Great North Run 2013



  • Is anyone doing the Gay 5k next month? I think Salsa and I might be able to come up and do that one if anyone is doing it and fancies being sociable afterward?

  • Im 90% certain of doing it vixx, im doing sunderland 5k a few days before and should be ok to do both, although the gay 5k may not be at pb standard !!

  • I'm just thinking it'd be fun image

  • In Newcastle and going to do Towm Moor Parkrun tomorrow with my daughter Laura

  • Town Moor park run done and wow that was a lot of people for a park run - I am used to about 80 runners. No wind  so not too bad conditions and nice easy pace with y daughter

  • I thought I was in Newcastle this morning. Double flyover by the Red Arrows during my long run. They had an extra plane the front of the formation though. A bigger one. It was something to do with Armed Forces Day I believe, but I prefer to think they were there just for me!

  • Just done 8  miles in 85 minutes.....really chuffed with it and actually feel like a real runner now lol. 7 miles last week......felt great this morning so just pushed on another mile. Very warm out though, but all done and dusted - time for the Tour De France and  cricket on TV this afternoon.

  • I'm sure they were just there to respect a serious runner, CC2!


  • Well done on your town moor debut, BP (and daughter, too) I was marshalling on Gate 1 today; would have given you a shout, if I'd known who to look for. I hope you both enjoyed it. There are pictures of all the finishers on the parkrun facebook page.


  • XL - was that gate going onto Grandstand Road if it was then I said thanks to you and you thanked me for that. Will say it again - thanks as all volunteers are fantastic people

  • XL - photo 246 is Laura and me finishing.

  • Help, ive just found out Nirvana arent doing the run transfers this year from where i usually stop for this run!!

    So i need some thoughts on what most people do getting to and from the run please.

    Will be travelling over from Penrith area on the morning, whats best? parking in Newcastle and getting the metro back after the finish, or getting to South Shields sea front first thing and getting the metro to the start? What sort of travelling times would i be expecting and whats the parking like around Newcastle on the Sunday? Already checked trains from Carlisle and they dont start early enough!!

    Any advice appreciated.

  • Yes, BP - that was me image

    Great shot at the finish !

  • XL - cheers my daughter ran fastest 5km she has done so she really chuffed. I am getting used to pacing her and enjoying it

  • Hi Richard.  I always stay in the town,near the start so I walk to the start and catch the shuttle bus back into town after.  Works fine for me.  Others like to go to South Shields and catch the shuttle bus into town for the start. They seem to allow plenty of room for parking at the finish.

  • Did the Thame 10K this morning.  RThey start it at 9.30 but it still catches the heat at this time of year.  Don't know my time as my Garmin showed a message that I couldn't read (tto small) and then seemed to miss a chunk - not sure if I paused it or what - I wondered why getting to the 2 mile marker was taking so long! Won't be a good time as I haven't run for a while (again) and needed walkie bits in the heat. So cross with them as they give us a t-shirt, a medal and a goody bag with chocolate, drink, nutrigrain.  The event has a major sponsor (a local marketing company) but there's absolutely nothing on the medal or ribbon to say what, when, where etc.  Do they not know how many of these things we get given?  It's a nice medal too. 

  • Morning all. No football match or training on Sunday so I was able to run my first non-parkrun race of the year, the Kirkley 10k in rural Northumberland. Run mainly on country lanes, the roads were open, but only about 3 cars passed me the whole race. The course was mildly undulating, but it was one of those races where it seemed the wind was always against you or blowing you to the side.

    Went off fairly quick, feeling good, hoping for a pb-threatening time, but soon realised the wind was going to scupper that plan. Shared the wind image with the guy running next to me, providing competition for each other as well. One of the front runners dropped out at 5k, leaving us 4th and 5th, but I started suffering the usual third quarter psychological battle with myself and my body. At 6k, we were both passed by two who then disappeared into the distance and then I dropped about 20 metres behind my running-buddy. At last, the final km was slightly downhill with the wind behind us. A quick look at my watch and a sub 40 was just about on with a fast last 800m. Crossed the line in 7th place at 39.50.

    Apparently, I won my age category, but, because there were four older finishers ahead of me, I feel a complete fraud saying that! Enjoyed it though. 24 hours on and I’ve still got a happy grin on my face. Running does that to you, doesn’t it.

  • Well done Narrow Feet

  • Morning all. 

    How is everyone?  Will read back to see what I have missed. image

  • Well done to everyone who has run this weekend!

    Nice pacing work Bearsted - how is your daughter's training going for GNR generally?

    Well done to RLTW and Narrow Feet on your respective 10k races image

    Richard - sorry I can't help with your query image

    Hi XL and OS image

    CC2 - sounds like a nice training session with the Red Arrows flying over!

    Blade - great running! Well done! image

  • Vixx- Great running in Mara at weekend you should be proud to have done that race especially as it was 28 miles as well. Laura's training coming on well but I can see me needing to go down to Bristol on some weekends to do her longer runs with her.


  • Thanks Bearsted - Andy (race organiser) is actually looking to see if it qualifies for UTMB qualifying points!).  My Garmin is on the way out and died at 13 miles. I told my running buddy to go on ahead after 22 miles as I wasn't certain I'd make the 7hr cut-off and we'd been told that they might allow a few minutes over, but wouldn't go too far over the cut-off. I didn't want him to miss out on my behalf. 

    I got to a point where in my head I was at 26 miles - with no sign of the village whatsoever - and I then saw a signpost that said 'Sydling St Nicholas - 1 3/4 miles' and I nearly cried with anger and frustration. In the end - after one huge hill right near the finish - I just got so annoyed that I wanted it over and ran the last half mile or so, where I hadn't been able to do more than shuffle for the last 10 miles.

    It has been a fantastic weekend though.

  • That's a cracking effort, Narrow Feet. Congratulations. image

    I struggled with the wind, and a lack of stamina due to a bit of a niggle impeding my training at the moment. Enjoyed the course though. Alas my time was my slowest 10k for over two years, at 46:24 image

    Congratulations to you too, Vixx. That's a heroic effort, you should be proud of yourself.

  • Well done, RLTW, on your 10k, too.

    Shame about the medal.

  • Thanks XL - I can't believe you have just used the word heroic with an ultra marathon nutterimage

    Well done on your 10k - I see you had trouble, but that time is still fantastic in my eyes!

  • Well done Vixx, another one done 

    Richard I always park at South Sheilds and get the bus to the start but give yourself plenty of time if you choose this option as you don't want to miss the baggage busses etc. loads of banter on the busselobules the excitement.

  • X Ray results came back today, Doctor says they are fine ? What does that mean when every time I stand up I can't move until it clicks into place and wakes me up with a nice rush of pain ? 

    Advise is welcome .

    I am seeing a physio in a couple of weekes so maybe they will be able to sort it out.

  • Richard I always park at South Shields

    Richard III always park at Leicester

    sorry, couldn't resist that - I'll get my coat.


    X-ray news doesn't sound very helpful, Shrek image

    Sorry, Vixx, let me clarify, by heroic, I mean heroically insane
    (Normal service has been resumed)


  • XL - Awesome! I knew it was a slip up! :d

    Shrek - want me to sort it out? image

  • Xl man very good. image

    Vixx, yep I think you may have too, the flipping national health seem to be a joke and bloody clueless. What do we pay Income tax and NI for again ? image


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