London Marathon 2013 London Marathon application has been successful and I'm over the moon!! However, I'm just coming back from illness and don't want to get myself ill from training. How on earth do I get myself ready for 26.2 miles in 7 months. 

Please please help! 



  • Look up a training plan that suits you ?
  • Yes, I'm currently trying to do that image not a great success so far


  • How come you are having trouble in finding a plan? What part are you having difficulties with?
  • finding one that suits me. I just dont want to over do it. Do you have any suggestions. Much appreciated 

  • Any idea on what sort of time you are looking for?

    How many days a week do you want to be running?

    What is your level of fitness at the moment?

    How many runs do you currently do per week?
  • about 4 and a half hours. 4-5 times a week. I row and swim at the moment, havent been running alot as i have been ill from viral meningitis and shingles however i was running about 15 miles a week in about 2-3 runs. 

    not much help...sorry

  • Congrats on getting a place! Try not to worry about your target time too much yet, the key is to get the plan. I would start running regularly now and get a good 'base' level of running before the serious training (where following a good plan is vital, in my opinion) starts in dec/jan time. Try to run at least 3 times a week (minimum). If you can't keep to that now, you might struggle in keeping free the extra hours of training you'll need in the coming months.

    Build up slowly. Don't build up too quickly and risk injury. You have plenty of time. And if you train right, you'll be fantastic on the day.

    There are so many plans out there, with so many different theories/styles/time commitments/distances covered. It's a bit of a mind field trying to find one that suits. My advice is find one that most suits your ability to find the time to follow it (I.e. don't find a plan that makes you train 6 days a week if you know you can't do that); also start the plan a couple of weeks early so that if you get sick/have an injury/ have an off week, you still got time to play with.

    Good luck!
  • P.s in the one marathon I did, I chaned plans half way through. I first followed bob glovers' beginners plan, based on distance covered (to the down fall) and then changed to a tailor made plan that I paid for from a coach, based on time spent on each run, as opposed to miles covered.

    This time round, I'm taking bits from both plans and making my own.......let's see if that one works better!
  • How come you know you have a place already? I thought they usually tell you in early October time?
  • Kaffeeg thanks so much for you help, very kind of you! You obviously know what you are doing...unlike me. I will have a look at that marathon plan. also...(sorry to be a pain) i am very very slim and loose weight incredibly easily, which i hate believe it or not, i eat loads but im trying to increase my fat intake by eating nuts and things. do i need to up my food intake even more - i cant seem to keep the weight on. 

    Millsey1977 - its to run for charity, they tell you sooner then the ballot do. image 

    Thanks for everyones else so far. much appreciated. 

  • Congrats on the place - but like Millsy says, how come you know already? I thought the wait to hear stretched til October. Would I have an email already if I'd been successful?

  • I found out on my birthday in 2010 that I'd got a place in VLM for 2011.

    30 September if you're wondering when to send my presents image

  • Gg12 - all I know is what NOT to do. image I.e don't do anything I did and you'll be fine! Skinny or not, you'll want to make sure you're eating right, especially for the long runs - again advice about what to eat varies, and it's a case of working out what suits you. I usually have a bigger dinner the night before a long run (anything above 13 miles, I don't bother with larger portions for runs less than that as otherwise I'll get fat, but that's just what suits me). And then eat breakfast the morning of my long run(I don"t normally have breakfast). And I make sure my breakie and the previous meal is carb based. Keep an eye on your weight for sure, but also the types of food your eating and portion sizes. Makes sense to me to increase portion size if you're doing intense prolonged sport as your body needs more energy.

    I'm sure there are better people on here to give advice about nutrition than me!

    The coach I got my training plan from Told me to eat dried apricots on my long runs as they were good for replenishing energy and easy to digest. I did that until I discovers shot these are heaven in a cube and give instant energy!
  • yes its a charity place. thanks Kaffeeg again!! your help is very very helpful. shot bloks - ill keep an eye out for them. you think its not unrealistic to do this?? sorry again and thanks!!

  • slightly unorthodox plans, but I'm enjoying mine, seems a bit light compared to lots of others but putting in some extra runs.

    Can start at various levels of experience.

    Won't give you any world records, but that isn't what you are after.
  • Gg12 - no problem! It's not unrealistic at all! You have plenty of time, you're thinking things through, you're planning the training and how to eat, you're asking questions.....all stuff that shows you're determined and want to make sure you have the best chance of getting the outcomes you want.

    There'll be highs and lows in the training ( and on race day!), but overall it'll be a great experience and you'll be amazed at yourself (and rightly so!) .


    (p.s. lots of people use Hal higdons training plans too, you can get them on the internet)
  • Thanks so much. Are you running it?? Your very kind by giving me all this information. You literally don't realise how much I appreciate it. All the best.
  • GG12, the important thin at the moment is to get to the stage where you can comfortably run about 10 miles once per week, and train 4 days per week minimum, before you start a "proper" plan in about december. So start by going out for 3 short runs per week build the distances up, and gradully lengthen the weekend long run, until , by the end of the year, you are hopefully ready to start a trainig plan.

    You could start with something like a half marathon "get-you round"  plan, and when you're finished with it, then switch over to a marathon plan. I did a get you round marahon plan, followed by an intermediate one, for my first, but did the increases in LSR distances more gradually, spread over the whole time period.

    The advantage you have is that you have much more time to build up than the tradtional 16- 18 week plan, so your risk of injury will be less, as you can take it much more slowly.

  • Gg12 - no, I did it this year and it falls on my partners 50 th next year and I would be dumped in a second if I were to do it (so I'm doing Brighton instead). Good luck and hope you enjoy the training!
  • Good luck to you too however I'm not sure you need it and enjoy your partners 50th! Celebrate in style
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