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  • Hasn't the final been three people, with one going out in an early elimination - meaning they don't do their show dance, and leaving a show dance head-to-head?

    (Kelly Brook had to leave the show early because of her father's death, one year)

  • And john sergeant dropped out because everyone was voting for him at the expense of the better dancers
  • I missed ITT last night so didn't hear anything about a four person final. It does sound as though they want to keep certain people in.

  • They'll be 4 people in the final but they I haven't heard the exact format yet. Although I'm a bit behind with ITT so they may have done it by now.

    The last 2 years all the couples have got to do their show dance in the first half of the show. Then the person in 3rd place gets eliminated and the last 2 get to do 2 more dances, one old and one new. Although tbh most of the show dances have been train wrecks, remember poor Kara in that awful jumpsuit thing nearly breaking her arm? Or Chelsee doing some horrific disco thing?

    Maybe if we have 4 dancers they'll do fewer dances and they might be better quality? *clutching at straws* image

  • Show dances are terrible. I'd much rather they were allowed to do a rule-breaking "proper" dance (e.g. a waltz with lifts) or a fusion, if they have to do a show dance at all!

    I like DWTS where the judges request that one of the semi final dances is a weaker dance from the series, so they can see if they have actually been following their advice and how much they've improved. Although there are some dances I never want to see again!

    I wonder if the 4 in the final is so that we get to see Flavia and Vincent both doing Argentine Tango with their partners? At this stage, I can't imagine Dani or Louis not getting to the final, but then Denise is surely a dead cert and arguably Kimberley is just as good as Dani.

    As far as I'm concerned Lisa and Nicky can leave any time they like! *holds open door*

  • Yes I like that idea - not sure why they don't borrow it since DWTS is basically the same programme.  I do feel that the final spreads the dancers too thinly so they end up with lower quality


    As far as who goes out, unless they turn it over totally to the judges then it could be pretty much anyone - Nicky will probably score lowest but then who knows what the public vote will do

  • The Guardian has a rundown of the final six, including odds from the bookies:

    Louis - 10/11

    Denise - 7/4

    Dani - 7/1

    Kimberley - 12/1

    Lisa - 14/1

    Nicky - 33/1

    Does anyone know how the voting will work for the winner? I haven't watched it much in previous years. Is it the same voting system until there are 2 contestants left, and then the public chooses the winner?

    I'd quite like Dani to win, although I can't see me actually voting.

  • 7-1 looks good odds on dani

    Instead of stupid dance fusion, I think there should be a novelty dance week, where they couples have to do scottish country dancing..or morris dancing image

  • haha tahat could be good, Louis would get to do his Michael Jackson moon walk image

    I'm with you Xine, Nicky and Lisa to go next leaving the 4 best dancers ..
  • I was listening to Darcey Bussel on the radio this morning. She seems to favour Louis. She is also very complimentary about Dani and says that Denise, although technically good, lacks something in the 'show' part of the dance!

    She didn't disagree that Nicky and Lisa will go, although she was lovely about Lisa and her energy and sheer enjoyment of the whole experience.

    I didn't hear her mention Kimberley at all, but I may have missed it

  • poor old nimble kimble. always forgotten.

  • Just caught up with Friday's ITT, Denise's routine looks amazing!

    I think Nicky is going to come last as he's got an odd combination and it looked bad in rehearsals. Slightly sad that Dani will be doing the AT next week image I was hoping for an AT-off between Vincent and Flavia in the final if they had both got there.

    Fingers crossed that Lisa goes this week or next!

  • LN, I think maybe they planned it that way. It would be a bit unfair on the other 2 couples.
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Also just watched Fridays ITT, Denise did look good so expect top marks.  Good Friday panel I thought too.

    I think Lisa is in for the final myself and I, for one, hope so.  She may not have improved as much as some of the others and and to be honest, isn't as good as the 'top four' (or Nicky for that matter) but I enjoy watching her and look forward to their dance and that is what the show is about??  I abhor some of the vitriol that is spouted about her, as she said on Womans Hour earlier this week, it says more about those saying it than her.


    I'm on a waffling roll now ...  Lisa to me is the opposite of Denise - Denise is a fabulous dancer and a couple of their routines have been brilliant but I just don't 'enjoy' watching it.  I can appreciate how good they look but I just don't smile whilst watching which I do with Lisa.  I'm not saying I want Lisa to win, in fact I think I have a new favourite; Dani!  I have really warmed to their partnership and I have enjoyed their dances.  My final two is Dani and Louis, Kimbers third and Lisa fourth image  

    Nicky has improved but I am not fussed about him.  I wonder if Karen will stay on for next year?  Not 100% sure about her yet?

    Back in the UK now, arrived back yesterday and by gosh, it's chilly!  Be nice to watch it live on TV rather than over the internet, will need to make sure I have rose wine or champagne for the next couple of weeks, it's a tradition of mine that we have pink food on final night (salmon, rose plonk and anything else I can find), Mr TS grudgingly goes along, even passing the odd comment which often is echoed by the judges!  I think I have made him watch it for too many seasons, after 10 years he is picking up on the nuances!!image


  • Evening. image

    I'm groaning at Bruce already. image

  • Have people been nasty about Lisa? I've not seen that, I think she cons across relly well and thought she is likely to have been an audience favourite along with Louis ..

    Anyway, I'm not sure about this fusion business, will be intersting to see how it goes image
  • *pops open a beer and some Pringles*


    Evening all image

  • Evening Bear image

    We have bombay mix ...
  • We have bubbly image


  • I have a rumbly tummy image
  • Wow. But did she spin too many times at the end?

  • That worked well apart from right at the end where James missed Denise's hand

  • That worked a bit better than I thought, but I'd rather have a full jive and a full qs. 

  • I agree SD, she is brilliant at jiving!

    lol at "having a dose of the Artem's"
  • Lisa missed her first step
  • I didn't really like that, it looked a bit messy ..
  • Oh no - that didn't quite go to plan, I think. 

  • Not Lisa's best performance.  

    At least the VTs are about training this weekend.


  • I didn't find that as convincing.


    Would love to see James and Denise do a full jive; they were so sharp

  • That went very very wrong. If the judges don't mark accordingly I will be very upset.
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