was quite unique in content. i love them. i'd like to put them in a little eggcup and eat them for my dinner.

    michael had the embarrassing dad syndrome again but he and natalie are always fun. think it is his time to go, especially with nicky improving again. and it was lisa's best dance for a wee while.

  • oh yeah and nimble kimble is definitely growing on me.

  • if the people on strictly were animals...what would they be?

    so far the Bidie-In and I think that claudia is a koala and bruno is a chihuahua. flavia is a sexy owl.

  • i can't remember the show before Darcey was in it. she is really good, isn't she?

    btw we think she is a Pony.

  • Looks like Michael to go now - this was one of Nicky's stronger weeks (apart from Craig's opinion)

  • defo. man i hate this song.

  • Am I allowed back yet?image

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