Nutrition for delicate tummies

Hi I am running my second marathon next year. Fitness and experience wise I am a few year on from my last marathon so am excited about training hard and hopefully getting a much better time. The area I am concerned about and often let's me down on long runs is duelling the final few miles. I struggle to eatwords than 3 hours before I run, but my long runs will start around 8am. I am ok up to about 15 miles if I eat late at night (I have malt loaf and a banana etc before I go to bed) but beyond 15 miles I start to really suffer from lack of fuel. I have tried energy gels but Found the taste and texture awful! Plus I am not sure I took them at the right times. So advice please 1) which energy gel/sweets are good? 2) when to take them on long runs 3) what to eat before a run that won't give my a tummy upset!


  • You don't need extra fuel to run 15, 20 or even 26 miles. I once did 31 miles up and down a 6 mile hill in Sardinia with no special breakfast or gels or sweets. You need more slow miles in your legs to train your body to use the fuel it has more efficiently.

  • SIS IsoGels are pretty good - they've got a runny, watery texture and quite a mild taste. If they're still a bit much, maybe Jelly Babies?

  • You need to try different things and see what works for you.

    I use lucozade sport and jelly babies for long runs. I find "little and often" works best for me, so I'll take a mouthfull of lucozade every half mile or so and a jelly baby every other mile.

    Also - have you tried getting up at 5am, eating breakfast and then going back to bed?

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