Sport Armageddon

I'm about half-way through this book now (comes free with one of the current athletics magazines) and have to say it's quite good, considering they are that desperate to sell it off (?).

Anyone else reading/read it?

It would make a really good inspirational read during ironman+ training.

My moneys on O'Neill. Don't tell me who won please!


  • I'm sorry Daz i too am reading it and it's entertaining a bit because it covers a subject close to our hearts, but come on it is really crap !

    I'm gonna finish it on the beach next week which I think is all it's good for plane/holiday brain switch off reading

  • I must admit the quality is not quite up to scratch, but I think it's quite fun
  • Yes you're right. If you have no interest in tri it would be dead boring
  • I read it at the beginning of the summer Daz and it's ok for what it is. I found the ending a bit strange-we'll discuss when you get to it!
  • hilly, finished this book a few days ago. you're right the ending is a bit crap.

    there was no need to to have the zelda character i thought, got in the way of the story.

    the whole book was a bit bobby-davro in structure, but I liked the idea.
  • Yea zelda did rather spoil the story and her ending was a bit bizzare!

    I think the plot was a bit weak. The story would've been more exciting just focussing on the characters mental and physical battle of completing such a gruelling event.

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