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  • image Probably more than in Alesha's whole Strictly career

  • Yeah and DB's advice was constructive and not just generalised.
    Bruno said some good stuff too.

    Agree with consensus that Colin and Outers were best of the night - they were also noticeably the least consumed with nerves. And both had good arms - which is something so many struggle with.

    I still love Vicky. I can see we have two camps of opinion here. Just knew it'd be ''I've let my partner down..." How many times did she say sorry? I hope she can learn to relax  - it's so much a part of athletics (which I do) but perhaps not cycling?


  • I'm really liking Darcy as a judge so far, she gives some good constructive criticism but isn't too free with the scores.
  • *Frodo* wrote (see)

    She's already given more useful advice in one show than Alesha did in a whole series. 

    agreed image

  • Trogs. wrote (see)

    Oh, and Darcy (yeah) might start to get on my nerves (yeah) but sooo much better as a judge (yeah) than Alesha, yeah?

    yeah. Agreed. image on both the yeah and the better judge. 

  • Welcome back Strictly! image

    Good things:

    • Scores seem to have been reset to sensible levels
    • Colin has moves image


    Bad things:

    • Michael Vaughn, possibly the most wooden thing I've ever seen
    • Vicky P. blubbing - for God's sake woman, get a grip!
    • Denise Van Outen - lovely dance but she is such a ringer
    • Brucey seems a bit more doddery than normal


    If Darcey could just stop staying yeah? she could be a good judge, yeah?


  • *Frodo* wrote (see)

    It was when they showed that clip of him playing the trumpet with his jazz band in the introduction show the other week that I was lost, Schmunkeeimage 

    He first appeared on my radar in Prime Suspect 2 many moons ago.  Then he was in one episode of Dr Who and I knew he could do no wrong image

  • Trogs. wrote (see)

    Oh, and Darcy (yeah) might start to get on my nerves (yeah) but sooo much better as a judge (yeah) than Alesha, yeah?

    Yep I noticed that too - very annoying but I did like the way she took their own skills and showed how they could transfer them to the dancing - nice constructive criticism...............I must be going soft in my old age!!

    Another Colin fan here although how he's going to maintain his frame (get me with the jargon image) in ballroom hold when he towers so over Kristina I really don't know image

    VP got on my nerves too - ok she mucked up, ok she was nervous but hey they're all in the same boat!  Phew - soft side I was worried about hasn't hung around image

    And.......I shall see it tomorrow since it will be too late to go to swim training by the time I get back from pushing my trusty steed up some Surrey Hills image

    See y'all tomorrow image

  • Only just caught up with last night's prog, and I won't see tonight's in real time either.

    I agree with the comments about Darcy, I hope someone has a word about the yeahs?, because I fear they will distract from the sensible constructive criticism.

    Also I'm with Schmunkee about VP, I went off her after that documentary and I think Brendan will struggle with her. She's still gorgeous though.

    Hooray! to the return of the dance off. That should help eliminate some of the unjust voting off we got last year.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Oi you lot, ease with the Victoria bashing image  I fear I am going to be saying that a lot this series (if she lasts long enough!)  I was watching thinking "don't cry, don't cry - it'll be all other the interweb tomorrow ... "  She lost it pretty early on and never really recovered.  If she can nail a good ballroom next week she will be OK.  The judges 'should' keep her in if it came to a dance off though

    Loved Colin, I too remember him in Prime Suspect and thought he was gorge then - what a mover image  Someone earlier mentioned Colin and Denise were the best, I guess that is the 'actor' coming through.

    Didn't think Michael was that bad LN, not the best by a long chalk but given time

    Fern was as I expected

    Nicky was more wooden than I thought, I said to Mr TS - is that a lift I saw there?  Cor, Craig certainly went to town on that!!

    Denise is just too good, too soon.  We won't have a (whisper it) journey.  I will pop over to Digital Spy to see what the vitriol being spouted over there is!

    Sat here last night waiting for it to come up on iplayer, still hadn't come up at 11pm (we're 6 hours behind) - I was like a pregnant father!!image

    Looking forward to tonights image



  • Colin.....mmmmmmmm! image He might be the object of my affections this year too! Yum.

    Darcey, yah, was doing my head in, yah? Which is a shame because she was being useful! Yah? Aarghhhh!

    Victoria is waaaaay too highly strung for my liking, can't be doing with it all. I'd rather share a bottle of plonk and a pizza with Lisa Riley any day!

  • Is it time? image

  • It is Frodo image

  • I enjoyed that image
  • Yes, good start there. Even Craig doesn't think it was a dis-ahhhhhh-ster

  • I cannot wait for Louis...
  • Rick-eeee was good too, even though Bruno's getting carried away (no surprise there)

  • This is a bit embarrassing *covers eyes*
  • Aw bless him....he was on tele all the time when I was growing up and he feels a bit like a favourite uncle image

  • Lots of twirling around Johnny but not a lot of dancing from him

  • lol at Dani hugging Vincent for protection when Craig starts speaking

  • Great energy image

  • The footwork was dire, but the synchronicity and performance were outstanding - loved it image

  • Watching on a slight delay - though Lisa was fab!

  • Ah - found you.  Strictly's back with a bang. Some real competition this year, even Johhny Ball as the must have oldie is giving it his best shot and he being the oldest ever contestant.

    Thought Lisa Riley was birlliant.  Who'd have thought she could move like thatimage

    Looking forward to Louis Smith as he comes from my home town and was brought up in the village where my mum lives now image

  • Lisa is wonderful!

    Tonight is far better than yesterday. Interested to see how Jerry does, and then LOUIS! image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Apparently, I'm doing the red button commentary. All I need to do is find out what that means image
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