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  • Ola isn't doing it for me this yeqr
  • I agree about Ola, and I cringed when James made his remarks about Denise as no one likes a whinger. I realised as soon as I saw the show on Saturday that she was probably in danger through lack of popularity, and she's obviously well aware of that herself. At the start of the series I felt she was a strong contender to win, but I have now switched my allegiance to Nimble Kimble. I really think she's improved over the series, and having been in the dance off in the past it's now lovely to see her joy at being picked to go through.

    I also want Dani to do well, as she has become a lovely little dancer, and I love the relationship she has with Vincent. Louis will also do well, and I admire his dancing, but he's not my favourite, I'm afraid, and nor is Lisa. She's very entertaining, but her dancing isn't at the same level as the others.

    BTW, did anyone else think that Claudia had forgotten to put her frock on last night?


  • I was worried about Denise being in the bottom 2, middle of the board is a dangerous place to be and she doesn't have as big a fanbase as some of the others to keep her safe.

    I'm SO glad that the judges cast the final vote on who goes home though, I think it is ultimately fairer than the audience vote. At least in theory they should keep the best dancers.

    Lisa should go this week, I think the two dances will make the difference between her and the other four really noticable. Anyone else think she seems to have run out of steam a bit?

    Oh James. I really thought the pros had left behind all the snark and sarcasm (a couple of seasons ago Brendan and James were pretty bad). I think if Denise had been paired with another pro I might have warmed to her more but James always strikes me as being quite arrogant and Denise got tarred with the same brush.

    I've had a bit of a nose around The Other Place a few weeks ago. Do people really get so worked up about TV?! Forget about spiteful, a lot of them seem unhinged!  If there is ever a news story about a rabid Strictly fan committing murder with a glitterball or sequinning someone to death we know where to look for culprits image

  • Morning

    Well - what a weekend! Missed Saturday as usual but got settled in for Sunday image

    I think Top Sec (?) hit the nail on the head with the fact that it's an entertainment programme about dancing..........I can quite see that Denise is a better dancer than Lisa but I'm just not interested in watching her, I just get bored and sometimes even pick up a magazine(!), she doesn't "involve" me whereas watching Lisa makes me smile.........and that's not a bad thing on a cold winter's night... image

    If it is a double elimination next week though it will be interesting indeed.......wonder how they will do it and how much will come down to the judges and how much to the public.........

  • If they're sticking to 4 for the final I'd like to see Dani, Denise, Kimberley and Louis make it. I suspect though that one will be replaced by Lisa as I think she has a lot of people voting for her. I may well be arming myself with a glitterball if Dani and Vincent don't make it to the final image

    Lisa was entertaining at the beginning but this has worn off for me. She hasn't improved her technique v. much and I think she'll struggle with 2 dances this week and then 3 or 4 the week after.

    I've gone right off Craig this series. I always used to find him harsh but fair and his scores used to be in the right order if a bit low. But now he seems to be too harsh on some (e.g. Nicky, Louis) and too lenient on others (e.g. Lisa) and his scores make no sense. For all his over the topness and giving out 10s like confetti I'm actually prefering Bruno and his madness this year image

  • I think it would be embarrassing for Lisa to be in the final at the expense of one of the other dancers. Its obvious that she's not as good and also obvious (I think, anyway) that she has struggled with the routines in the last couple of weeks.

    As frustrated as I got with the judge's irratic marking a few weeks ago, I'm largely happy with the order of elimination so far ... except perhaps for Colin going out so soon.  Lets hope the public see sense and that Lisa is in the bottom 2 this week, I can't see the judges picking her over any of the others!


  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I can see Lisa making it to the final actually, I think there is an awful lot of public support for her, people who like PO'dd's and I who enjoy watching her (and I know she is the worst now but she does make me smile image )  Although I think there is a dance off this weekend so unless she can stay out of the bottom two she's gone.  I really wouldn't want her to stay in at the expense of a 'better' dance.  Dog, we are back to John Sergeant/Anne Widdecombe Gate again!!

    I've really warmed to Nimble Kimble too and would be happy for her to win.  I would like Louis or Dani, more for Vincent and Flavia though.  Without sounding bitter, I really don't want Denise to win image

    Just wracking my brain to try and remember the pro's who have won, so without searching t'interweb, these are who I recall:

    Brendan/Natasha - Darren/Jill - Lilia/Darren - Karen/Mark - Camilla/Tom - Ola/Chris - Matt/Alesha - Artem/Kara - Aliona/Harry 

    I think I have remembered them all image  Not that Strictly is my favourite ever programmeimage  Therefore either Vincent or Flavia are due a win image

  • Well I think Lisa is here on merit actually BUT I think this is where it runs out. She is now the worst dancer remaining and especially if they go to three for the final  then definitely should go.

    I think it is three for the final. I think they have engineered a double elimination for the Semi this year specifically in case anybody got injured and dropped out of the series which gave them the option to revert to a single elimination at semi stage rather than having to forego one earlier or end up with a two person final.

    Sensible planning actually and this is the first series for a while without a drop-out (well amongst the celebrities anyway!)

    Picking up on the point about entertainment show or dancing show. Well actually remember this ISN'T sport it is art so frankly people will have different views on what they like and Lisa's entertainment value is good and may well win over a very good technical dancer with no flair. its just that the others comes across with flair as well as dancing better. (In case you ask yes Gymnastics is exactly the same and therefore not a sport in my view but that is a completely different debate)

    Assuming it is three in the final AND that Lisa does go then not sure on the three from four.

    Personally still think it should be the three ladies, Kimberley, Dani and Denise (and yes that is my preferred order at the moment) but it will depend on how they go next week.

    I think the public tend to really start voting for who they think should win now rather than pre-determined favourites which happens early on. Ok so Lisa got votes this week but I think it will be merit in the semi and the final.

    Also I do think the judges get the board right nearly every time. I think Darcey has had a good year as well because her previous cameo appearance wasn't encouraging.

    I think Craig is generally right and yes he marks lower but across the board so usually fair, The comment to Nicky was a bit harsh admittedly but it was right! I actually wondered if it might get Nicky some votes but it didn't.

    Previous experience?

    Denise and Kimberley will bring some dance experience I am sure and also musical ability (i.e. they get the beat and the count).

    Dani- may also have goe to stage school and have some background but moire distance. Has acting ability

    Lisa - similar to Dani

    Louis - has fitness and flexibility but no dancing, music or acting background.

    So Louis ihas the only real disadvantage but by this stage, the advantages have ebbed away. 

  • Denise and james on itt. Its interesting....
  • I missed ITT. image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    I don't want to sound like I am constantly sniping at Denise and/or James but the thing I noticed was that none of the other 'dance off' couples have said anything about being upset that they are obviously not popular enough to get more votes? Was that just me being picky or was that how they came across?
  • As far as I can remember, everyone so far has put the dance-off as down to their own performance. I can understand them grouching if they were top of the leader board but they weren't. I was starting to warm to them but this is really putting me off again. 

    edited for apostrophy error before pedants get too excited. image

  • Don't think anyone could get killed with that glitterball - it's plastic!    image

  • I suppose Denise or James  might have said something because there has been so much criticism of her being on SCD from the start? image

  • Didn't see them on ITT but it did come over as sulky and sour grapes in the segment prior to the dance off..........

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    In some ways he came across quite well on ITT, saying Craig was unfair with Nicky's Mark and it deserved more etc but it sort of felt like damage limitation from him to me, as if he knew he had come across badly on Sunday and was trying to redeem himself?  Maybe I am reading stuff into it that isn't there as I do actually quite like James, think he is a bit of a hoot sometimes and genuinely does seem to care for his partners (except maybe Georgina!)

    Some have criticised him for his poor choreography, the fact that it is often the same and to be fair I had noticed that in a couple of his ballrooms.  Artem and Vincent are brilliant at using innovative choregraphy

  • Yes, I agree about the choreography. I think robin's choreography for Lisa has been very clever, and Flavia has been very careful how much she uses Louis' raw power and tricks. Her "armography" was very good in the rumba. He clearly respects her, and I was amazed at how well it danced. Or maybe I was just distracted by his amazing arms.....
  • He really is extremely elegant image image

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    mmm ... elegant?? .... that's a new way of describing it image image

    Karen said last night that it was one of the best male rumba's she has seen on Strictly.

    TS is fed up of writing Christmas cards and may tootle off to youtube for a bit of the 'elegant' Louis - just to check out his arms of course image   Only opened my laptop to check and address!?

  • Of course you did image

    He's not my type but I do adore watching his body in action image to speak of course! image

  • Louis does have lovely arms but I'm still distracted by his freakishly huge hands! I'm surprised no one has had a go at him about them because they can look a bit ungainly image

    I have bought some posh chocolates for Saturday and if it's still cold I may get some mulled wine on the go image (btw I LOVE the new Xmas smileys!!!)

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Bad PR ....  Watched them in training last night and actually felt a bit sorry for them as I think they realise however hard they train and however fab their dance is, they are certainly not in for the win.

    I'm in a real conundrum re Lisa as I do love watching them but really hope in a way they are in the bottom two as the uproar it would cause if she is the 'reason' one of the faves go out will be horrible?  I wouldn't be majorly disappointed if she won but I feel the backlash would be awful for them, but I suppose it would be tempered by the fact that they were popular enough to win?  I don't know ... image

    My favourite has changed again to Louis image (after I re-watched their fusion!)  But didn't think his jive was looking too good on ITT though image

    I love Christmas smileys too image


  • Well judging by the training Ian Waite was looking at, Dani's AT could be car crash. Is Vincent really going to be dragging her round the floor while she's on tip toes? image

    Most of the other dances look OK, I'm sure Louis has time to sort out his jive image

  • Oh and thanks for the article TopSec!

  • Interesting article TopSec - quite curious as to why both Johny Vaughan and Andrew LW "suddenly" started treating her so badly..............seems a little odd as they are pally previously

    I'm 100% with you re the Lisa conundrum - couldn't have put it better and still dont' know which way to swing so to speak image

  • Ahh two dances at last - how exciting! image 

    I'm going to be out on Saturday night, I hope that BBC are as quick at uploading the dance clips to iPlayer as they were last week so I can watch them on my way home.

  • Me too, we have our club Christmas party tonight. Got some red highlights put in my hair this morning

  • Hello, anyone watching? I have Belgian chocolates image

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