Running on holiday

Hi all - I'm in training at the moment for my first half marathon which I run on the 28th of October however I am going on holiday for two weeks from the 6th of October to Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzarote- can anybody recommend any 6-8miles run over there just so I can keep my fitness levels up xxxxx


  • I do not know Lanzarote but was in Fuerteventura last year. I tend to go out early morning or later on in the day when it was not as hot and run around 30 to 40 minutes on way round a beach before heading back to my hotel. Was good as always tend to run the same routes at home and nothing beats looking at the sea when running.


  • I went to Lanzarote for a weekend last year and managed to fit in a 10 mile run pre-brekky one day.  Lovely!  I don't know the place you're going to, but to be honest you're probably best off just heading down one of the roads into the countryside and doing an out-and-back route so that you don't get lost.  Off-road doesn't tend to be conducive to running (imagine a rocky moonscape if you've never been there before) whereas the roads are generally very quiet, wide and open so quite safe for running on.


  • Thanks ever so much for your replies we are staying quite close to the beach so will probably just run along the coast and then back - was slightly worried about getting lost or running on my own xxxx


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