• How much time do you think can be saved in say a 25m pool over 500m by doing an average tumble turn over an average em standard turn (no name for this?).
    have two races left and intend to tumble for part of both.......but i occasionaly go VERY wrong! :O(
  • Oh. I'm gonna try this floating mushroom thing. I do suspect the lifeguard will need to jump in and rescue me though.

    If I go missing for a while from the fora, can someone ring round the pools and ask them to check please ??
  • hahaha poor fella. i thought everyone floats!?
    yes i do, float that is.
  • I certainly seem to have heavy legs (too much bike) and they drag through the water too much.

    Would a wetsuit help this ?
  • remember that game you played at school in the swimming baths where you had to curl up in a bawl holding your breath. the winner was the one who came up last. the teachers used to start this game every week.

    i always thought it was fun (well i was young and competitive) but god, we used to almost pass out at times trying to beat each other.
  • I think the term is negatively bouyant.
    My problem, that is. And apparently Cougie's too.
  • I float.
    I don't tumble as I feel as if it is showing off in the pool, used to be able to, didn't think it saved much time. I also swim in shorts, how much quicker could I get in trunks?
  • Daz - tumbles, i reckon i take about 0.5-1 second per turn out of most swimmers (tri level) but my touch turns are also faster (26 years of practice and knowing how to be aero(aqua)dynamic) If you are not confident that you will come out of the turn in the right lane or pointing in the right direction then don't use them as you will end up slower (i have seen people end up in the wrong lane at loads of swimming galas where they are promptly disqualified) if you did it in a tri i don't know if that would also be the case.

    Cougie - yes a wetsuit will help you float. If it is just your legs buy a pull bouy and try swiming with that.
  • Trunks - or lycra shorts - will improve your speed, for people who sink a lot it will also make them less negatively bouyant.
    tumble tunring isn't showing off and to be good in a race you have to practice in training.
  • i have two more sprint tri's left where i want to do really well so any secs i can save will help. the second one i should have a lane to myself for most if not all the swimming leg (if last year is anything to go by). ill do tumbles for this and prac beforehand. only prob for me is flipping legs over quickly enough.
    so could save 16secs in total? wow!
  • I'll try swimming 400m with and without tumbles and let you know the difference - won't be able to report back til monday though so you may need to remind me.
  • cool, thanks
  • issue 135 of 220 has a "How to" article on Tumble Turns

    It recons it takes about 3 weeks to get them sussed
  • The race i did last weekend the fastest swimmer (and overall winner) did the 500m in 5:12 in a short course pool (Thats fast)
  • nice one, ta. i have 3 weeks and 3 days, perfick!

  • Oh boy! I turned up late for the party!

    Skim read the posts - few points.

    My proposal re. cycles of Bias between disciplines was more to do proportions of training and phases (i.e. intensity) of training over longer periods of time. Not necessarily a week of this or that. If your regular weekly swim distance=wsd, and then wbd and wrd respectively, then I was thinking more on the line of 1/2 - 3/4 wsd & wcd, and 2x wrd or vice versa over a period of a month or two or perhaps even longer. To some degree you could even work in annual cycles.

    The reason for this working is that when you reach a certain level of fitness/perforamnce it is far easier to maintain it or regain than to get there in the first place. Hence by placing more bias on each discipline for a while you can progress to higher levels than you would otherwise in those disciplines and then maintain that level on lower levels of training while progressing in other discplines.

    As to what the levels/percentages/equations are, I don't know. Triathlon has been more theory than practice for me of late...

    And key to good tumble turns is the head. When you tuck teh head down keep tucking and then kepping tucking some more. Where most newbies go wrong is that they push/tuck the head and then stop pushing and so progression of the turn stops. The head LEADS the way. Keep tucking the head under and the body follows more easily. Just watch out for your feet on the side as you over shooy when you first get it right! - it makes such a difference.
  • pantman, what does w and d stand for? excuse my early morning ignorance (although I dont have excuse of not having drunk a coffee this time!)?

    Nice one re:head tucking. I did a 4x250m set last night with a few tumbles thrown in. they were quite average apart from the one where I almost headbutted the bottom of the pool. great :O(
  • weekly distance - it was explained in the post, Dazzle...
  • nice one! :O)
  • I did tumble turns today (deep end only) without drowning :o)

    Not very good/stylish but its a start
  • hopw did you find the breathing?
    i usually struggle just after completing one
  • [Jj's mental image of two of her favourite Supermen fast being redrawn]
  • Hey, JJ! I can do them all day long...

    Can I be one of your supermen? PLease! Can I ? Can I?

    <<Pantman does puppy dog eyes thing - very well>>
  • Pant - LOL

    The pool I train in is very shallow at the shallow end and only chest deep at the deep end so i stuck to just doing them at the deep end - but did them every turn at that end

    Got the breathing wrong a few times - eater to far off the wall or too close to wall

    But I will not be defeated :o)
  • Awww Pantie - you KNOW you are...

    pat, pat.

    WW - chest deep? Even with my, um, unsmall chest, that would be TERRIBLY shallow.

    [Or perhaps that big red 'S' is well deserved?]
  • Tried to do a few tt's today. At least half of them were useless and a few were diabolical (legs going everywhere and ending up in a foetal position in another lane!).
    I hate them!
  • Might try some tumbles tonight, haven't done one for years.
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