Great North Run 2013



  • That's a terrific run, Shielsy, you must be thrilled. Well done. If you can do that on the South Shields course, you can probably take at least 20 seconds off the next time you fancy a trot on the moor.
    I am more than pleased with my time this morning. If I'd got close to a PB I think I would have had to ask whether or not I'd given my all at Clive Cookson.

    Many congratulations to Young Shadowfax image

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    XL-man, congratulations on your 10K PB. I was away so missed it image. Sounds like conditions were good as 4 runners at my club got PBs too.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Shielsy, nearly forgot you. Great 5K PB today.

  • Thank you, Graham. It was a terrific night for running. PBs flying around all over the place. A shame you couldn't be there.

  • Shielsy wrote (see)
    And my mate's just told me she's managed to get me a loan of a Sunderland top.  It's a bloke's one though, so I'll have to try and adjust it in some way so I don't get lost in it.


    Or eat lots of pies and try to fill the shirt image.

    Thanks for the congrats for young OS- he's now full of confidence for his 800m tomorrow, although its rather a short distance for him I think.



  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    XL-man, I've pencilled in the Newton Aycliffe 10K on June 16th as an alternative this year. Busy time coming up, with the Allendale 7.7M on June 1st, vets track 1500m on the 3rd, Blaydon on the 9th, Aycliffe on the 16th, and track 1 mile on the 17th image

  • OS - pass on congratfoot young OS

    shielsy - great running

  • Blimey ! That's some schedule, Graham. I thought I had a busy June, with Blaydon 9th, Bamburgh 10K, 16th and Kirkley Hall 10K 30th. I feel like a lightweight , now image

  • Graham - is newton aycliffe a fast 10k ? 

    Well done to young shadowfax and shiesey for some great racing.

    Out this morning in glorious sunshine for long sunday run, planned a 9-10 miler but at e last minute decided to run a completely new route, had no idea how far it would be but in my head i was convinced it was still a doable distance.  Roll on 10 miles later and im still about 5 miles from home ! Sun was getting hotter and hotter and started to worry a little that i might not get home !

    so to cut a long story short, i cut the run ahort and took lots of back alleys to knock a few miles off and then turned up toward home at 12.5 miles, so naturally added a loop on to make it 13.1 image 

  • Well done on the PBs XL & Shielsy.   image

    Did the Wallingford Thames Run 10K today. Bit daft really as I'm also doing the BUPA London 10000 tomorrow, but the crowd will carry me through that oneimage.

    Finished in 1:09:54 which is just over 4 mins quicker than my first 10K of the season 2 weeks ago.  More than happy with that specially as this one is multi terrain. 

    Sounds a thoroughly enjoying run mr SJ. Great distance to finish on!

    Well done young Shadowfax. Cracking result image.  Fingers crossed for my eldest for today.



  • RLTW- well done at Wallingford.  I had thought about it but as it clashed with the BUPA 10k, I decided against it. Keep your eyes open for an Abingdon vest- my wife will be somewhere near you I expect. Was that your lad running at Horspath yesterday?

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    mr sj, the website describes it as fast and flat, which a friend who has run it confirms. It's 3 laps so not ideal if you don't like laps but it says it's accurately measured.

  • Wow, Anna ! Four minutes off in two weeks, that's terrific on any course.

    Great morning for a long run if you're going to get lost, Mr sj image

  • Ran this morning in shorts - first time this year so I can confirm that it is officially Spring image

  • Hope everyones training is going well; I've been busy work / training. Not had the time to check over the thread so probs missed loads!.

    Only 111 days to go.

    Has anyone entered the great 10k run?



  • Just dropping in to report a 7 min PB at the Edinburgh Marathon - 3.01.50. Legs felt great but it was windy for the final 5 miles and my poor lungs weren't up for that so I slowed a tiny bit. Not that I was ever on for Sub 3 anyway, I was aiming for 3.05.

  • CC2 - great running well done

  • AWESOME CC2!!!!! Brilliant day for you image

  • Fantastic CC2.  But does mean that you will have to go for sub 3hr nowimage

  • Fantastic time CC2

    I make that 6:56 pace, so a 7 minute PB is over a mile ahead of your previous best self !

    Incredible stuff. Thrilled for you image

  • Of course OS, but not until VLM next year!


  • Lets hope for a cool day then!

    [Quickly checks to see if good for age entry is open yet- nope]

  • Old Shadowfax wrote (see)

    RLTW- well done at Wallingford.  I had thought about it but as it clashed with the BUPA 10k, I decided against it. Keep your eyes open for an Abingdon vest- my wife will be somewhere near you I expect. Was that your lad running at Horspath yesterday?

    Will look out for the vest.  How many are running??  Yes, that was my eldest running yesterday. 2nd in the 100m and today 2nd in the 200m.  He's disappointed with his times & results, but also admits that this is early in the season and he wouldn't normally get to his his peak at this point in the year.  He did get a bronze at the UK indoor champs in Feb for the 200m so can't really complain.

    CC2 - That is one fantastic time image  Sooo close to the sub 3 hr.




  • Not a great run today in BUPA London 10k - my early  season issues with my breathing came back and found it hard to keep any pace without needing to stop. But did get to meet OS so that was  great and made day worth it

  • Bearsted - with all this meeting people, you know where it will end up one day....

    ....At TR24 with us nutters image

  • Vixx - Funny you should say that I was talking to OS about that race

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    CC2, great stuff! Well done. Sub-3 must be on the cards now.

  • Bearsted image

    Hi Graham - how are you?

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Hi Vixx - well thanks. Just back from a week in Stratford and managed a few runs along the canal and old railway lines. Also busy planning for the run across Australia (not me!  I'm just supporting for part of the way).

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