Great North Run 2013



  • Outstanding running shadowfax ! Huge pb for such a short race.

    Ive got a 5 miler on tuesday, did it in 33:39 last year and think it was my best performance in a race when i did it, everything went perfectly and splits were consistent with a nice fast last mile giving me a negative split.  Plan for this year is much the same, try not to go off fast with my clubmate and let him go and then reel him in over the next 5 miles and hopefully post another FB picture of me outsprinting him at the end !

  • OS - Great time and great running

    mr sj - great training session and good luck for Tuesday you can do it

  • 10 miler at MP this morning - hot hot hot and that was 7.30 start

  • Thanks mr sj- good luck on your race. Hope you smash it image.  Since I'll be out of comms while in the lakes, I'll let you know about Skiddaw when I get back.

  • It's gonna be hot one tomorrow. Heading for about 22 degrees by the start of my race in Princes Risborough  "slightly undulating"  image.   I'm only going for the mug.  Everyone keeps breaking all my ohers image.

  • Have a great run RLTW image

  • Good luck RLTW


  • Hi Bearsted - how are you doing?

  • Vixx - yes not too bad hopefully over the issues with my breathing (but been there before and it came back) can at least run distance now even if not at pace I would like but I think that is more down to fitness than other issues. Did 10 miles at MP yesterday and finished OK.

    How are you doing?

  • Wow - nice one! image How did you feel after your 10 miles?

    I'm OK, off to London in a bit :S

  • I'm in London today - we going to Mickael Buble tonight at O2 so we going to park at Dome and go into London for the day have a picnic in a park and then have a meal before going back to Dome for concert.

    I felt good after 10 miles - luckily I went out at 7.30 am but even then at 8.55 am when finished was still so hot

  • Enjoy! I'd love to see him live! image

  • Michael Bublé is terrific live; I saw him a few years ago at Newcastle City Hall. I can't imagine him playing such a small venue now, but the atmosphere was great. Far better than I imagine a bigger arena would be.


    Terrific running OS, for an impressive PB. I wouldn't worry about racing past anyone at any stage of a race. If they're wearing a number, they're there to be raced. image

    Things not going very well for me at the moment. Achilles problems persisting, so I'm going to just try to get through and enjoy the Bridges of the Tyne 5-miler on Tuesday evening, have a trot around the town moor next Saturday, and then have a few weeks total rest to see if that will sort it. Not a happy bunny.

  • XL - there's a space next to me in the injury bench. Sorry to hear the Achilles isn't settling hopit some rest helps.

  • Cheers, Fiona. How is it going with your niggle? I hope you're on the mend. I don't want to win our race by default image

  • Well, it's improving but slowly. Not helped by trying to close stuck windows last week. How much longer without running I don't know.

  • XL man, hope you are Mende mend soon.

    anyone running in this heat, fair play to you !

    decided not to as stuck my head out of the window at 6 am and it was boilthe even then, instead bar b que and cider. Now I'm nicely burnt !

  • Ps, I'm not a tennis fan but well done Mr Murray on your spectacular win.

    history in the making 

  • Morning everyone image

    Haven't posted on here for ages as things are a bit stressful for me work-wise; I have to re-apply for my own job, which means filling out an application form matching the person spec. to the job I've been doing for the past 10 years and then a 3 panel interview next week.  Everyone is going through it where I work (apart from senior management ... obviously they don't have to go through it, they're far too important) and everyone is really worried.

    Subsequently running has been put on the back burner a bit.  I'm still getting out there, but not as regularly as I'd like.

    I did do a club relay thing at Weetslade the other week with Vicki ... 2.5 mile laps in a team of 3.  The route would have been great, were it not for a massive hill slap-bang in the middle of it.  A great night though.

    On Saturday I went out intending to do a long run of 12 miles but after about 2 miles I was dead on my feet with the heat and my ice cold water was already warm.  I slogged it out until I'd done a semi-respectable 6 and then admitted defeat.

    I thought I'd missed my chance with the Bridges of the Tyne 5 miler tomorrow night ... I was enquiring about entering after Blaydon but was told that it was sold out; however, last week I got an email from someone at Tyne Bridge Harriers explaining where registration was etc.  I can only assume I entered ages ago and just forgot - did anyone else doing it get this email?

    It was a nice surprise, anyway, and I guess I'll see you there if you're doing it also.

  • XL - sorry to hear about your achilles still giving you jip image.  Are you and Pengwyn both running tomorrow night?

    RLTW - how did your race go?

  • Shielsy - good luck tomorrow night (assumimg you are in the race) and more to point good luck with the job situation.

  • Shielsey - good luck with the job.  Theres a list of all entrants on the tyne bridge harrier website and you are most definetely on it !

    See you there tomorrow, its a great race and im looking forward to it.  Pretty sure XL, jovi and kelly are all doing it also.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    Shielsy, pleased to hear you enjoyed the Weetslade Relay, especially as my club Claremont hosted it and I was on the race sub-committeeimage

    I'm doing the Tyne Bridge race too so hope to see some of you there.

  • Graham - I had a great night.  I was thinking as I was taking part 'What a lovely night for a run, in beautiful surroundings ... such a shame I have to race it and I'm not able to 'enjoy' it.'

    The hill was a killer, and I didn't really have time to look around and enjoy the view once i was up there.  I really want to go back and run there for fun once we get sorted out with a set of wheels again.

    mr sj ... thanks for the clarification - I have absolutely no memory of entering, so I must've done it ages ago.

  • Afternoon, folks


    Sounds like there will be quite a party of us on the Quayside tomorrow night. I have had no e-mail about picking up my number image Had better check that I'm on the list. Pengwyn won't be racing tomorrow night, Shielsy, it's one of those 'proper' races that scares her. She is planning to be there to support though, so if you need someone to get the drinks in for you ...

  • I was just thinking I could come along and keep Pengywn company, but just remembered that my mum and dad are stopping on the way to Hull so won't be able to make it. Have lots of fun.

    Shielsy - fingers crossed on the job front.

  • Decided to go for a club run tonight in this mad heat.

    had a fantastic run and really enjoyed it, only did 5 miles but what a 5 miler.

    ran through Shrewsbury School campus which is usually totally out of bounds but the posh lads let us through, Gary barrow has one of his offspring there apparently !

    knee feels good too.

  • Quiet on here 

    have I broke it again ?

  • Morning everyone,

    Well i had an absolute stinker last night, Felt good going into the race and had a race plan all set out.  Mile 1 was a perfect 6:46 but legs felt so heavy and intended to push on faster and faster but couldnt find any energy and could feel myself slowing down massively,  mile 2 was much harder than it should have been in 6:53 and the heat was really getting to me badly. From then on it all went downhill, 7:05, 7:18 and 7:15 which are closer to half marathon splits !

    Crossed e line in 35:19, nearly 2 mins slower than last year and slowest average pace for a race since 2009 ! 

    Lessons to be learnt from last night and also blaydon last month, i do not function well in the heat, i seem to sweat buckets more than everybody else and feel my energy just sapping away, not sure if theres anything i can do to improve that or if i just stick to racing in the cold and rain !

    never mind, onwards and upwards, sunderland 5k next weds, hope its snowing !


  • mr sj - I know the feeling I have the same issues - think of it as a good training run

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