Strictly 2012



  • not up against much competitionimage

    oh dear. a james rant coming up image

  • Yay for Dani and Vincent!!!!!


  • i'm pleased image brilliant dancers. although dani rather put me off last night. a bit tooo desperate.

  • Tess, it really isn't a tough descision!

  • The right result, can't see Denise winning it now

  • Aw bless, not a dry eye in the house
  • Sorry Frodo, wrong singer! image

  • *comes out of lurking*

    Even though I knew the result (had peeked at DS), that was the most emotional farewell I have ever seen. The room has become all smokey
  • Right result, but bye bye Robin image

  • justice is done. right dancer, right time.


  • I thought you meant me not being Marilyn! image

    Actually thought Lisa danced that American Smooth much better then.
  • Should be a good final and if they only have to do 3 dances they might be better for it.

  • I should have said that Katherine Jenkins is no Eartha Kitt, don't know where I got the idea it was Marilyn Monroe from... image

    Agree that Lisa danced it better the second time, guess she knew it was probably her last dance. I thought Denise was a bit wobbly but it must be tough knowing you don't have the public vote.

    Right SPOTY time - GO WIGGO!!! image

  • I think we can agree Katherine Jenkins is not like a singer at allimage

    I'm out next Saturday image

    How on earth will I avoid spoilers?!
  • I'm out next Saturday night too Frodo. We haven't told miss by eck yet...

    I'm running behind so just got to Katherine Jenkins. Erm..... Well that went mighty quick with the fast forward button. I only survived the first line before deciding my sanity was not worth sacrificing for that....
  • i'm at a christmas concert and will get home halfway through!! watch it then or just wait and watch it back?

  • louis was quick getting over to spoty from the strictly studio.

  • Haha tDA!

    Is it just me, or was Lisa worse the second time? Her kicks were out of time, her arms more floppy and hw cheesy just dreadful
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Right result but I cried with her image
  • Anyone know how the voting will work next week?
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    All I know (assume), is that it is all down to us. Yippee
  • Evening. I've just fast-forwarded the results show. For some reason I thought 2 were going but glad not. Right result, no contest between Lisa and Denise but thumbs up to Lisa saying fat people can dance. She's surely got a good career ahead of her from this, she's come across so well. 

    Its anyone's game now I think. In the past good dance seems to have won the day over popularity but I'm suddenly wanting Kimberley to win. She's just brilliant now and that Charleston was just brilliant. I think she's a better dancer than Denise and puts more personality into it. 


  • Well, what a weekend for SCD!

    It was the right result, but I have to confess that I had tears streaming down my face as Lisa made her farewells to Robin. I didn't want her to go through to the final at the expense of better dancers, but what an impression she's made on this series of Strictly!

    My impressions of Saturday evening were that I hated Dani's first dress, which meant that I was distracted from the dance. It seemed ok, but didn't wow me. Her Argentine Tango, however was much better, but perhaps lacked emotional intensity?

    Denise was excellent in both of her dances, but I liked the Tango best out of the two.

    KImberley was fab - u - lous. (I voted for her, so what more can I say image)

    Louis was better in his second dance. Why can't I warm to him more?

    Lisa image! That floor spin was priceless!!

    Bruno's cock-up: Made me roar with laughter. I actually had a Great Aunt Fanny - a very stern lady - so Bruno's little slip really amused me.

    Sunday - Katherine Jenkins Jive - hated it!

    Claudia's heels - can they get any higher? And she wasn't wearing black!!!

    Next Saturday is going to be amazing - but what I am going to watch when Strictly finishes? image

  • An exciting weekend for SCD - I peeked at The Other Place on Saturday, so much hatred! I'm glad we're so friendly (and rational!) over here image

    My thoughts on the dancers:

    Dani was really good in both of her dances, I preferred the AT but thats true no matter who is dancing. Vincent is a genius!

    Denise was also good in her tango, anything I disliked about the routine can be blamed on James' choreography rather than Denise's execution. I didn't like the rumba very much and felt that it was quite staccato instead of flowing and romantic.

    Louis' jive was disappointing, it looked as though he was blocking the routine rather than giving the final performance. The foxtrot however was excellent, I was a bit sceptical of how they would be able to dance it to Gotye but I loved the quirky, almost clockwork start. Dave Arch and his wonderful, wonderful orchestra murdered that song though!

    Kimberley was fabulous! I loved both routines but if I am going to be a picky she looked wobbly and slightly awkward in some of the lifts (especially the cartwheels in the charleston ... if those count as lifts?) I thought she deserved to be top of the leader board but didn't deserve the perfect scores

    Lisa was a lot of fun but it was her time to go, the difference between her dances and the rest of the competition was marked. I didn't think that her diabolical first dance should have been scored the same as Louis' jive but overmarking of Lisa and undermarking of Louis has been a feature of the series and she's out now so no point griping about it.

    Katherine Jenkins - I saw that jive on DWTS and didn't like it much then. Mark Ballas is a brilliant dancer and very good choreographer and I thought it was wasted on this routine, he shone and she struggled to keep up. It wasn't her best dance of the series either so I'm not quite sure why they performed that routine.

    Next week each couple is performing two dances they have already done - one of their choosing and judge's choice, and then the showdance. Does that mean that Flavia and Louis will not be doing the Argentine Tango?! If that is the case then I hope that Flavia choreographs the showdance as an AT fusion - Louis has the strength to do some amazing lifts as part of the routine.

  • Morning

    Oh dear - watery eyes all round Chez Podds at Lisa's departure - I think Claudia, Darcey and Robin were all blubbing too!!!!

    In terms of talent it was the right decision in terms of entertainment absolutely not

    To be honest once Louis has gone I really don't care who wins as the other 3 leave me fact the possibility of turning the final off actually looms on the horizon image

    They have about as much personality as an inflatable sheep between them - and that's being rude to inflatable sheep...........image

  • xine267 wrote (see)

    An exciting weekend for SCD - I peeked at The Other Place on Saturday, so much hatred! I'm glad we're so friendly (and rational!) over here image



    Oops image I'm letting the side down........... not really hatred, honest - more like boredom!!

  • LOL Podds. image

    Theres always one isn't there? image

  • i actually really like them. i quite like louis's stand-offishness. and I think kimberley is really rather fun. i think i may have misjudged her.


  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    They keep saying that this is the best Strictly ever and it will be the best final ever, not sure that that is the case but it is certainly the most open.  We have no idea what the votes are like for Dani and Louis.  Kimberley, even though she has been in the bottom two has improved remarkably since then.  I think we can discount Denise as being the first out?  Not sure how they play it seeing as there is 4 rather than 3?

    Loved seeing Lisa & Robin tonight, I really hope that things goes well for her from here on in, and I reaaly hop she continues with her weight loss, I know she says she doesn't care, but she will both look and feel better.  I hope she does get stage work from this.  Denise and James just look fed up, why bother is the feeling I get from them, and in a way I can understand it!


  • I don't think Denise has done anything to offset the perception she shouldn't have been there.  Carping in the press about other showbiz people really hasn't helped her case and looking like she's eating a lemon when she's in the bottom 2 rather than seeming as if she cares really hasn't helped her.

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