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  • X-Posts there Bear!  New York eh? Have they got their credit cards ready?image

    Rather you than me on the kitchen - Mom's having her bathroom done next week - I hate disruption :S

  • Vixx - I've got the great run app but im worried that the training plan isn't enough, here's the first few weeks

    Week 1

    thurs 15 mins brisk walk & Sunday 20 min brisk walk


    tues 6 x 1 min easy run, 1 min easy walk, thurs 20 min brisk walk, Sunday 6 x 1.5 easy run, 1 min easy walk


    tues 30 min easy walk, thurs 4 x 90 sec run, 1 min walk then 4 x 1 min run, 1 min walk, Sunday 20 min brisk walk

    I'm on week 2 but have done more than is on the plan as I feel that it's not enough to get my fitness up, whats your thoughts? Oh and I'm from Chester image

  • Hales- welcome to the mad houseimage.  You've got plenty of time to build up your distance, but do follow a training schedule in the 16 week build up.

    A group of us from our parkrun went to the Bristol parkrun this morning to take part in the celebrations of one of our runners who moved gthere who was doing his 100th parkrun on his birthday.  Coffee and cake afterwards made the very early start worthwhile!  The Bristol parkrun is 2.5km of uphill followed by 2.5km down so guaranteed big negative splits!

    Tomorrow I have the Marlow 5 (miles) which is nice and flat, thank goodness.

    BP- make sure you are sitting down when they give you the quote image.


  • If parkrun is that sociable OS, I might have to haul my arse out of bed on a Saturday then....

    Hales - what's Chester like? Am considering the marathon there in October....

    The plan seems fairly steady - is it specifically to get you running, or to complete the Half?

  • Thanks for the welcome Shadowfox, if it's a mad house then I should fit inimage

  • I think it's to get me to finish it but it doesnt seem to help me build up my running - I'm more of a jog/walk at the moment!! It's nice in Chester and the marathon is always a great event (not that I've run it obviously!!) we've got the half marathon happening tomorrow, it's a shame really I didn't start training earlier!!

  • Hales- if you can run 5km in 30mins, you might want to try a more robust plan with the aim of running the GNR.  Have a look on this website at the training plans.  The RW race calculator indicates you might do it in 2:17

  • Shadowfox, that was last year, I may have gone downhill but I'm usually somewhere round there and shattered at the end!! I'll have a look at the plans here, I haven't even thought of a time to do it in, I'm just focused on getting fit enough to complete it at the moment!!

  • Hales - I never used to be able to run significant distances at all as I was always a team sports kinda person.  I literally started off with 30 secs run and 30 secs walk and built it up from there. I took it steady too as most people run too fast when they are starting to run.  As a pacing technique when I start beginners off is to breathe in through your nose and count 4 steps then push the air out through your mouth.  If you can't do it you might be going too fast.

    (You don't have to use that technique all the time, but I used it to pace people in the beginning who are burning out too quickly).

    Morning all image

  • Thanks vixx, I'll give that a try image 

  • Hope it helps!

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Hi Hales, everyone seems very friendly round here image  I've only just joined myself, there is lots of helpful advice around!

    Have a look at the Hal Higdon plans for half marathons - just google his name.  He does a really simple plan that just builds up mileage and fitness.  I used it to go from 5K to 10K races, and from there to half marathon, his plans are very easy to follow.

  • Welcome Hales image.  If you can do a Race for Life in about 30 minutes then you're actually doing pretty good for a beginner, especially if you walked some of it - you must have really made up for the walking bits in your running bits.  Like Vixx has said, make sure you aren't running too fast - it should be very gentle and comfortable when you start out.  Only when you become more experienced should you start upping the pace ... that's a long way off yet.

    I'm still seething about the MOTN - but saw that it was mentioned on national news this morning.  Hope Steve Cram is squirming - really don't like that bloke.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    What with all the bother about the "3rd placed" runner catching a bus in the Kielder marathon a couple of years ago and now this, Mr Cram must wonder why he got involved in organising races. 

  • Mr Cram is clearly trying to emulate Mr Foster....

    Hi Shielsy, Graham and Madbee image

  • Mr Cram only got into race organising when he got upset at Brendan and BUPA taking Great North 10K away from Sunderland. Just back from an 11 Mile walk with OH - put some really quite steep hills into it

  • Nice one Bearsted! What's the weather like by you?

    I didn't realise the Great North 10km had been taken away from Sunderland! image

  • Hi Madbee & Shielsy, 

    thanks for the welcome & the advice image

  • Hi all, and welcome to hale &Madbee.

    I've been keeping my head down lately as I had completely lost my mojo, specially for getting up on Saturdays in time for the parkrun image


    Anyway, today was Oxford Town & Gown 10k. Traditionally my first race of the year.  Today it was also my first run of the year image.  Well, it's done now.  Nice little pootle around the dreaming spires . Just happy to finish. (1:14)

    Feeling good so hopefully I can get back into things from now on. image

  • Well done RLTW for getting back out there and doing it image

  • RLTW, you really are terrible for losing your mojo. I'm so glad you found it again and hope it's long term!

    Hales - when I first started running all I had done was a Race for Life the previous summer (roughly 27 mins) and up to 10 mins at a time on the treadmill at the leisure centre. I joined a running club in the February and by September was running 1.40 for the half marathon distance (although the GNR was 1.50 as I started right at the back).  You'll suprise yourself with how quickly you'll improve. That was 2006 I believe. I only ever intended to do that one run, for charity. 7 years on I'm about to run my 8th full marathon.

    And speaking of which, I'm now tapering. Let the madness commence!

  • CC2 - I have decided that the only way to avoid taper madness is to not taperimage

  • CC2 I shall consider myself to be in the naughty corner for the rest of the day image

    I was going to do some outdoor stuff but the weather turned a tad wet - boo!  It was gorgeous this morning, even a little too sunny at times.

    Bit annoyed with the medaI got today.  It's a really nice medal, but it doesn't give a date, indeed nor a location.  I think they are going to use the same one for the Cambridge Town & Gown.  Surely they could at least have put the year on it though.  Same with the race number. It just says Town & Gown. No date or place. I may just have to get it engraved (not putting my time on it though image)

  • Vixx - you don't leave enough time inbetween to taper image.  When's the next?

  • That's a shame RLTW image (about the medal having no date or anything on it).

    Have you got another race lined up?

  • Sorry - X-posts there RLTW!

    Next one is..... 

    Windemere. Next Sunday.


  • RLTW - well done 

    Vixx weather was sunny this morning and quite warm so reallgood for walking. Now clouding over but I managed to get the salad planted so no need to buy it anymore this year in we couple of weeks time.

  • Thanks Bearsted.

    Vixx - that sounds lovely.  Daft question probably but is it very hilly?  Probably wouldn't be too bad if you were going round the edge of the lake.

    I'm doing BUPA London 10000 on BH Monday.  Considering doing Wallingford Thames Run 10K the day before, cos I didn't realise that was so close when I booked the London one.  I like the Wallingford one and don't really want to miss it.

  • Nice one on the salad Bearsted - it does aggravate me at how expensive it is for leaves.  We planted stuff a few weeks ago and it all died, so we have been growing some more from seed (well, the OH is) so we can try and get some in the ground soon!

    RLTW - after Bolton Hill I have stopped asking if a race is hilly! Doing that in the snow and most of it off road means that I'll have a go at anything reasonable - although the Giants Head Marathon at the end of June is supposed to be twice the climb of Bolton Hill :S

  • RLTW - I am also doing BUPA London 10K as is Old Shadow.

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