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  • Hello all,

    My training is back on schedule after my knee injury so I will be upping the mileage this week. 7 miles is my furthest so far and will be aiming for closer to 8 on Wednesday.

    Starting to get close now isn't it?

  • Fiona J wrote (see)

    Shielsy - did you get your job?

    I won't hear until Thursday/Friday Fiona ... but more likely Friday.

    I'm pleased I'm just working today and then I'm on annual leave for the rest of the week, as this has been the singular topic of conversation here for months now, and everyone now is stressed to the max wondering if they are going to be 'safe' or not. 

    I'm pleased to be out of it after tonight until next week, by which time I should know one way or the other.  I can take my mind off it once I'm on holiday.

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Well I had my little trot around The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday.  I met two ladies from my local parkrun in the start pen and so I said that I would jog round with them as I was carrying my camera, taking pictures of the park and venues.  I did last years run in 45 minutes as I took the other half's compact camera to take photos, but this year I took my super-zoom bridge camera set on "sport" mode to stop as much camera shake as possible.  I was able to take some decent shots seeing as I was running throughout - I did stop to take a decent photo of the changed swimming pool and then had to do some serious weaving to catch up!  I ended up just under 10 minutes SLOWER than last year but I enjoyed the atmosphere and running within myself whilst having a chat, etc with the people around me.  As I got to the 100m line in the stadium there was a man who had just proposed to and been accepted by his girlfriend - the then hugged to the cheers of the other runners around them and crowds in the Stadium. It was a good day in the Olympic Park and we then spent a few hours at Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford.  I was in the corporate blue shirt for yesterday's run, not in my stripey one!

    Shielsy - Hope you get your job back (or is that keep your job?)!  I think that if you have been getting excellent reviews you SHOULD be ok (fingers crossed).  Just think of the extra cake as carbo-loading for Thunder Run.  I'm not sure which link you cannot see the photo for.  If it is the one in May where I was "high-fived" by Shane Richie then it has been greyed out by someone right clicking on it and you can just click the next link on that page and there will be another photo of me - I think I may have bought the one before the greyed out one, so you could click the previous link.  If the photo you are looking for the most recent one of me a couple of weeks ago, then that one and another one of me "having lost my hat" doing a Mackem-bot at the finish is also in the Blog from the photographer at

    If I don't get on before, I hope all of your Thunder Runners have a really great weekend and make sure you take good care of yourselves in the lead up to it (Shielsy) and during it! image  Hope you all have fun! image

  • Bob - pleased you had a good time yesterday - I ran round with my 2 kids (21 &23) and we did 45mins (35mins last year for me). Have to say the Satdium was still brilliant but obviously the rest of the Park was a bit of a building site but at least they are getting on witht the redevelopment quickly. It was sad to see the park like that as I last remember it from when I was there during the Olympics. Overall a great day and to hear the roar as you entered the stadium was awesome. I ran most of the 300 meteres in the stadium backwards as I was telling my 2 to take it all in as they would probably never get such a feeling again. We too did a little shopping in Lakeside then Bluewater then home for a BBQ and beer.

  • Would have loved to have done the Olympic Park run this weekend, but, for the second year in a row, the lottery angels deserted me. Not had much luck in lotteries recently. Hopefully that will change for the VLM next year. Glad to hear both BP and BP took the time to take it all in. I wonder if it will become an annual event?

    What a beautiful evening for a run last night in the north-east. Warm, not hot. Fairly cloudy, but with the odd hint of sun and just a slight breeze. Really pushed myself and did 12.5 miles in 1.27 through Heaton Park, Armstrong Park, Jesmond Dene and Weetslade, although I did stop the watch to take in the view at the top of the Weetslade Colliery hill (and catch my breath). Legs are feeling it a bit today, so a couple of days off is in order methinks.

    Really pleased you've shaken off the injury Lee-Anne. Double figure mileage for you before too long. I remember the first time I did 10 miles before my first GNR. It was a massive confidence boost that I would actually be able to do a half marathon without danger of having to bail out at the "Transit to Finish" notice at 8.5 miles!

  • Thank you Narrow Feet. I am looking forward to getting back into it. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey as they say!

    Has anybody else had the thunder storms? I can see them over the hills so it won't be long now. I love running in the rain but I'm not sure about running through a storm.

  • Congratulations on your 12.5 miler Narrow Feet - cracking time!  I think I've ran up that hill at Weetslade you spoke of a couple of weeks ago in a club relay race.  Unfortunately because I was racing at the time I never got the opportunity to take in the views at the top but I bet they're lovely.

    Lee-Anne - we had thunder and lightning at about 4am ... but so far still no rain.

  • The hotel I'm staying at in South Shields is not offering an early breakfast on Sunday morning so I need to get something either in South Shields before catching the bus up to Newcastle or when I get there. Does anyone know if I will be able to do so ? or is it sandwhiches and a banana breakfast for me!

  • Roy - all the coffee chains do porridge pots and are open early on racaway.

    Did an interval session tonight 4 x1 miles at 7 mins/mile on treadmill. My treadmill is in a log cabin in my garden with 3 large windows and a double door - all open and still not a breath or air it was seriously like running in a Sauna

  • Roy - I would just take a porridge pot and boil kettle in room. I do that a lot for races.

  • Fiona - That just shows I am getting older - I do that alot as well so why didn't I think to suggest that - Senility seting in

  • Bear - nah. Just too much other stuff filling the brain! That's my usual excuse anyway.

  • Thunder run is just around the corner now guys & girls image

    looks like we may have thunder at the thunder run this year ! Could be fun.

    tent all checked over and in the boot, just need to sort out a new pump fans some extra food supplies and will be ready as ever for another awesome weekend with some good friends doing what mad folk do best..... run !

    hope everyone is good and looking forward to the weekend

  • See you there shrek

  • Good luck to all in the Thunder Run.

    What is the protocol if out running and caught in a thunder storm?image May be useful over the next few days!!

  • Narrow feet wrote (see)

    Good luck to all in the Thunder Run.

    What is the protocol if out running and caught in a thunder storm?image May be useful over the next few days!!


    That happened to me tonight!

    I left the house in vest, racing shorts and a smile ... after a mile I could hear thunder rumbling, and by 2 miles it was absolutely lashing it down.  I couldn't see where I was going so took refuge in a bus shelter.  After a couple of minutes it seemed to ease off so I set off again ... only for it to immediately start lashing it down again (and I was 3 miles from home!)

    However, just then my OH passed by in the car after visiting his parents so I flagged him down and just went home.  Only managed 2.3 miles and was absolutely drenched.  I'll have to try again tomorrow.

    Of course, now it is beautiful and sunny again!  image

  • Shielsy - I would take running in rain at moment just done a 7 miler tonight in 28oC and no breeze. Tell me again why I am doing an October marathon - oh yes we don't get warm summers anymore, except this year of course.

    good luck to everyone at weekend at TR24 - will have to do it one year

  • Tent is in the car and am almost ready for the awesome TR once more.

    have juse been out carb loading with a juicy steak and chips in a stunning steakhouse overlooking the river. I did manage to stay t total with an event at the weekend.

    FYI, running in thunderstorms - we will be fine as we are THE THUNDER CRACKERS image

  • Started throwing some camping gear together this evening and checked the tent out last weekend.  The running gear is easy- just empty my running gear drawer into a bag and take as many shoes as I can find.  And some food would be useful too...

  • I see we will have a little competition this weekend, both liz and martin yelling entering teams in thunder run

  • mr sj - they are 'has beens' you can beat them!!!!!

  • It's probably the hot weather with running being the last thing on most sane people's minds, but I can't believe the amount of 'runner abuse' I've had over the last couple of weeks. Unintelligible shouts from white vans, the old classic 'knees up!' and one man literally laughing at me as I run past him and his can of budget special brew. It's years since I've had any of that. Anyone else found the same?

  • Mr sj, we will have to hunt down the yellings and make sure you beat them them !

    anyone else famous going to be there, apart from your good self obviously !

    shocking news, morrisons are out of flapjack image 

  • Narrow feet - when im out with the club along the seafont we always get abuse from the boy racers but cant say ive noticed any more than normal

  • Does anyone know where these miraculous extra places have appeared from for this years gnr?

  • Hello everyone, hope you don't mind me joining the chatter?! Did GNR in 2011 and have a place this year... Training has been rubbish but managed 10 miles last week and no DOMS which was very welcome! Last time I booked everything though Nirvana this time I'm going to chance it and DIY, the transfer back from SS to where we stayed wasnt worth it in my opinion as we sat in traffic for almost an hour!!

    im planning on getting the Metro the the start and also back. Does anyone have any advice re thservice??


  • Killer minx - I would definitely just get the metro. Just be prepared for it to be very packed and give yourself plenty of time especially getting to the start as the metro can be quite held up when busy. Otherwise very straightforward.

  • Hi all I've done the GNR past two years but can't remember not having my number by this time does anyone know when they get sent out? Thanks in advance

  • David - I think it's still a bit early. They will probably be sending then soon tho'.

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