Bike question - quick release and disc brakes

Hello again,

Just a quicky, treated my self to a hardtail a little while ago but struggling with the disc brakes.

Everytime I take the wheels off, when I put them back in the brakes rub. Is there a knack to doing this? Or am I just being dense?

Any help much appreciated


  • I am seriously no expert but I would experiment with how you do up the quick release and see if you can even out the tension ... and check that you havent warped  image

  • The tension is also the first thing I would try, if you over tighten then it is likely to squeak. If its every time then you may need to adjust them a touch. Loosen the two allen bolts, adjust so that the pads look aligned and don't touch the rotor, tighten the bolts a little, spin the wheel, apply the brake, keep brake on with one hand and tighten two Allen bolts with other hand.
  • You might just be putting the wheels on too tight too, try just loosening the quick release slightly. Ensure that the wheel is stable and doesn't move side to side though!


  • if they are hydraulic disks, they might need bleeding as the pads are moving in a little when you take the disk out which seems to happen if you get some air in.  I've seen that before.

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