Best anti blister running socks??

I currently play rugby and im suffering from bad blister underneath my foot just down from my big toe. Im trying to find the best sock out there to help prevent this from happening. Any recommendations?? Many thanks


  • I'd like to add to this - does anyone know any good socks that do an actual UK size 14? I've had a few that claim to be that size but never fit.

    I've been told that these are good:

    Anti Blister Socks

  • Im also a size 14!!!
  • Are you getting the blisters through running or rugby or both?
  • ha ha - in that case then I can't help. I've bought loads of different pairs, but I always struggle to get into them despite them saying "size 12-14" on them. I got some expensive ones off amazon which had two layers which are supposed to rub together so that your toes don't rub, but my toes went straight through the inner layer after a couple of runs. If you do find any - please let me know.


  • Well all you do is run whilst playing rugby!!! Lol
  • Was only trying to help. I always used to get the blisters you described when playing rugby but I also run marathons and never get blisters. There is a difference in running style etc.
  • Ah ok i see what your saying. Well i dont do alot of road running because it hurts my knees so i would say its only whilst playing rugby
  • I think Millsy has a point - it's all the sudden twisting and turning and also the difference in shoes. A blister sock might still work, it's just finding one big enough. Another thing to try is to wear two pairs of socks.

  • It's a bit weird, but might this work:

    Anti blister stick

  • Yea i do wear 2 pairs of socks also a gel pad underfoot and also my rugby socks!!

    Ive read that cotton socks are no good so maybe worth looking at a different material
  • It's also worth looking at your boots and studs. I have some Nike mercurial blades that are really light but can give me blisters. Also look at the length of studs as the pitches are very hard at this time of year.

    I usually wear a pair of thin socks under my rugby socks.

    Nike now do long versions of their dri fit socks which could help. I wear their running ones with no issues.
  • I use Nike cushioned running socks, no problems tried some thin running socks that cost a lot, blisters within 4 miles.

    I have my first marathon in 4 weeks refuse now to wear anything but Nike cushioned running socks until after then image
  • You could always wear Compeed blister plasters.

    1. They help with blisters which are already there

    2. Help to prevent blisters in those "sore areas"

    I ran a half marathon wearing these and guess what, no problems, just let them come off in the shower cause they are very sticky and thick. Great invention !!!

  • ran london earlier this year with a compeed plaster on as a preventative measure. had a blister twice the size i normally get underneath it image

    nike dri-fit socks with a ton of vaseline is the best method i've found to stop blisters (soooo difficult to get size 2 socks for running)

  • Adam Marlow wrote (see)
    Yea i do wear 2 pairs of socks also a gel pad underfoot and also my rugby socks!!

    If you can fit that lot under your shoes/boots, then they are too big!

    That may be what's causing the problem - too much room allowing your foot to move inside the shoe, causing friction.

    Try getting some new shoes/boots, that fit well with just one pair of socks underneath.

  • I work at for one of the well known "jungle-named" online retailers, walk between 7 and 15 miles a day.. aswell as push heavy trolleys about the place.. have been using Lanacane Anti chaffing cream (on my feet), combined with QUECHUA anti chaffing socks from decathalon with gel & shock impact insoles in my trainers - and its worked a treat for the last 7 months or so (landed my first blister just after 3 and a half months) sad thing is decathalon discontinued the socks (they were grey with a green pattern on them and uniquely paired to fit on each foot.) thanks for the note on the amazon double layer socks I'll avoid them now. hope this helps.

  • Hi all,

    I came across this an thought I'd help out. I was on the development team for ArmaSkin Anti-Blister socks.

    100% they work. They have been extensively tested by race walkers, hikers, ultra-marathon, soldiers and field sports athletes. So far not one blister.

    They have a 100% money back guarantee if you get blisters. You can find them at

    Hope this helps.


  • Thorlos
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