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    My impressions:

    Dani, American Smooth - bit disapppointed really, no wow for me, surprisingly.  Loved their Argentine Tango though 

    Louis, Jive didn't wow me either, I don't think it suited him?  Their foxtrot though was excellent

    Denise, her Tango was very very good, I really liked it, however their rumba didn't wow me at all, don't know why, it didn't seem to flow, more a series of movements although one of the judges said it was seamless so shows what I know!

    Kimberley - loved both of them, well deserved marks

    Lisa, Samba - didn't rate it, it looked really lumpy and seemed to reinforce her size?  Really really liked their AS though - just shows you don't have to do lifts in a routine.

    I have no idea who will go tonight, I love Lisa as a performer and really felt for her in her spoken bits to camera.

    Denise, although she leaves me cold, she doesn't deserve to go.

    Spoke to my brother in law just now whilst typing this and him & sis in law don't rate Louis at all and think he will go tonight??  Gosh I hope not.

    Dani, like her and hope she gets through

    Kimberley deserves to be in the final and on tonights dancing she 'should' win



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    Other posts posted as i was chatting before submitting!  Yeo, Bruno made a comment about 'fanny' when Len was critiquing.  BBC would have been better not saying anything IMHO.

    Seems others agree with me on a few points image

  • Well going on which dances I loved the most it would be Dani, Denise and Kimberley in the final and Louis to come through the dance off against Lisa.

    Seriously considering checking the spoiler tonight for the first time ever.

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    Me too LN but I think I will try to avoid it! Tomorrow nights TV; Strictly followed by SPOTY - fab night!
  • Agree on the whole with Little Nemo. trying to be fair I would say Louis to win the dance off against Lisa.

    Unlike others I have completely warmed to Denise. And she has worked harder than almost anyone else. I moaned as much as anyone about her being in Chicago - a very 'dancey' musical. But she is right, the Roxy Hart role does not call for much dancing. Kimbers does as much in Gloud. And it's true ALL the remaining women have been to stage school at some point.

    I felt Denise's tango was sharp and excellent and the Rumba was something else. I found it moving: beautifully danced and acted. I don't feel qualified to criticise the rumba-ness of the steps but I DO know it was beautifully danced. And I agree with Darcey that her hands and arms are exquisite. Really, really unusual  - real ballet arms actually.

    I thought I would be rooting for Louis to win but I love Kimbers and the way she moves so for me it's a toss up between her  - and yes, against all my earlier feelngs - Denise.



  • I'm going to try and resist, otherwise the show tomorrow could be pointless.

    I think I'll be backing Dani in the final if she makes it. But any of the others (apart from Lisa) would deserve the win.  I think I'd warm more to Denise if she wasn't dancing with James.

    Wiggins for SPOTY image 

  • Oh it really has to be Wiggo doesn't it? Most of the other contenders seem to think so too! 

    I still can't warm to Dani's dancing - technically proficient though it undoubtedly is. The Charleston mix of last week was the dance of hers I've most enjoyed - it actually had a very twenties flapperish feel.

    Having said that I was left unmoved by Denise's Charleston but loved Kimber's Flying Machine tonight. Definitely my favourite Charleston of Strictly. Inventive, witty choreography, Kimber's goofy expressions were spot on and she gave it real film star pazazz.





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    Me too with a vote for Wiggo image

    Haven't peeked either or even dared to go on DS in case Lisa has survived, it will be bedlam if so!

    As somebody said, maybe Kimberley has peaked just at the right time?

  • nimble kimble is my new favourite. not just her dancing. she seems more...loveable.

  • I still don't want  Denise to win and haven't warmed to Dani either although she has improved so much but I'd like to see it be Kimberley.  She's been fantastic the last couple of weeks.

  • Are they only getting rid of one tonight then or two?

  • Something they said last night made me think it's just one to go

  • Hello, I am fresh and unspoilered image but a couple of minutes behind.

    Belgian chocolate anyone?

  • Four for the final image
  • yes please.

    katherine jenkins. christ.

  • Evening image

    WTF is Tess wearing this time??? image

  • Tess looks like she's wearing a squid image

  • God, what is Tess wearing?

  • Should be Lisa to go then

  • Lisa has got to go, unless so eone really messes up their dance. I suppose Denise will be the other one seeing as how no-pne seems to like her ... I think she is the best, but I gues will go out first in the final cos she doesn't have support ..
  • Biggest insult to proper opera singers everywhere - Kathrine Jenkins image
  • Phew, I think Lisa is going home image

  • She should at least know how to breathe properly FFS.
  • was it me or during last night's show they were all doing the politician's trick of wheeling out babies to kiss during rehearsals?


  • Sorry.

    *clambers off soap box*

  • image Pah, you're no Marilyn Monroe

  • i think that is actually one of tess's better efforts image

  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    i think that is actually one of tess's better efforts image


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