Great North Run 2013



  • Anyone know if there are any pacers this year?.

  • I know I've run past a pacer in the GNR before, I think they were sponsored by Powerade. Maybe it will say something on their website?

  • Good luck to Vixx in Wolverhampton Marathon tommorrow

  • Hi everyone, hope all ok. Has anyone ever had a pain across the top of theirs foot? Had this for a week now, it didn't stop me going out today and felt very strong doing just 6.5 miles in 57mins but hoping it doesn't get worse. Any tips welcome as I'd hate it to derail my chances of sub 2hrs after all this years work

  • Could it be your laces Andy? They might be too tight in just the wrong place? 

  • Done a 10k in blackpool today as part of my gnr training, 44 mins and 30 seconds along a very windy prom, should be on track for a sub 1hr 45 hopefully 

  • It might be that CC2 but I haven't done shoes up any tighter than normal but maybe the longer distance last week added more pressure if my foot swelled in the heat. Checked out all the possible issues with tendons, bones etc and nothing obvious. 

    using ice treatment and stretching the foot, hope it clears but it didn't stop a fast run today so not too worried.

    hows your training going?, gonna smash a good time?

  • Thanks Bearsted! Have just booked in two more to take me to 25 total if I complete them image

    My last one for this year should be Oct 27th - the Run Northumberland Castles Marathon image

    I will read back now - hope everyone is well image

  • Looking forward to my second GNR this year. Finished in 2hrs 13 seconds last year 

    So hoping to beat the 2 hour mark this time. Good luck to all rw forum runners!!!!


  • Good morning 

    9 miles run this morning and felt really good, knee giving me some grief now but painkillers will sort that out !

    i feel ready for the main event now, just 2 weeks to go and so looking forward to iit anyone else out today ?

    vixx doing another mara, mad fool he is image hope he did well.

  • Heading out shortly for anywhere between 12-20 miles.. depends on temperature and "can I be bothered?" factor!

    Really looking forward to it again (it'll be my 4th this year) image

  • Thanks for the good luck, James Ovington, and best of luck on going sub 2 hours!

    Andy - CC2 beat me to it, but I was going to suggest your shoes being laced too tight as well.  I used to lace mine up too tight and would sometimes actually get bruising across the top of my foot after a long run and they would feel very tender.  Maybe you just didn't realise you'd laced them up a bit tighter?

    Well done on the 9 miles Shrek.  I did 15 earlier in rather windy conditions, which was mostly fine (at least my run was cooler than they have been in recent weeks) apart from the last 3 miles when I was running into it.  I quite enjoyed it, but I've been fit for nothing since getting in so have just lazed around.

  • Shielsy, thanks. CC2's comment made me check, I remember last week by double knows took a life of its own and become a major knot which was a pain to sort and I think this made the top of my shoe tighter. Re-threaded today and much better, funny how easy it is to have a slight injury. apart from that the race can't come soon enough,  did 6.5 Saturday and was very strong at the end, through 10k faster than a race and no leg or breathing issues. How's your training, ready?

  • Back to physio on monday, I have a recurring ITB issue, I had it before my marathon in May but it has flared up! Have gone to a sports specific physio who has told me i have an imbalance in my glutes (they always said I was a pain in the arse) and I have exercises to do to strengthen my butt...lovely!

    Im looking forward to the GNR just the same, my aim is 2 hours 29

    Oh and if anyone is interested I have a bit of a blog, not to be taken too seriously!


  • Great blog Deirdre - very funny image

    Andy - did you do your 10k race yet?

    I was supposed to do a 5k race last night, but I didn't get home from work until quite late, and then my guts were playing up image so didn't have time to get there.  I did however cut the grass in my garden.

    Went out tonight and did 6.5 miles.  It's still warm out there, I was sweating like nobody's business.  I'm hoping it's a lot cooler next Sunday.

  • Shielsy, I didn't enter the 10k race, advice was do steady run but that said I was through 10k in 54mins. Done track training tonight & feeling good. I think I'm ready for the race this time.

    Pity you didn't get out but you seem good shape. Forecast for next week is 12-15C so could be perfect if it doesn't rain

  • Morning everyone, sorry havent ben on here for ages !

    GNR is looking increasingly unlikely for me, went out for a short run a week past monday and started getting a sore heel, following day it was obvious that it was the start of plantar fasciitis.  Thankfully for once i was sensible and stopped running immediately and been doing all the right things and getting physio, caught it very early so hoping 2-3 weeks and i'll be fine.  Have been told i could probably do GNR but it would aggrevate the foot and i'd rather just let it settle before i do anything silly !!

    so i may or may not be there, got another physio appointment on tuesday and will know for definite then

  • Mr sj here's hoping you will make GNR

  • Anyone else staying at the Hilton doubletree at the airport? Bloody hell it was all I could get at £220 the night!!

  • Cancel the airport hotel

    The student accomodation (think it's the second one down) is brand new, en-suite room right in the city centre about £90

    There's also a couple of city centre hotels listed that are cheaper than £220

  • Pleased to say that I'm back running. After missing Blaydon Race with a torn hamstring, getting fit and running and then slipping a disc, my physio (Kevin Bell) has worked miracles.

    Had a quick 3k with our dog this morning, dropped her at home and carried on in to work, so 17.5 k in all. Averaging just over 5 min/km, so don't think I'll be breaking my target of 1:40 for the GNR, but at least I'll be running it and should still come in around 1:45 ish. Only debate is whether or not to drop back a pen from Orange B?

    Hope everyone's final training goes well. I've just re-read the advice at the very start of  this forum, on breaking the GNR into 4 easy sections. Excellent advice and well worth a read. I have one last long run, a few more jogs with the dog and will be avoiding any form of rugby training or lifting of beer (other than in a glass) until after 15/9, cannot risk any further injury!

  • Stephen - I would not drop back from Pen B - you dont know how you will feel on day and that pen will give you more space to run in with runners around your pace.


  • Just back from my hols. Not good timing - 2 weeks before GNR, in 40+ degree heat with all inclusive beer on tap! Still, got a few good hill runs in. Then played water polo! Result - hyper-extended my knee, so need a few days rest. image Should have stuck to archery.

    I now have 11 people staying at my house on the night before the run. It could be getting cosy!

    Anyone seen the new GNR sign on the Tyne Bridge? A bit different to the usual banners.

  • Mr SJ - join the club!

    Stephen - I wouldn't drop back, I had a predicited time of 1:50 and was put into C so you should still be fine in B

  • Thanks all, zone B it is then. You never know, with another longish run home on Monday evening and a little resting for the remainder of the week, my speed may pick up again.

    Just hope that the weather cools down, currently sat at work in Newcastle where it's a muggy 20C and looks like the heavens are about to open!

  • Too late for me, hotel paid for at the time of refunds!! Ah well its all part of the fun, Im hoping they will let me use the shower facility in the gym on Sunday after the run, we are heading home that night and will have checked out of £220 they surely will let me have a 5 min shower!

  • as a matter of interest is anyone in the ballot for London VLM?

  • I am Dierdre. Apparently, we should be getting our rejection letters next month. Or will it be 6th time lucky for me? My reaction to getting into the VLM will either be 'Bugger, rejected again.' or 'Bugger, I'm in. A winter of hard training ahead of me.'

  • Deirdre - I'm also in the ballot. I'm sure you won't have a problem with the Hilton. If done that in other hiltons after races

  • Cheers for that. Im really hoping for the VLM too...fingers crossed

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