Cardiff Half Marathon

Hi, does anyone have a spare place for the Cardiff Half Marathon, which is on October 14th as registration has closed now and I'd really like to accompany my friend.  If you have a spare place please email me (I would of course pay the reg fee etc).  Thanks


  • Hi Hilary

    I have a spare place which I cannot use as I now have a family engagement that weekend. Happy to send you the pack which I received last week. Please let me know your address. Let me know if you would like to send me a cheque or pay by bank transfer.

    Alan Moss

  • Alan,if Hilary dosn't take your number,i'll gladly have it.

    If anyone else has a spare place let me know.

  • Sure, that would be fine. Hilary - do you still need a place?
  • Hi Alan, thanks for the offer, but I've had a response from someone at work today, so I won't need yours after all, but many thanks again. image

  • Thanks Hilary.

    Kessman - would you still like the number? If so, please let me know your email address and perhaps we can confirm arrangements.



  • Hi Alan

    I'd like the number if you still have it?


  • Hi Alan,thanks for the offer,but a club mate of mine has with drawn,so i'm now fixed up 

  • Hi Karen - sure that is fine. Could you let me know how best to contact you and we can make arrangements for me to send you the number.

  • Did Karen take it Alan?

    I live in Cardiff and thought I was going to be at away, however I am now, so  if Karen doesn't take it I probably will


  • I mean I am at home now of course !

  • Ive missed the registration for the cardiff half marathan, Does anybody know of anyone that has a number that I can buy?


  • does anyone have a spare number of know of anyone that does for me to use/buy for the cardiff half marathon, am desperate to run it as several members of my family aleady are! 


  • I'm still looking also ( see above). Please text me on 07595894968 and I can collect ( within reasonable distance)  and pay you the cash




  • Try the organisers first.They may be able to help.

    Please also remember that if you buy someones number you must let the organisers know.This is in case of any accidents or mishaps that result in you needing emergency treatment.

    Failing to notify the organisers can lead to a life time ban for all events.

    I'm not being a doom and gloom merchant,just passing on some very useful advice.

  • Hi I have a place going, have to work now so can't run it. Private message me if interested.
  • Hi. Just injured my knee so have a spare place going if anyone interested?

  • Hi Anouska, Hi Andrew (sorry - when I tried to private message you it said you don't accept private messages)

    I'm really, really keen to get a place for the Cardiff half this coming weekend.

    Please give me a call or text 07766627891, email or private message on Runner's World (if it's possible!). 

    Many thanks


  • Evening,

    Does anyone know if there is a spare place available.

    If possible please give me a text: 07800641766.


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