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  • Good evening everyone.

    A while since I've posted but I have been following -  honest!

    Shielsey - what a story so very well done. You will look back and laugh image

    I am not in the same league as you "speed snakes" so almost embaressed to report my latest PB gained today. It was a 10K and my time was 1:13:06 and in the age category M65 this is a record for my club!

    More importantly for me it means my target time this year for 3:25 for the GNR is very achievable. At 12.2 m/m I could do it it in just under 3 hours which is less than I did it last time in 2009. Todays run was flatish but it's a great incentive to train smarter & go for it!

    Off on hols again on Tuesday - this time a walking holiday in Snowdonia - just wish I could have retired about 40 years ago!

  • Shielsy, did you somehow neglect to use the letters PB in your weather report ?

  • No cause for embarrassment there, RR ; PB and club record? That's terrific stuff. Congratulations.

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Sounds like some excellent times run at Manchester and Sunderland Marathons.

    Fiona, that is truely incredible to knock nearly 6 and a half minutes off the time in London.  Was it that you were not incumbered with the scrubs and lab coat? image

    Shielsy, very well done in keeping going through all those nasty weather conditions and the black thoughts that they caused.  Still, at least your marathon training runs would have got you used to those nasty conditions. image  Also, around 4 hours is still a great time, and you can only run the course that you are presented with.  It is annoying when they "mis-measure" the route.  I did the Brighton Half last year where it was about half a mile too long as the turn point between 5 and 6 miles was put at the wrong manhole cover!  They "adjusted" everyones chip time down to compensate for the course being too long.  So in the words of our Mackem friend, that run was "Character building" indeed.

    BP, excellent new PB.

    Vixx, sounds like you have smashed your PB if you've knocked 13 minutes off the old one based on the gun time. image

    Good to see Stringy has been out for a 10K race today.

    OS, I can see why you may not be purchasing that one! image

    Well done to all those who competed in races or just ran today.

    I completed my Swimathon of 5K (200 lengths) in about 1 hour 35 minutes and 50 seconds, which works out at an average time per length of 28.75 seconds image.  I knocked about 5 minutes and 20 seconds off my time from last year.  Unfortunately I had to battle getting cramp in different places at different times in both legs and feet for the last 60 to 70 lenghts.

  • Bloomin' heck, Bob - what a swim.

    Have to laugh at the phrase 'the last 60 to 70 lengths' !

  • Bob - unbelieveable - I thought I did we'll holding back the spasms in my quads for last 2 miles but 60-70 lengths that s something

    Shielsy - that wcaracara rear buweather it sounds just lie Manchester at year and I w how ard tat was to keep going and that I'd not have the inclines you did today 

  • Great time Bob,hope I didnt jinx you by mentioning cramp earlier in the week.Still very impressive for 200 lenghts.

    Fiona,Another fantastic run from you today,sorry I didnt see you go past I was looking for a straitjacketimage

    Well done Shielsy,Brilliant character building run from you.The wind was gruesome on parts of that course.Wish I had a pound for every runner who came past me and said 'No buses today mate'.Was the second half of the race ran on the north side of the river.

    Vixx,So chuffed for you to knock such a big chunk off your PB.

    Roy,excellent running today

    Stringy,Well done on the 10k,

    Bear,Great Time from you too at Manchester,all your hard training paid off.Well Done.

    Roball,I do remember a rugby club in South Shields that does a camping weekend and puts a buffet on in the club house.I dont think its far from the finish line.Might be worth having a look at.

  • XL-man wrote (see)

    Shielsy, did you somehow neglect to use the letters PB in your weather report ?


    Lol - that did make me chuckle.  Yes, I forgot to mention in my rant that I did technically get a pb by 26 minutes, so I suppose I should be happy with that.  I mean, I am, of course, happy with that.

    And I've been told by friends from my running club to trust the bloke who measures the route rather than the Garmins.

    Bob - wow, that's a lot of swimming!  I'd be shattered after a couple of lengths.

    Roy Runner - well done on your pb (a pb is a pb!)  and enjoy your holiday.

    spongecake, it's all a blur pretty much, but I do know we went down to St Peter's basin in the second half, and along Roker beach promenade up to the windmill (Fulwell?) and back again, and into a park .... and up and down loads of roads which began to look very similar after a while, but that's when my head started to go loop the loop.

  • They certainly made the second half of the course tougher then.Fantastic PB,be proud of yourself,you did brill.I'm getting worried that I'm enjoying the spectating more than the runningimage.Supporting my sister-in-law today,Picked the first bit of the course so we could see all the runners at 2mile/then 6 and 7 miles ish.We then got up to Barnes park at 9/10 point then made it back to Wearmouth Bridge to see her go past again.She ran really well and finished in 2h 20 ish,so very chuffed for her.Also saw Tonythefridge again,incredible man.and there was another bloke dragging two car tyres as if running in that wind wasnt bad enough!!!

  • XL - yep at work tomorrow. A busy day too.

    vixx - that's fantastic. Obviously the legs were fine then.

    Bob spectacular swimming.

    Sponge - didn't notice you I have to say.

    roy - well done, it's been a day for PBs.

    OS - maybe not your best pic.

  • The guy with the tyres finished ahead of me would you believe. He was just ahead of me while getting our t- shirts 


  • I think he may have done the half route because he was miles behind you when I saw him.

    mr sj,Ive been looking at some bike rides on the British Cycling website.Its got one called the Wiggle Hell of Hexham and quite a few other rides planned for the northeast.May be worth a look if you havent already.

  • I hope I've managed to congratulate everyone on FB and for Fiona - woohoo!!!! I'm absolutely in awe of everyone for some amazing efforts / pb's today - you all have done so amazingly well!! I'm chuffed to bits for everyone and hope you are all enjoying the evening/tingly wingly feeling by now.

    Bob - that all goes for you, too. Never in a million years could I even contemplate swimming that sort of distance. Congratulations for beating last years time.

    Although not quite in everyone elses league, I'm thrilled to report a good strong run for me this morning. These days I'm lucky to get out once a week so this morning I woke up before my alarm, extended my planned 6 mile run to 7 and ran it faster than I've run that route in yonks by 2 whole minutes!!! It seems less is more for me these days!

  • Brilliant Mandie,6/7 miles is massive to me at moment,I'm slowly getting back to 5ish very slowww miles.

  • Well done on your run Mandie.  Also, congrats on the doggy first aid qualification.

  • Mandie - how was the doggy first aid?

  • Thank you Shielsy.

    Fiona - it was well worth it for me. I can now take Bobbi's pulse, give her CPR and do the Heimlich (sp) thingy on her, as well as bandage various parts of her body, look after her if she over/under heats, breaks a bone, has a seizure or gets stung amongst many other things! Seriously tho, it has given me a lot of confidence, not only with my own dog, but also for the dogs at the kennels and for my future plans for leaving my job and working with animals full time, albeit in about 2 years.

  • Oops pressed 'submit' too soon then,

    Hope your legs are ok this evening, to both of you!

  • 26 minutes !!! As a sums teacher of some years experience, I estimate that's approximately a minute a mile, if my ropey knowledge of those pesky marathon thingies is not too far out, of course. You had better be pleased with it !!

    Put another way, that's well over two miles ahead of your previous best ! Now imagine how you felt at mile 24 last time, and that's when you finished today, in shitty conditions ! image

  • I hope your legs don't complain too much at work tomorrow, Fiona.

  • Wow, XL -  I love the way you logic works!!!

  • 3:33:22 at Manchester Marathon today!!! A PB of 8 minutes. I really, REALLY, hated the last 6 miles! It was horrible. Great marathon though. But that last mile... agh!!!! Going to read back now to see what you've all been up to.

    Well done Shielsy!!! didn't even know you were running a mara today!

    Great to see Vixx today and heard he got a PB!

    Doesn't the VLM ballot open tomorrow?!


  • Wow, huge well dones to Fiona and Vixx for not only doing two marathons in a week but PBing on the second one to boot. And Shielsy - 26 minutes????? Jeez woman, that's enormous! Have you tried looking at your garmin trace on a map? You'll probably find it didn't follow you properly round the course. I've done runs where I've apparently leapt over houses and swum through the river Trent. 

    Congratulations also to Bear, Roy Runner and anyone else who ran today. I ran a training run and that weather was a challenge!

  • x-post - Another excellent run Russell

  • 18 minutes and 6 seconds off image

    New PB is 5:15:22. I am awaiting verification from the results fella as there is a Stephen Thompson with bib number 8605 in the place I finished in (same category) and I clearly am not named Stephen and my bib number was 8606.

    I checked the splits when theyy finally came up and they are my splits based on the time at Halfway image

    New PBs at every time distance that was marked too - 10km, 10mile, Half, 20mile, and Marathon image

  • Thanks CC2!

    Well done to Bearsted Plodder, Bob and Fiona! Phew it's hard keeping up!


  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    I agree course measurers should almost always be trusted over garmin readings, but in all races up to HM mine's never measured short, only ever slightly long (and then not by much). So if it did ever read significantly short, I'd be a little wary.


  • TR24 is measured as a 10km course, but because of the wooded bits the course measures short on my Garmin each year by 0.3 miles.  Was there something like that which could have caused the Garmins not to read?

  • Garmins don't like underpasses and tall buildings.  At the VLM the Garmins go for a circuitous wander through docklands and the 1st underpass.  Also they are taking readings every few seconds so if you take a corner, they may take a "shortcut " between 2 position readings.  I did come across an aerticle recently saying some Garmin models are more accurate than others.

    Having said that, my TR laps read between 9.68 and 9.71km but then its very twisty in the woods section and there are several sharp turns too.

    Once again, congratulations to all our runners today.

  • Just got in the ballot for next years VLM.Relatively easy ballot system this year.

    Wow Russell,just read back and noticed your time.Truly brilliant,Well done.

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