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  • Morning. I read here this morning that Denise is moaning that she won't win.

    At the risk of sounding like that other site that is never mentioned by name, I'm getting really fed up of hearing her moaning now. 

    Edit - just read it in full (should have done that first lol) and its more gossip than a statement. 

  • if you read the (pretty wishy-washy) article there is one quote, where she says thanks for support but she won't win because she has been in the dance-off twice. which is true. that's it. hardly moaning.

  • Cross post dude - yes agree, teach me to read stuff first espially on Yahoo that are known for false headlines.


  • *joins Podds in the norty corner* imageimage

  • *makes room for Soupy*

    Here you go - I've got mince pies, apple pie and loads of speciality alcofrolic creams to go with them, dig in image

  • Although I'm not a Denise fan, I am tired of all the Denise bashing that's gone on, particularly on another forum (cos people are more polite here), and if I were Denise I think I'd be looking pretty fed up by now with it all. I thought it was really nice of Robin and Lisa to say what they did about her. I feel that this year's Strictly has been tarnished by all the ill will that's been directed at her, and it's probably left her feeling rather battered and bruised by it all. image

  • Peeking at The Other Site is ok, as long as no-one is starting threads like "I hate Denise!!!!!!!!!!" or "Lisa is such a fat blob, why is she allowed on TV?!?!?!" image

    I thought the stories that appeared about Denise's problems with Johnny Vaughan and Andrew Lloyd Webber were pretty misjudged if the intent was to get more sympathy from Strictly voters. On the other hand, she might have been wanting to sell those stories for a while and waited until public interest was high so she could get more money  for them!

    The thing I'll remember about this series is the generally high standard of competitors and that the judges (despite some dodgy scoring of Louisimage ) all knew what they were talking about!

  • Well, Denise probably hasn't helped her own cause, but that could be down to her feeling threatened and becoming defensive - who knows?  Other than the DVO business I have really enjoyed Strictly, and will really miss it after the final. I suppose the high feeling it has generated shows how popular the show is with people.image

  • i am pleased to have utterly converted the Bidie-In

    she is now a devoted fan and will be bereft after christmas day.

  • *wipes cream from around mouth*

    Just caught up with ITT Monday on the iplayer under the excuse of having a chuck out in my office image

    In tears again with Lisa image but interested to hear her defence of Denise and thought Denise handled the whole issue very well - better than James!  

    TBH every year there's someone who's patently not as popular with the public but if you put yourself into the public eye I think you have to suck it up and accept it. I think if she looked more upset and less sour when in the dance off she might win more fans but I guess we don't always think to control how we show our disappointment in the moment.....  I certainly take nothing away from her ability although having now seen the rumba I am disappointed.........thought it was supposed to be great but got no real feeling from it...

    Oh well - roll on Saturday - I suspect the lovely Louis might be first out as he just can't please the judge and after that...........well, I really don't mind / care

  • As Saturday will be just down to the public vote I think that Denise will be first out.

    I've enjoyed this series as there has been no obvious winner and the final looks like it will be really close. But I haven't enjoyed that with fusion week people.are doing fewer dances so it's less easy to compare them. I think if they have fusion next year they need to reduce the dances, I mean do we really need Salsa, Samba and Cha Cha? Especially when I struggle to tell them apart image Or maybe drop one's of the waltzes? At the moment I think only Denise has done the Rumba which doesn't seem fair.

  • i still don't know the difference between salsa and samba. maybe drop foxtrot too.

  • I thouight Louis had done the rumba but maybe I'm fantasising. i still think he's great with Flavia and am hoping he pulls it all out of the bag when needed especially if they are required to do the AT. Would be brilliant I'm sure!

  • Louis has done the rumba - can't remember what he got for it but it's generally known as the dance of death for the blokes and he managed to survive to it must have been half decent

    Didn't realise it was all public vote Saturday - guess I'd best charge the phone up image oh and head off to work now so I can afford the calls!!

  • It was the one where we commented on his hands and arms I think
  • Louis did the rumba together with the tango in his fusion dance.

    Apparently the judges choice for him on Saturday night is the salsa. Wasn't that the Dirty Dancing routine? I thought that some of the judges criticised & marked down for not being a "proper salsa" so I'm not sure why they have picked that for him to dance again - unless they are now admitting that they were wrong and the routine and lift were actually amazing image

  • Flav said yesterday she was putting more salsa steps in.

  • Hmmm - going swim training Saturday (which clashes with Strictly) is looking increasingly unlikely this very wrong? image

  • We have a big carolling engagement on Saturday right when strictly starts. Hmm, what on earth am I going to do with miss by eck?
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I will be sat at home with pink things to eat and drink image  I don't know why it's pink, I've always done that - they don't even wear pink dresses much these days!

    Looking forward to the final.  As we have mentioned, I think it is Denise out first (I wonder if the BBC may think more carefully about bringing in a 'ringah' - I doubt it, the viewing figures are up so they may like the controversy?)

    Have no idea who will win, I think it is between Louis and Kimberley, I guess if I did have a slight favourite, it's Louis.

    I honestly think some of the people that post on the site that must not be named are loopy, I think the idea of 'if you haven't got anything good to say, don't say anything at all' has passed most of them by, there are some really awful posts image

  • I'll be at home with party food and my Team Louis flag image

    I think it's between Louis and Kimberley, I hope Louis does something amazing for his showdance (and it has some Argentine Tango content - really disappointed we didn't get to see that from Flavia this year).

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Just watched last nights ITT and the music for his showdance is quite steady so it's not a 'fast' dance, although for the life of me I can't remember what it is and I only watched it 20 mins ago image  I am getting old image

  • Oh dear image

    They've just gone through the judges dance for all 4 and all the girls have got dances they scored highly on e.g. Denise jive, Kimberley waltz.........and Louis........?............a dance he scored a 6 on from Len - are they trying to set him up for a fail?

    I wonder what their criteria are for the dance they choose?

  • Yes, I thought it was an odd choice for Louis. And they have to pull off that huge lift again too. No pressure then!


  • I'm assumiing it's what they think will get people watching and that big lift was worth talking about the first time.  Louis has a lot more upper body stength than the professional dancers and he can pull off moves they can only dream about so I wouldn't count him out but don't think he will win.

  • I just want a fair fight.......... I prefer watching Louis of course image image

  • I think if anything it indicates that the judges were inconsistent with their marking during the series and that dances from certain celebs that should have scored 8s and 9s was given 6s to build a story arc.

    I also think that it will be a crowdpleaser, big routine, huge dramatic lift - the kind of thing that Finals are made for! If I didn't have a favourite already, I'd be more likely to vote for a good Latin performance than one of the 'boring' ballroom routines like waltz. Did I just say that?  image image

  • Um, obviously a few Louis fans here because he should be first out of the four I think.

    Not sure how to pick between the three ladies.

    Note - this is my view, Denise is obviously struggling with the public.

    I am not sure why although I haven't overly warmed to her ,I am not really sure why and there was no way she should have been in the dance-off.

    However the final is always a bit different because rather than voting to save somebody you are making an active decision as to who you think should win.

    Personally I think Kimberley is out in front at the moment but it is close.

    Looks like they will all do the show dance this year and then lose one.

    As for the judges selection, there are a lot of conspiracy theorists out here ! Actually thye may have done Louis a favour, Several weeks on he could make a good effort in the Salsa and improve his points score. If you scored 9 or 10 originally then you have to dance excellently again to effectively stand still and expectation will be higher.

    In practise though, the winner is pretty much always determined by the Show Dance. The year Tom Chambers won he was behind Rachel Stevens for me after the first two dances. The show dance was a wow though and i stood up after it, picked up the phone and just said " Well he's just won this"

    Interestingly I was going to say Dani has a good partner with Vincent and his choreography but actually he gave Rachel Stevens a fairly lack-lustre show dance, although Tom would have won it with his anyway.

    So lets see but the pressure is on the pros to choreograph as well as the celebrities to deliver it.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    BtB, I completely agree with you there, Tom & Camilla's showdance was the best I have ever seen, followed by Jill & Darren and Mark & Karen (none of this bacofoil acrobatic rubbish!)

  • Show dances with the odd exception are rubbish. I think it's easier to just accept that  at best they will be dull, and at worst they will be jaw droppingly terrible with the chance  of actual injury as well. Hopefully as all the pros have done them before they will have learned something!

    I think Dani and Vincent's one has the most potential to be bad image

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