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Hello ladies,

I've been looking for a pair of good running capris that don't cost a fortune but that are thick enough to keep my pants from being on display through them!

I may be a bit difficult in terms of size, as I'm quite slim in the legs and waist, but my bum and hips are pretty prominent, thus a size that fits overall is likely to be stretched a bit more across my bum than it would be on others'.  

Any suggestions?  I'm grateful for any tips!


  • I like the Nike ones, they seem to be reasonably thick compared to some others and can be picked up cheaply!

  • I've always found that addidas ones are see through and are tight. I like Nike and Ronhill ones. I have chunky thighs, hips and bum but slim waist but find those makes are fine. Hope you find something good.
  • I have a couple of pairs of nike capris and love them, they feel great and fit well. I find my adiddas pair less comfy and only use them when i have failed to do enough washing.


  • Thanks ladies, since you all 3 recommended Nike, I think it's time I try them out!

  • I hope the Nike marketing team see fit to suitably reward us allimage
  • Alternatively, black knickers or go commando

    My preference is Gore then Ronhill or Nike.  Gore is more expensive though but worth it imho.  Their sizes do tend to be a bit on the small side though.

  • Another lady for Nike - the wider waist band makes them more comfy than the adidas ones, you can pick 'em up cheaply and they fit well without being see through!

  • Trogs. wrote (see)

    Alternatively, black knickers or go commando

    +1 for that if you can find a pair that are comfy to wear knickerless i.e. no seams in awkward spots. I like Gore shorts and tights and they're definitely not see through. Nike capris are quite good but I find them too thick and therefore too hot apart from in the coldest weather.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Another Nike fan. I've also had a good experience with gore tights (as opposed to capris). I hate Adidas as they come up too low for me
  • Nike Legend pants are great - light weight, not see thru, great fit if you get them in the right size e.g. for size 8's I'd recommend the extra small one. I use them for running and for gym workouts - I never looked back since I got the first pair.

  • I love my North Face ones.

  • I have a question about Capri pants.

     Why do women wear them in preference to above the knee lycra shorts. Is there any benifit from then going half way down your calf or do women wear them purely as its a fasion thing.Isee women wear them all year round as well so its not a tempreture thing. I wear lycra shorts and I do have a pair of "Mens Capri" but only wear them in minus temps as they keep my knees warmimage

    Just askingimage

  • Personally i think that the shorter shorts make my legs look dumpy, which they are, but the capris hid that a bit. But thats just meimage

  • Partly they hide my fat knees, and tight shorts tend to squeeze the fat down to my knees.

    Mainly they don't ride up in the way shorts do. My knees keep the bottom bits in place.

  • OK so it more a body image thing I guess, fair enoughimage

    oh and my"Mens Capris" are Nike and are quite thick lycra so no undercrackers showing through mineimage

  • Men's above-the-knee lycra shorts tend to be just above the knee in no more. If women's ones were that length I'd wear them in preference to capris. But more often they tend to be much shorter and often too tight at the hem meaning that even females who are fairly slim end up with bulgy looking fat bits half way up their thighs from wearing them.

    I don't mind looking as fat as I actually am, but I'll be damned if I'll pay ??30+ for shorts that make me look even fatter!
  • That should read 30 quid!

    P.S. I don't like most capris either, for the same reason of the hems often being too tight. My favourite short shorts are Gore lycra ones - very comfy.
  • I find most lycra shorts are too short for my thighs, which means they ride up and I get terrible chafe. I like the capris that are just below the knee rather than halfway down the calf, but the tan line is a bit of an annoyance when it comes to wearing a skirt or a dress which is on the knee. When the weather starts to cool, they also help keep my creaky old knees warm without having to resort to full length tights.

  • Seems like there is a gap in the market, longer womens lycra shorts that go to just above the knee. image But i'm guessing that this is mainly fasion lead, you either wear capri pant or short lycra shorts if you have the legs for them. Hmmmmm Its a funny old world, when I was in a running shop looking at Mens Capri the guy in the shop said he didn't know why they had got them in as what bloke would want to be seen poncing about in Capris pants. I suppose it the same for women who would want the longer lycra shorts but they are only made for men..........

  • Women and shorts vs. capris is probably not as much 'fashion' as just 'less hassle while out running'. Women running past groups of guys are routinely subjected to comments on how they look, how sweaty they are, how fat they are, how much their tits are jiggling, how small their tits are if they aren't jiggling, etc etc etc. Some women who would be perfectly happy to wear short shorts will cover up when running to avoid it.

    P.S. I've never seen a bloke running in capri pants yet. Actually thought they weren't available for guys. I usually chuckle a little at the guys who wear full length tights then cover up with baggy shorts over the top as they're embarrassed to be seen in lycra. It usually looks rather uncomfortable...
  • I have a great pair of capris from Decathlon, best I've had. 

    And RWD, my male colleague rates 3/4 lengths. Apparently if you also cycle then this is acceptable behaviour.

  • runs-with-dogs wrote (see)
    ... Women running past groups of guys are routinely subjected to comments on how they look, how sweaty they are, how fat they are, how much their tits are jiggling, how small their tits are if they aren't jiggling, etc etc etc. ...

    I've never, in fifteen years of running, had any such comments!

    My (now rather old) Nike lycra shorts come down to about three inches above the knee, and have rubbery bits around the inside of the hems to keep them in place.  I never wear anything under running shorts/tights - who needs a vpl and extra washing?

  • You're lucky Wilkie, it doesn't happen often to me, but it does happen...not generally 'men' though. Boys!

    I've tried so many shorts, even the Nike ones and they just ride up within a few steps! I'd love a slightly longer pair, because the capris can be a bit warm.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    For me it's a warmth issue. I want something inbetween shorts and full length tights - so the 3/4 capri's are perfect.

  • Nike are good and I really like the Adidas Essentials 3/4 Run Capris - you can get them on Amazon and JJB sports.

    I like Adidas by Stella 7/8 length tights too, it's a really flattering length image

  • But whatever you buy, it's worth trying them on in the shop and having a good look at your back view to see if they are see through!

  • I prefer loose shorts - the capris make my shortish legs look shorter, so I only really wear those when I run in the dark. Although I do have a pair of Ron Hill running shorts still with the tags on as they're just too short.

  • I really don't like capris which are basically cut-off tights, as they make my legs look too short! I love my Salomon 3/4 pants, which I got from Gear for Girls - they are slightly loose but defintiely not baggy. They are warm, stretchy, lightweight, comfortable and flattering. A brilliant purchase for in-between conditions, when shorts aren't enough but it's not cold enough for tights.

  • I find 3/4 length tights very useful, and I can't see why other men object to them, but that is their prerogative. I agree with the earlier posting about wearing shorts over full length tights; looks daft to me, but again, if that what other men choose to do, that is their prerogative.

  • Gore are the best ones I have and Adidas a close second- Nike fall down!

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