Strictly 2012



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    You agree by 'eck?  It's a cess pit over there isn't it?image

    I daren't ever log on on a Sunday though as there is sometimes a thread which makes it obvious who has or hasn't gone out!  I don't even click on any links on Daily Mail as I did once last year and somebody had put something in the comments section about who had gone!

    I like the whole suspense bit image


  • Evening. I've been a very good dragon and not peeked. 

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    Evening image
  • Evening. Ah, a bit of Buble to help proceedings image

  • Looking doubtful for Nicky. Unless it Lisa as well then it could be either. 

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    Flipping 'eck, Mr TS just called en route to Kenya (so I had to take the call imageimage ) and I'm now running a few mins behond so will stay away till the end.

    If it's Nicky & Lisa, Nicky out going by last nights marks, but judging from Bruno's reaction he'll vote Nicky??  What's he expect, they were 2nd from bottom??  Could be up to Len this one?  If it's Nicky and someone else, then Nicky out, barring disaaaaaster.

    Laters folks ...  image

  • Ooooo, forgot to log into here
  • 2 dances from next week image this will sort out those with stamina
  • Nicky and Denise in the dance off
  • Not you by 'eck! I was just suprised at the bottom two! image

  • Looks like Nicky out then


    Down to five couples; TV times says double elimination next week so a three pair final?

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    Oh my giddy aunt ...

  • I hope it's a double elimination rather than 4 in the final
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    Nicky definitely out then and a reality check for Denise.  Guess that tells us part of the voting demographic.  I can now see why DS was in meltdown when Dude or by 'eck looked in earlierimage


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    ooh James - shut it and don't lose yourelf more votes!


  • He is calmer this year, but I think he and Ola might not be back next year, unless he wins
  • It should have been Nicky and Lisa in the bottom two. Denise shouldn't have been there!
  • Agreed B, but Denise was never going to go. 

    Norty James. 

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    I wasn't surpised by the bottom two at all, people forget it is an 'entertainment' show and although I agree that Denise is a fab dancer, she obviously doesn't 'entertain' as much as the others in the eyes of the voting public.

  • oooh I switched over once Denise was saved, what did James say?

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    It was before they danced Bear, when they were chatting and he said that they had put in the most training hours and Denise wasn't a professional dancer yadda yadda yadda, therefore cementing what some people already thought.  

  • ah okay thanks, I saw that bit - didn't seem too bad to me image

  • Sounded a bit bitter to me. She was in the dance-off because the middle board danger, its not as though she came out top. Had it been someone else in the dance-off she could well have gone this week.

  • I didn't see that bit. Ummm, I don't really like that kind of thing.
  • I can understand him feeling a bit fed up with so many people saying Denise was already a trained dancer

  • But he sometimes comes across a bit strong.

    Noone has really mentioned Louis' training helping so much with strength for lifts, or physical training.
  • Yes I know what you mean, on the whole though he's seemed to me toned down this series

  • Can't believe Lisa wasn't in the dance off. I'm resigned to her making the final now image

    James is such a plonker, doesn't he realise that his whinging is going to cost them votes?

    I quite liked Michael Buble, am I middle-aged now? image

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