Great North Run 2013



  • XL - I know , I saw that in the results from last week. I best not hold her up this week cos a new PB on 50 would be fab if the conditions are right.

  • Thank you - I had a good plod around. Knee felt a bit sitff to start, but was good overall image

    Fiona - I am chuffed, but at the same time I am now scheming to see when and where I might go sub-5..... image

  • Karlos - I've run a couple of races for Cancer Research.  They wouldn't stop you running if you didn't raise the money prior to the race as most sponsorship money is expected after you've done it.  I had a couple of polite reminders after as some money came in via Justgiving but the stuff you have to collect in person always takes a long time.  I don't think they would expect you to make up the money so long as you get close to your target, though you should take the agreement seriously and do your best.  I have heard of other charities who are a little more heavy handed.  One that I request a charity place through (something to do with trees) asked for my credit card details before they would let me have the place so they could take the rest if I failed! - needless to say I didn't take them up on their offer.

  • She doesn't like to put pressure on herself by aiming for PBs, but Pen is going really well at the moment. I'm sure another sub-27 would be on the cards. She had a none too shabby run last week, in windy conditions.

    On the charity point. I ran for Cystic Fibrosis in 2005. They wanted £250, but I managed over £400. They also paid my entry fee, some charities do that, some don't I believe. When I checked in to the charity tent afterwards, a lady asked me how much I expected to collect and was thrilled with what I told her. They gave me the impression that any donation was gratefully accepted, and I saw figures on her list that were below the asking amount, as well as many above.

    I know it's a long time ago, so I expect the figure will have gone up, but if I were looking for a charity place, I would certainly check CF out first.

  • Am so happy legs are back to normal already I could run down the stairs again at work today. Even managed to do a 5 mile run tonight and feeling good after that. Looking forward to Bristol 10K on Sunday.

  • Bear - I contemplated a run but then the rain came on and I couldn't really be bothered so I didn't. As much as I love marathon training I also love having no goals.

  • I couldn't resist it the sun was out and it was warm. I have no goals at moment util I start my schedule for York in July I am just doing what I want

  • I'm getting ready for Luxembourg image

  • Is that just because you really love luxembourg vixx or have you done aomething silly like entering another marathon ??

  • Vixx - Is that the night marathon?? that is only on June 8th you are mad mad mad

  • OK I am officially not crazy, Vixx is image

  • Totally agree - however respect due. I suppose if you keep going you just end up using each race as your training schedule for the next one

  • I've been seen by 4 psychiatrists. I'm officially sane! image

    I entered Luxembourg over Christmas. I have also been given permission to enter Loch Ness and I am also considering the Northumberland Coastal Marathon and Amsterdam. image

  • How many out of the 100 will that be?

  • Vixx - the Loch Ness is one I want to do some day. Amsterdam would be a good one for me as we have an office in Holland only about 1hr away. You are making me jealous - I could never get permission to do that many marathons (well not the training required anyway). I have had time to think about my time last Sunday now and have decided that I can definitely go quicker with alot more hard hill work to build the leg strength up. I know it will have probably lowered in next 4 years but the qualifying time for a 55 year old for Boston is 3:40 so I am aiming to try and get my time down to 3:35 by 2017 mto see if I can get in - it the one race I have always wanted to do. I haven't told the OH this yet as she thinks I train too much as it is - but my logic is no extra training just harder training including alot more hill running to build up strength. If I don't get into London next year I quite fancy the Windemere Marathon as a good tough race.

  • Well, I am already booked for Luxembourg and Giant's Head in June, so they will be 15 and 16. Loch Ness would be 17 and Amsterdam 18. I need 2 more for the year.

  • Bear - you are NEVER in your 50s?

    I am doing all these things for a reason. I may appear crazy (happily so), but after wasting last year waiting for other people to make decisions about my life that never happened, I just thought "life's too short". I'm doing what I can this year because if things go to plan, the next two years are going to be frustrating in regards to running (and if it doesn't happen then I haven't wasted more time). I'm doing what I can, while I can and I am fortunate in that I can work when I want and so can adjust my working week to have the time. 

    I don't want to make people envious (and Bear - I really want to do Boston. I might qualify when I am 70), but I wasted 34 years, and I am not going to waste any more image

  • So that's 20 down, only 80 to go. image cos that's you're goal isn't it. Are you fitting in Thunder run as well?

    Bear - the training does eat into your time a lot.

  • Yes Fiona, I am still going to TR24 - can't wait!!!!! image (I can't count that even if I ran 5 laps as 100 club say events must be done as a soloist).

    Are there any marathons you have your eye on?

  • Vixx - Yes I am 51 at end of this month

  • Vixx - that's unfortunate. I have not even looked at any marathons, that way I can't be tempted!  I quite fancy the Goofy challenge at Disney, but I'll have to do a bit of saving before that can be considered.  I've entered the VLM ballot and will wait and see what happens before I plan any others.

  • Fiona - The Goofy challenge is on my list as we are a mad Disney family and my daughter wants to do the 1/2 and wants me to do the 1/2 with her as part of the Goofy. We are DVC Members so go out at least every other year to a Villa in our home resort of Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think it will probably be 3 years before I do it as we are booked into Disney for December this year so wont be 2014.

  • Well, if I could find the airfare for 4 we could go whenever, cos my Aunt and Uncle live in Ocala.  Unfortunately airfares for 4 adults is a tad expensive for us when we are trying to save as much as possible for a new house at the moment and I don't think we could really go without the boys or there would be a riot!

  • Yes the airfares are not cheap - and not taking boys would lead to a linching me thinks. My 2 are 23 and 21 and still come with us

  • Apparently they are starting a new Disney challenge from what someone has said. A 5k, 10k, Half and Full over 4 days.

    If that's true I'm going for that image

  • Vixx - me too

    Bear - mine are (well actually they aren't but you know what I mean) 21 and 17 so not much younger

  • Vixx - yep it's true I think it's alled the Dopey there is a forum on here about it. It would be a great challenge but doing Isley afterwards may be an issue

  • Ooh its been busy on here- lots to catch up on.  Not helped by me not receiving notifications for some reason.  But at least I missed out on the detail of Shielsy's gut rot- so pleased its settled!

    mr sj wrote (see)
    See people are already dropping TR24 into their posts ! Is it time for us to start getting excited again ??

    Definitely it is mr sj!


    MeShell wrote (see)

    yea Fiona, defs only doing 1 marathon.


    Yeah right- that's what we all say!

    Bearstead- if you want to get a good time in a marathon, you could always do our one (Abingdon) in 2014.  Its about as flat as they come but it fills up very quickly

    Its our parkrun's second birthday tomorrow so we are hoping for a good turnout- I've only done 18 so far but have probably been run director or marshal for another 20 but sadly they don't count to my 50.



  • Yes OS I'm not getting notifications either there must be something wrong

  • Good morning everyone - it's STAR WARS day

    MAY the FOURTH be with youimage

    Just off to parkrun

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