Aaaargh orthotics and blisters


I've had a spongy bit added to my orthotics to prevent an injury. The injury is sorted but my feet under the spongey but just get hotter and hotter until it's really uncomfortable and blisters form.

I can just about mange 35 mins before its unbearable. I thought they would break in but 4 weeks later and they are no better. Has anyone experienced anything similar - it's like my feet are allergic to to the songey bit.

Do you know if my podiatrist will be able to have the material changed?



  • Yes - should be able to.

    Good Luck

  • I've been today and she said to try running with my normal trainer insole over the orthotic. It made bugger all difference so now I'm back to square bloody one.

    Aaaaaaargh - I just want to run

  • ....think you may need the prescrition changed

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