Was thinking recently about an idea Pantman came up with about changing weekly-monthly training (micro) cycles so that every week is devoted to concentrating on just one discipline, with just maintenance on the other two.

Thought this might be the way forward - as long as you can keep up a little work on the other disciplines, partic swimming, so you don't lose technique.

I think I will start doing a 4-week training cycle of the following:

Week2 - BIKE/RUN (with a little swimming tech prac)
Week3 - SWIM/RUN
Week4 - Easy

ANyoen do anythign similar to this already, and does it work?



  • I did loads of swimming as a kid till I was about 12/13. I then did loas of mtb racing until University. Then sat on my ass for three years (rest period). Have been running lots for nearly a year now. Hoping to pull all that experience together for next year.
    I think thats macro-cycle training.
  • lol just a bit matt...

    ww, a little known athlete by the name of simon whitfield does this sort of thing
  • matt, that might have made a good taper for something.....what, i dont know!
  • goodness! Whatever's happened to Will? Was that a Wild noise?
  • I think you should combine this with your other idea of using a very small bike like what a clown uses, Daz. You'll blow us all away next seasonl.
  • The reson for the naaar - is because we are aproaching that time of year known as winnter - trying to devote a week to the bike in winter is bloody hard

    I think this type of trainig has a place in the grand scheame of things but I think its in the PEEK phasses of your training rather than BASE or BUILD -
  • ww, try going to a gym!
    they have bikes......nice and warm, and you may even get a nice hot cup o' tea off-of a lovely young lady afterwards.
  • Sign me up. Will she dunk my biccies too ?
  • that could be a good idea. although im not sure axiel pro do a range of 50s, to go with the 650 and 700.
    and my cat-eye computer would explode!!!
  • wahey cougie.
    not heard them called 'biccies' before....
  • wossa cat-eye computer then?

    Is it necessary, or is it a sparkly toy?
  • Its a little speedo on your bike.
    What is tapering?
  • doing less before a big race.


    (i answered one!)
  • jj, see my pic. well that cat is strapped really tightly to my handlebars with its paw taped just slightly inward on the wheel. whenever the wheel goes around the cat makes a screech. gives me an idea on revolutions and how fast im going.

  • only japing of course. i love animals. my cat in the pic (TC) is great. you can see how he loves comign swimming with me and looks comfortable in my swimmign cap and the orca top.
    e's a cherub!
  • >>his close friends get to call him DC, providing it's with dignity..<


    oh and for the cruel joke?

  • Daz,

    When i was training hard i found that was the only way i could do it - alternating running one week and cycling the next. It definitely worked for me. I didn't need to do the swimming so just fit a session in whenever (i was national level and on less than 45 km swum this year still swim 1500s at 1.15-1.20 pace per 100). I can't do it at the moment as i can't run (ITB) so trying to cycle in my running weeks too.
  • Ps. National level a long time ago but technique stays with you once you have it mastered.
  • (I think he's still reeling from the THWAP)
  • Thanks missus!
    you think it might work then?
    i think id feel more comfortable skipping cycling and running one week out of every three. would be better for me as could def get a good 4+ sessions of the two disciplines in each week and be able to do some decent interval and hill sessions.

    btw, excuse my ignorance, but what does ITB stand for?
  • missus l, the swim technique is something that haunts me and i will take to my grave. i just dont know what im doing wrong to make me so slow :O(
    if i could afford a personal trainer i would!

    jj, you dont mean it....
  • ml - can you still swim close to that speed then?
  • What is slow and what is fast for swimming. Only just started swimming properly again since 14 years ago. Can now manage a mile non-stop crawl which I've never been able to do before, takes me about 35 mins.
  • ITB is illio-tibial band, runs from your hip to your knee....fairly common running prob but a right old pain.
  • You'll get quicker Matt.

    if you need to know about technique as pantman, spans and missus l by the sounds of it!
  • ITB - illio- tibia band (sp?) the hard band that runs from your hip through your glute hamstring and quad to your knee. Every time i run it spasms and pulls my knee and hip out of alignment - bit sore:-(

    For swimming go along to a tri-club swimming session or a masters session, the tri ones are usually better though as they should have a coach who is prepared to teach first principles rather than make you swim hard/fast.

    Am swimming at 1.18-1.20 ish at the moment in the pool (fast at tumble turns so a bit slower open water more like 21-22 minutes for 1500) - should come back a bit faster as didn't swim other than races for 3 months (kept "forgetting" to go).

    I found doing the weeks about i could do lsd, hard, hills etc whereas when i tried to do both disciplines i seemed to end up doing loads of recovery rides/runs. Every 3 weeks would be fine too

  • Daz - can you float?
    Sounds odd but some people can and some can't. If you take a breathe then tuck yourself into a mushroom do you bob around on the surface of the pool or sinkk?
    I am teching/coaching a guy hwo wants to start tri at the moment and he bounces off the bottom of the pool when he does that.
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