Great North Run 2013



  • You northerners are making us southerners feel guilty- its been lovely down here today.  I was on a course in Dorset so was indoors much of the day, but have just got back from a warm 10 miler. Now for a nice chilled glass of wine....or two.

    However young OS did our parkrun and was determined to try for a PB.  He finished in 14th in 19:51 knocking exactly a minute off his PB image which he set in March 2012.  I was reaaly sorry to have missed it but we arec all amazed and delighted!

  • Os - congrats to young OS and what a time - one that I can only dream about

  • Well done to Young OS!! Fantastic result! image

  • Thanks Bearstead and Vixx- I'll pass on the congrats!

    Bearsted- have you got your race pack for the BUPA 10k yet?

  • Old Shadowfax wrote (see)

    Thanks Bearstead and Vixx- I'll pass on the congrats!

    Bearsted- have you got your race pack for the BUPA 10k yet?

    image I have image

    Also doing Wallingford the day before image  Didn't know what date that would be when I booked BUPA London 10000.  Don't want to miss either.


    Been a lovely day today and we should have similar tomorrow. Fortunately the rain held off.  Did parkrun for the first time since November.  Quite a head wind on the long slow slope.  Nice and steady.  Still easing myself back in - til next week that is!

  • OS - yes starting in Pen B.

    RLTW - done the BUPA 10K before and a really good race. What Pen are you starting from

  • OS thanks for your encouragement re gnr. BP I am also planning to enter Windermere    if or should I say when I don't get into London! Perhaps I should feel more positive about getting in! Ran 4.5 miles with my daughter y day and foot lots better. We are training for Leeds 10k in July image 

  • Sounds like you had some nasty weather up North yesterday. Luckily it was dry in Wolverhampton for my track debut. I didn't wear a watch but a girl who finished behind me said she'd done 10.56.x so must be about the same. They measure in 10ths of seconds on the track. I was second, which greatly suprised me. I feared I'd be last. 

    It was an awfully long drive just to run for less than 11 mins though. Although I also spent about half an hour as 'retriever' for the women's discuss as they were short on officials. 

  • CC2 - great running

    Lily - I have been rejected last 4 years (after doing it in 2009) and I still jave optimism that I will get another go at it while I can still do a decent time

  • OS - should have said was in Pen Red B for BUPA 10K - what Pen are you in

  • BP- I'm in red A.

    RLTW- at least you'll be nicely warmed up for the BUPA 10k image

  • OS - that's the difference in class

  • Good afternoon, everypeople.

    Cracking effort and many, many congratulations to young OS on the sub-20 at parkrun. Fantastic achievement.


    I'm just in from this morning's Gregg's Childrens Cancer Run in Gosforth Park. A 5-mile clart-fest that the younger camel calf managed to negotiate in 1:10:02 I'm so proud of her, as she's never done anything like this before.

  • XL- Congrats to young camel calf - great running

  • Well done on your 3000m track event, CC2.

    Further well dones to RLTW for doing parkrun and XL and his little camel for what sounds like my idea of fun - a nice run through the clarts which was pretty much every cross country run this winter.  How I miss the mud (she says, putting on her rose-tinted memory spectacles)

    Lily - good to hear the foot is better.

    After an absolute stinker of a day here yesterday the weather was much better for running today so I went out earlier and did an enjoyable 10 miles at 9m/m pace which was rather faster than I intended but it felt fine so I just cracked on with it.

    Now the sun is cracking through the clouds, so I might do a spot of gardening this afternoon.

  • Hello all, reading as much as I can to catch up and some great running going on as usual, particularly well done CC2 on the track 2nd....Only 17 weeks until GNR!!  Sounds crazy but this weekend I started my longer run training rather than leaving it until late July I want to be more confident this year. Been doing some faster stuff at the track but sometimes struggle with breathing although 2 weeks ago found myself hanging in with the faster blokes on 1st of 3 session. I then did an awful 10k on Bank Holiday Sunday but followed up with a good 10k training that was 2mins quicker!! Set out yesterday to run 8.5miles and somehow without pushing too hard did it in 1:13:44 which is 4mins quicker than when triaing for last years GNR, maybe that sub 2 hour could happen if I keep it going, definitely want to beat my 2:05:17pb. Anyhow, I am up in Stockton in June and may take a trip to Newcastle

  • I am thinking of running part of the course if I get the opportunity. In the meantime my training is going to one fast run 3-5miles, a track session or steady 7 and a 10. I've even planned a 13mile run which has a long uphill section at 11-12 to replicate that part of GNR!! We have a Friday5 series down here starting in 2 weeks so entered 4 of the 5, missed one as I have a 10k planned where aiming to beat my pb.hope you all stay fit & happy running. h

  • Morning all image

    Hi Andy - sounds like you have been doing some good training! image

    Well done on getting a nice run in Shielsy image

    Well done Miss XL - great running image

    Well done CC2 on your track run - are you ready for Edinburgh now?

    How is everyone?

  • Vixx - well done in finishing Winermere Marathon yesterday being your 4th of year

  • Thank you Bearsted. I have to admit, it is the first one ever where I have felt rough the next day. I don't think forgetting my recovery protein drink helped. I did have my electrolytes though, so very little cramp, but my left knee and calf are tight, which had started to play up toward the end of the race.

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Well done Vixx, I've heard Windermere's a tough one...  Did you enjoy it?

    Andy - training plan sounds great - I'm sure a sub-2 hour is on the cards for you - it's definitely all in the training and getting the longer runs in, and it sounds like you have all that in hand image

    I had a steady weekend - was meant to do my long run on Friday but I just felt soooo tired, so ditched it for a 6 miler, then had my planned x train and rest days on Saturday and Sunday - feeling much better now, and really fancy doing a long one today or tomorrow, but I will stick to my plan and leave it for Friday.  3-miler today and tomorrow, then a medium distance one with the club on Wednesday image

  • Thanks Madbee & Vixx, yes I've taken a different approach to this years training & running and it appears to be showing an improvement. I am also helping my wife train for the Race for Life which is good so I do a long run one day and we walk 7 miles the next, somehow we still find lots to talk about!! 

  • Thank you Madbee image I did and I didn't. The scenery was amazing, and totally worth it. The traffic coming so close that you could be hit by a wing mirror or two was not. :S

    I did Bolton Hill in March and I found that one to be tougher, and have just uploaded my Garmin info, which (despite others saying Windemere is worse) proves Bolton Hill was tougher.

    Well done on your weekend's training image

  • Andy - it's great that you are managing to get some long walks in - I do think that long walks help in the long term with training as it gets your legs used to the distances.

  • Well done everyone for some great running (and deck laying).

  • Vixx - sorry had completely forgotten that you were doing Windermere yesterday.  Was it wet or were you lucky and got a good day for scenery?  Sounds like a toughy, but well done. Those are usually the ones that give the greatest satisfaction.

  • Horrible 'mizzly' conditions up here today.  It's made my straight hair go all fluffy image.

    No running for me today, as I'm working until 9pm.

    Vixx - I don't like the sound of running with the traffic much, I don't think I'd have found that pleasant at all.

  • Vixx - I know what you mean re:recovery drink I certainly notice it if I forget to have one after a long run, I am alot stiffer in legs for next few days

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