Odd...has anyone else had this?

I managed to bruise my calf, about an inch below my knee about a month ago. I wasn't running- just reaching to take something off a shelf and my leg was leaning against the corner of a plastic box, where the box edge rested (for all of 5 seconds) resulted in a bruise. Nothing major, bit sore but I thought nothing of it.

 That is until I went to run the next day. It felt sore enough that I held back and stopped running for the week, I didn't notice it improve so I went back running the next week.


The bruise has now gone, but the pain is still there! It has also developed a small bump (about a half inch in size) which is kind of sore, hurts more after running throbs when I'm sitting still, hurts when I run but in my experience not running doesn't really seem to help.

The bump is moveable so I'm less afraid and more curious, I will try to see a Doctor but as far as my GP goes, I don't hold up much hope to anything other then "take pain killers and never run again". I've no idea what on Earth is going on- whats the bump for? Has anyone had anything like this? And how do I get rid of it!


  • Any lump (or bump as you call it) needs to be investigated by a doctor. If it took only 5 seconds of leaning against a sharp corner of a box I'm assuming you were leaning rather hard against it. This could cause a bruise; bruises don't always need to be caused by a hard knock and some people are very susceptible to bruising, indeed applying hard pressure for a relatively short time can result in a bruise. There can be many causes for this such as dietary deficiencies, prescription drugs, certain dietary supplements and anti-imflammatories. As for the lump (bump) get this checked out, it may be something of nothing but if it's causing pain it should be looked at. Sorry I can't be of more help; I'm just an old time runner with every injury under the sun so far but never quite come across this one.

  • Thanks, will try to book an appointment but as I'm sure you/we have all experienced, its a case of calling up at 8am to stay on hold all of 30 minutes then be told all appointments that day are gone. I don't normally manage to get an appointment unless I book it weeks in advance and am usually told to go to A&E which seems a bit OTT.

    I get the lump thing, also seems a bit OTT for my leg to have chosen to have done that but what I don't get is the lump, why the lump? Not sure I've ever had a bruise turn into a lump before! It does still hurt but the bruise has gone and just seems a bit odd to me.



  • Didn't have the lump thing but dId have pain behind the knee and it was DVT. Very unlikely but a trip to A&E I the morning (if the docs is booked) may not be as OTT as you think.
  • But its been a month, surely it would have turned bad already? And wouldn't DVT have other symptoms then localised pain and a lump?

    The pain hasn't gotten worse, it just hasn't gone away for 4 weeks. I have been told I could try a walk-in-center so maybe I'll try that though am aware the queues are roughly 4 hours long most of the time so hopefully I can free up my evening to wait.


    My only other worry was that it was another stress fracture as it does feel quite similar, but the last SF I had didn't result in a lump so not sure it is that. I have been told I have weakened bones but the scan only looked at my spine and hip so I've no idea if this includes by limbs.



  • No idea as I'm not medically trained. What I do know is that symptoms change from person to person depending on the severity and position of the clot.

    In my case I had pain at the top of my clalf; it was agony. I had a groin romance clot.

    If it leads to Pulmonary Embolism then it can get nasty, I've had 3 and they're not nice; had a very close shave with the second.

    Not as uncommon as you may think - 2 of my colleagues have had it since I was diagnosed with DVT and PE in 2007 and 2008. One cause unknown, the other from kneeling whilst decorating; he just had a mild ache behind his knee.

    As I said it's unlikely but it isn't a condition to mess around with and is worth getting checked.
  • OK, thanks, I'll try to get an appointment as soon as I can- normally its all booked up until Friday but fingers crossed!



  • Sounds a bit like a Baker's cyst? You say an inch below your knee, but also say calf... A Baker's cyst is normally behind the knee at the top of the calf. There is a fair amount on the internet about it and it is something that needs prompt medical assessment as there are potential complications (but do not panic). If you cannot see your Dr soon go to A&E

  • Thanks for the replies.


    I did go and see my GP and she said I should continue to apply ibuprofen or Voterol gel and take pain killers. She explained thay it was common for a little swelling to occur with a bruised area like this (the bruise has now faded but this was how it began). Apparentle its a bit of gristle which wouldn't have been so obvious on other parts of the body but due to the low fat levels on the calf is more obvious. She said to go back if its still there in a month because her only concern was that it could be a stress fracture, she did offer an x-ray but I know from past experience even the most pronounced stress fracture on me didn't show up on an xray (and that was a 2 year olde one) I doubt very much this one will show up and I don't want to waste other peoples time or join a queue for no reason at all.


    Do I believe the GP? Nope. I've had more bruises on my calves the I can count, I seem to collect them randomly and without warning (or reason it would seem). They have never created lumps nor stayed sore after the bruise has long gone.


    I was though slightly worried about the stress fracture theory. It was a conclusion I'd wondered at before even posting, because I've had one before and because this feels and reacts in a similar way. I thought I may have been being a bit OTT though so didn't mention anything here or with the GP. I really hope she is wrong but she didn't give any other suggestions on what it coul be so I'd assume its not a cyst.

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