Beginners Guide to the Surrey Hills Ride date - Saturday 6th October



  • 7755matt wrote (see)

    Didin't think much of the triathlon shop in Bristol, but TriUK in Yeovil was AMAZING. I need to go again at some point but if the wife finds out I'm heading that way she makes me leave the credit cards at home image


    Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)
    IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    Looks like i might be coming to play.

    Don't wish to put a downer on this, but, well, it is Surrey. And erm, we don't want plebs.


    Well you may need someone to hold a gate open for you or ram your silver multi-tools up your .......image


  • Yay ptl, Plumbabe, be good to see you again.

  • I'm due to be at a parkrun that morning but if you can give me a rough idea of the route I'll try & join in at some point.  That's assuming you're heading in the general direction of Ranmore/Dorking from Newlands and not Guildford!

  • Dave, Newlands, Combe, Crocknorth, Denbies, down Ranmore, West Humble, under subway, up Box, round the back and retrace except at bottom Crocknorth go right, left at end, via Horsley and up Staples, down Combe, back up to Newlands.

  • What time we setting off DB?

  • Up to Newlands, deep joy image

  • 9 at newlands for coffee or whatever, kick off 9.30, straight down to Combe. I think it might have been resurfaced! Wheeeeeee!

  • So looking forward to this. Are we nearly there yet. image

    Good luck at Stratford this weekend Dusty. 

  • DB, any idea of the approx mileage?
  • I may turn up at one of these one day ... not that weekend tho as I am washing my hair

  • And I made it Meldy friendly especially!

    Er, about 30 I think Barlos, maybe a little less

    Cheers Soupy, weather looks nice. You missed a great Crawley Tri! I think someone was pushing me, can't think how else I got a 19mph bike average!


  • How is it Meldy friendly?  Chocolate & Guinnes every 5 mile?

  • The downhills are not nasty, ergo Meldy friendly. 

    If Ferret decides to delight us with Ferret biscuits, you will be in heaven and not need any chocolate or guinness. Ergo, Meldy very friendly. 

    And it woudl be luvly to see you again. image

  • I actually cant make that date but I will keep an eye out for future events   image

  • Mmmm.....Ferret biscuits.....

    Meldy doesn't like hills? Don't anyone tell her about the Chilterns!


  • She's sandbagging you a bit Cat - the Chilterns are her playground and she just loves to see others suffer on her hills - I can personally testify to that one!!

  • The Chilterns are flat though, aren't they?

  • They are if Meldy has ridden over them! imageimageimage

  • Hey Gladys, I know Sunday would have suited you better and I did think about that, but Sat is my only day. If you can make it, please do. I'm sure you would make mincemeat of the course.image

  • ..........and Meldy will make mincemeat of him if she sees that comment image

  • The IMW tv star slag may well be joining us.

    DB can you send me the postcode or directions to the start please.

  • GU4 8SE. 

    That's about 100 yards short of the turning into Newlands which is Drove Road. Basically, go up until you can't any more and it's on the right on the A25 (coming from Woking end)

    Where you coming from FF?

  • Lakeside, Capital of Essex

  • M25 clockwise to J10 A3.
    Left towards Guildford, come off at Ripley (1st exit after about a mile which goes down an off  slip road (not the little cafe turn which is still in the on slip), take second exit on roundabout through Ripley town.
    Stay on road about 3 miles till you get to a Shell garage on left. Turn left at the roundabout immediately after it towards Clandon
    Stay on it through the windy bit up past the pretty church.
    Cross the main road straight over at the traffic lights towards Dorking A25, road bears right then left, up the upflat for about a mile and at the top turn right.
    Hey presto.
    Who said I was anal?


  • Oi! Horley is the land of the free! Surrey is lucky to have this jewel in its catchment area. We could declare independence any time we want to but we realise it would have a negative impact on lesser areas....

    I have this date in my diary and hope to join you. What time do you expect we will finish?
  • Gladys M. wrote (see)

    They are if Meldy has ridden over them! imageimageimage

  feel the fear, do it anyway wrote (see)

    ..........and Meldy will make mincemeat of him if she sees that comment image


  • Tortuga wrote (see)

    I have this date in my diary and hope to join you. What time do you expect we will finish?

    In time for a massive burger lunch i hope

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