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  • That was great image


    Should be a ten from Bruno

  • 4 tens????
  • This could be a string of 10s

  • That was a wow dance
  • Did they just say semi final next week?

  • She did it! image

  • Woohoo. Cheering in the by eck household
  • woohoo! It's difficult to believe she was in the bottom 2 a few weeks ago .. I hope people vote for her!

    For me the scores are about right and Nicky and Lisa should be in the bottom two
  • Yup, probably dance off between Nicky and Denise?
  • It should be between those two but who knows??

    This is getting interesting. 

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Evening all, there was nobody about when I started watching and I then I had to cook dinner (thank Dog for Sky+!!)

    Denise, thought it was good, her jive is fab but thought her legs in QS were a bit sloppy and I thought I spotted 2 mis-steps rather than just the heel caught (and boy did she make sure we knew about it image )  Middle of the leaderboard, this really could be the night when we see how her vote holds.

    Lisa, OK but as I said earlier she just isn't on a par with the rest now, glad the judges marked accodingly.

    Nicky, the dance really didn't work for me at all, maybe it was as the judges said; it was the two most difficult dances to 'fuse'  Mortal danger for them as if it is Lisa & Nicky in the dance off, the judges (based on current scores and performance) will go for Lisa.

    Dani, loved it, thought it was a great mix together and she did it all perfectly.

    Louis, loved it too, he has improved so much, in performance as well as technical ability.

    Kimberley, loved it too, brilliant timing for the best dance of the series.

    I have to say I really enjoyed the fusion dances, I thought it worked very well.

  • It's raining TEN image

  • well again scoreboard doesn't lie.

    Kimbers has been my favourite for a while and was great tonight. Dani also deserves to make the final. THen down to Denise ot Louis. I think it should be Denise personally.

    Still to get there though. Nicky should go this week and Lisa next, although i assume it will be a double-elimination next week to get to three for the final.

    Denise did have an error, not sure if it was when she caught here dress but looked like she was going to fall over.

    The Fusion worked out OK but the best dances were where they went in and out of the two rather than splitting it half and half. THat was why I would ahev put Denise above Louis, I thin kthe routine was better and Kimberley and Dani had the same approach.

  • I might be wrong but I think it's four in the final this year.

  • i just smashed my mum's favourite casserole dish trying to recreate nimble kimble's fusion.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Oh Dude image  Which bit were you doing??

    Not sure you could have gone in and out of Tango and Rumba?  The transitions may have been a bit odd?  

    Just been across to Digital Spy forums.  Lord, it's frightening and dangerous over there image  So much bile spouted, I'm surprised the internet doesn't melt.  Thought I had best come back to fluffy RW image


  • an overenthusiastic pivot. although it could have been the enormous POUT that sent it flying image

  • Well I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would image

    Denise and James weren't quite as good as I expected but maybe that was due to her dress getting caught but she did seem to go wrong in the quickstep.

    Lisa and Robin I thought suffered from bad choreography, the two halves of the dance didn't go together for me.

    Nicky and Karen I liked more than the judges did. Considering how different the two styles were I thought it was a good attempt. Craig was unnecessarily cruel.

    Daniel and Vincent were just brilliant. The styles worked so well together with the music and she danced it fantastically, they were my favourites.

    Louis and Flavia were very good too and the change from Rumba to Tango went with the song. I even found myself thinking I could stand to watch a whole Rumba from him even though his hands still look freakishly large!

    Kimberley and Pasha, not sure I'm in agreement with anyone else. For me it was an OK dance but I didn't think it worked that well. I don't understand why it got 10s and it wasn't even the dance of the night for me never mind the season. Oh well, one man's meat etc.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I didn't see when Denise caught her dress, I'm assuming it was in the jive?  The bit I noticed though was when they were going across the top of the floor during quickstep and I'm sure they knocked feet.  Will have to see if it's on BBC website yet and watch again.


  • Nemo - me too! I thought that all the dances (except Nicky and Lisa) were really great.

    Nicky - don't understand why they fused samba with American Smooth. Bewildering! Should be out this week.

    Lisa - I liked the tango but the cha cha was not good, she missed several steps and returned to pulling distracting faces. Bottom 2 if there's any justice.

    Denise - when did her heel get caught? I must have blinked and missed that bit. Other than that I thought it was a good fusion, jive definitely suits her. I'm a bit worried that she's middle of the board and might not get as many votes as the others (esp sympathy votes after Craig savaged Nicky) ... could this be a shock appearance in the Bottom 2? - at least she should survive Dance Off against Nicky or Lisa.

    Louis - loved this! Rumba was excellent & they spent much more time on it than I was expecting. Flowed really well into tango which was also fabulous (as we'd expect from Flavia!) And a decent score from Craig!

    Dani - fabulous! Really fun dance, both styles worked well together and she danced them brilliantly. She fully deserves a final place.

    Kimberley - really liked it, very clever way to blend tango and cha cha (Lisa, that's how to do it) - shows Pasha's choreography skills off. I wasn't convinced by the music choice but it actually worked really well. I didn't think it deserved 4 x 10 though, I didn't think it was better than Dani or Louis.

    I think the positions on the leader board were correct (barring maybe Kim being above Dani - they should have tied I think),. It's obvious to me which couples should be in bottom 2, but this is a dangerous time in the competition for middle of the board couples & good dancers who have an off week. If Nicky and Lisa somehow avoid the dance off and stay at the expense of Dani, Louis. Denise or Kimberley it will be very very unfair.

    I'm off to see Sleeping Beauty this afternoon but hope to be able to watch the results show as it airs !
  • "I must not cheat by looking on that other site"

    Repeats 6 times.

    First time I've been tempted this year. 

  • I peeked. Now I need to de contaminate myself after being covered in vitriolic comments and spite.
  • I'm not going to look this week image
  • blimey - are they that bad over there now? Well thats enough to avoid temptation. ta by 'eck. 

  • You sure Frodo?

    I could whisper so you don't get dirtied
  • I can wait. No really, I can..
  • Miss by eck isn't very good at checking before she deletes
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