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  • Cassie - all the city hotels put up there prices for the GNR.

    There is a camping option with Nirvana travel, details here

    You could try a guesthouse at the seaside in a place on the coast called Whitley Bay. The advantage of Whitley bay is a straightfoward 20 minute Metro ride to the start.

    The most popular spectator points tend to be around the Metro stations because it is possible (just) to see your runner more than once. Any other form of travel is impossible.

  • Raring to go wrote (see)

    Hi folks,

    I went out for a 5 miler today and yes, it was really windy image. Thought of you Shielsy and guessed you wouldn't have been too impressed with the wind! image


    You were right - I wasn't impressed with the wind ... so much so that I scrapped my plans of going out for a 5 miler after work as I just couldn't bear the thought of yet another run in the wind.  I'll go tomorrow night if it's calmer.

  • Good morning all!

    It is such a beautiful morning here. I did a three mile run last night ( in the torrential rain!) followed by a strength session.

    I think I am due a speed work session tonight but I have no idea how to go about it.

  • Morning all - back to proper training last night - first interval session since Marathon, did 4 x 1 mile at 7:30min/mile with 3 min recoveries - felt so good.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    I'm sure it may well be old news but there was a piece on Look North just now about the Marathon of the North marathon and half marathons being 264m short (there was a bit of discussion on this thread about the possibility of the course being short).

    Apparently the course had been correctly measured but only the lead runner took the correct route due to a marshall standing in the wrong place.

    This equates I'd guess to about a couple of minutes for a lot of runners. I'm sure most runners would probably have compensated anyway for the error by not following the measured line exactly because of congestion, overtaking etc.

  • Graham L wrote (see)

    I'm sure it may well be old news but there was a piece on Look North just now about the Marathon of the North marathon and half marathons being 264m short

    Oops- Shielsy you'd better add another 264m to your next runimage.

  • A couple of minutes extra, to run around a marshall ?
    He must have been a big bu77er !


  • Graham - you so right about the compensation - my Garmin normally has me doing 26.3 to 26.4 for a marathon

  • I would be upset if I had found a race was short by what appears to be such a little distance in the grand scheme of things, but means so much to everyone who does a race.  We expect things to be all in order. image

  • Well said Vixx

  • Thank you Bear, I was just thinking that being as one day I'd like to be in the 100 club, and that's going to take long enough as it is. I did Chicago in 2007 which was stopped, and I just remember being so completely gutted that they didn't allow me to finish. It would be even worse to finish and then find out that it probably wouldn't count after all in the eyes of the 100 club.

  • Well my garmin measured only 25.8 miles so more than 264m short, but I was just assuming it was inaccuracy. What I do wonder was if it was everyone. The email we got said that only the lead runner went the correct way but positions 2 and 3 went short so it may have varied later. Also the number of people who were cutting the corners was unbelievable so that would also account for some people doing slightly less but I bet they don't complain if they do that. However, I do agree that it is rather poor by the organisers.

  • ps - it wasn't exactly congested that you required to dodge that many people . It was actually a pretty clear course so good for keeping your own pace.

  • Was it just the marathon that was short or also the half ? Friend of mine ran the half and she thought she had gone the wrong way.

  • Ignore that, just read vixx link and it wa both the half and the full marthon.  Friend is going to be gutted as she had been training for ages to try and run a sub 1:40 and did it by just over 1 minute

  • I'm absolutely furious!  And I TOLD you it was short ... for so many of us to record the same - short - distance on our Garmins, I knew it had to be more than just cutting the odd corner and Garmin inaccuracy.

    And to offer 25% off entry next year is a joke and insult ... a)  I've no intentions of running the Sunderland Marathon again next year as I found the course pretty hideous  b)  I've no confidence in the organizers so why would I want to enter a race organized by people I have no faith in? and c) to get 25% off, you still have to pay 75% of the fee ... why the hell would I want to give my money to people who have essentially robbed me of my marathon pb?

    I'm absolutely hopping mad!  I don't even want to wear my t-shirt anymore.  Where does that leave the people who were hoping to use their Sunderland times for a GFA place in the VLM?

    In other news - I did another parkrun this morning (not sure what's gotten into me!)  Another rather brutally windy run along the cliff tops at South Shields.  Finished in 23:47.  Not my 5k pb, but like I said it's not the parkrun to be doing for pbs, plus the wind was rather horrid in places.

    I came second lady again image.  But I rather suspect it has something to do with the fact that it's the Pier to Pier tomorrow, and all 'real' runners will be saving themselves for that.  Sadly I can't do it as I'm at work all day - I love the Pier to Pier.

    I went out for a little bimble of 3.7 miles last night, and despite it being a rather evenly distanced loop, I seemed to be running into wind the whole way round - how does that happen?

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Grr, not impressed at the short distance on Sunderland at all image  OK, so I beat my previous half pb by a lot, so it's not like I wouldn't have got a PB anyway, but just... it wasn't the full distance.  Meh.  


    Did a nice, hilly 10 miler yesterday, enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would.  It's seriously windy again today, enjoying my 'rest' day, which actually involved putting up a lot of electric fencing - whacking in fence-posts is legit cross-training, right?

  • Shielsy and co feel so sorry for you all - got every right to be mad.

  • Agree with Bearsted. image

  • Just caught up with this. How terrible! No wonder you were angry, I would be too.

  • just thought I'd pop in and say hello, I've signed up for the GNR - my colleagues convinced me!! Im not exactly fit but have started training (slowly) and I'm looking forward to it image xx

  • Hales - welcome to forum

  • Thank you Bearsted, I was abit nervous about posting to be honest!! Not really sure where to start!! xx

  • Hales - do you have much running experience? You'll get lots of practical tips on here.

  • hales - start at the beginning image

    Why are you doing GNR? Are you running for charity?

    Don't be nervouse - we don't bite. image

    Hi Fiona image How is your weekend?

    How is your weekend Bear?

  • Fiona - I manage to do the 5k race for life's each year, not in a record breaking time but usually round the 30 min mark. I also walked the shine marathon last september in manchester, without any training (unless you count the race for life i did in june?!!) but when it comes to trying to run for longer than a minute I'm struggling!!


    Hi Vixx - My colleagues (who are much fitter than me) have managed to convince me that I can train to complete it!! We are doing it to raise money for Diabetes UK, which is the Charity of the Year this year in work image

  • Vixx - first weekend at home for 3 weeks - problem is been looking at new kitchens today - sudden wim that may change kitchen after 11 years of this one - anyway got kitchen people coming round week after next to survey and quote and then we make decision. OH away for 6 days in New York with daughter from Wefnesday so plenty of running next week. Long walk with OH tomorrow probably a 10 miler

  • Have you got a training plan? Where are you based?

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