Great North Run 2013



  • Godd luck to everyone today at Blaydon and special thoughts for Mick

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Good luck to everyone doing Blaydon today.  I will be thinking about Mick and all of you today in your finest red and white attire.

    Vixx, how was the marathon?

    To my surprise I was awarded with my parkrun's "parkrunner of the year" award at our first anniversary run.  I was not expecting it as I've not run the most, or done the most PBs or volunteered the most times.  I have run it 13 times and had 2 tourist parkruns and I've volunteered to do virtually every role there is to do including the run director and volunteer coordinator roles.  So that may have been the factor that swung it my way from the management teams point of view.

  • heading off to toon, soon.
    Thanks for all the good wishes, folks.

    Many congratulations on the award, Bob

  • I am sure it was fully deserved Bob

  • Hope everyone is enjoying running in this nice weather! ! Loughborough done this morning but my garmin decided not to work for the first few miles ggrrr image results out next week 

  • Hope everyone has had a good Blaydon!

    Karl - despite the Garmin, how did you get on at Loughborough?

    Hi Bob - many congrats on the award, that's great image

  • Evening all!

    How are the legs Vixx?? Hope you had a great weekend.

    Huge Congrats Bob on your award.

    Gutted to hear about your garmin, Karl - hope you had a strong race tho.

    Hope our Blaydon runners are all now enjoying their post race celebrations. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing loads of photos.

  • Hi Mandie - how are you and the furry family? image

    I've had an awesome weekend, although the race was tough because of the heat! Have uploaded the pics to FB, but next time I think I would stay in LUX overnight rather than go back to Belgium, as those Luxembourgers really know how to party image

  • Well done Bob- I think its obvious why you won the awardimage.  Just the sort of person a parkrun needs.

  • Great photos Vixx - love some of those quotes!

  • Thanks Mandie - I did chuckle at the Pheidippides one though!

    Hi OS image How are you?

  • Nice pics, Vixx.  I'm OK.  Just spent the weekend trying to declutter my Dad's house, but feel like I'm just scratching the surface!

  • That sounds bad OS image

  • Well done on yet another marathon vixx !

    blaydon tonight was hot hot hot, in fact it was more hot hot hot hot hot.

    Absolute killer and like most people i really struggled at around 3-4 miles.  Went off hard but felt good so stuck with it, pretty sure i went throughg the first 5k in under 20:30 , which is a 5k pb !Then it got hard, stuck with a clubmate and we dragged each other up to around 5.5 miles and then another clubmate came past and i tucked in behind him for 200m and then it was a case of clinging on for dear life to the finish line.

    Finished in 39:29, a 32 second pb, a blaydon pb and a 5k pb, all in all a good day.

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Excellent run Mr SJ.

  • Mr sj well done great running

  • Mr SJ - it was very warm.  Well done on the time.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Well done to all yesterday's Blaydon runners. What a lovely day for it, even if a little on the hot side for fast running. I'm impressed mr sj that you ran the first 5K so quickly. Nice one, but you must have been better at weaving your way through the early congestion than I was. Not complaining though as it's great so see so many people running and contributing to the great atmosphere.

    I felt good and pressed on once things sorted themselves out but like most people I guess, struggled a bit in the sun on the last stretch into Blaydon. My time was 38m 40s, 5th M60-64 out of an unusually large field of 113. Nice to briefly see XL-man and one or two others after the race. Hope you all had a lovely evening.

  • Well done to all the Blaydon runners yesterday, I'm sure you did Mick proud.

    Well done aswell to Vixx for running your marathon over the weekend.

  • Well done mr sj! Sounds like it was hard going, but "character building" image

    Thanks lfc image How was your weekend?

    Hi Graham - how are you? Well done on your 5th place M60 - that's fantastic out of a large number in that category. image

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭


    I did the Blaydon race yesterday too (very hot). Chip timing was used this year for the first time and when I checked the results last night I noticed "chip time" was given as well as "finish time" - can anyone tell me what the difference is please?

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Vixx, I'm fine thanks. Pleased you enjoyed your weekend away and hope you had a good race.

  • KA22 - the chip time is your finish time, personalised to when you crossed the start line. The 'finish time', sometimes called 'gun time' is the time you took from when the race started, not when you crossed the start line. So if it took you 5 minutes to cross the start line, then that will be the difference.

    Graham - I had a great time. The race was hard due to the heat, but the atmosphere was amazing!

  • I had a great time at Blaydon yesterday (probably because for once I was taking it easy and not racing, which was probably just as well since I was wearing a thick Sunderland top that stretched down almost to my knees and the heat was so intense).

    The race itself seemed to fly past and before we knew it the 5 of us were running along the final stretch together.  Races are sooooo much more enjoyable when you - you know - don't actually race them!

    Then had a great evening in the pub and Indian restaurant with all my running buddies.

    Back to normal racing on Wednesday night, when I'm competing in a relay race at Monkton ... I somehow don't think my club mates would appreciate it if I just ambled along at a leisurely pace.

    One thing: in the first mile a guy passed me and said 'Shielsy?' and introduced himself.  I didn't catch the name, so whoever it was it was from the forum it was nice to meet you!  image

  • Sounds like a good time Shielsy image

  • Well done at Luxembourg Vixx - I loved the photos you posted on FB.

  • Thank you - it was amazing over there. It runs New York very close!

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    thanks for that explanation Vixx !

  • No worries KA22 - hope it helps image

    For example - it took me 9 minutes to cross the start line on Saturday night, so the gun time shows I had about 28 seconds to the 6hr cut off, but the chip time shows the 9 minutes difference.  Imagine what it would be like for the last person to cross the start line at the London Marathon?

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)

    No worries KA22 - hope it helps image

     Imagine what it would be like for the last person to cross the start line at the London Marathon?

    Probably not much better at the GNR either- at least London has several separate starting points. Some of the last runners at London seem to have taken 20-25 mins to cross the start line

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