Great North Run 2013



  • Thanks Shielsy!  I have now entered, so am signed up for the next 3 years!! Can't wait already! 

  • How exciting about your prize Shielsy!

    Snoopy - how is your dog today? That must have been awful for you all.

  • Thanks guys on behalf of Cooper

    Took him upstairs to bed in his basket (not normally allowed) and he slept soundly. This morning he was quite subdued and limping, not as bad as yesterday but still limping so we put him in the same room as Alfie. However I finished early from work only for me to come home finding him jumping, albeit a little crocked, all over poor Alfie and full of beans as usual wagging his tail and being generally cute and annoying in equal measure. He then proceeded to scoff twice as much food as normal and has been trying to evade me ever since while i tie him down so he doesn t cause real damage to his leg.  Going to vets in a mo for a check but feel whole lot better. Still angry about the owner and my reaction but it's done now.

    Thanks also for the running compliments gotta be Sub 49 in me somewhere will aim for sub 24 for park run methinks.

    Shielsy- Well done on the prize......I could challenge you on the '3rd Most P***ed Off Runner Following the False Start' if not in the actual race image



  • Good luck at the vets Snoopy - sounds like Cooper is coming through the shock already, bless him. Don't be angry at yourself for your reaction tho, I'm certain most of us would do whatever it would take to protect our pets....I know I would. The total unconditional love we get from them would make me put mine first, no matter what.

    Let us know what the vet says.

  • Great news about your dog, Snoopy.  I hope the vet has good news.

    It's my late night in work tonight, and one of my colleagues was one of the front-runners in yesterday's shambolic race, so I've been blaming him for the false start  image  I didn't see it, but apparently there was seemingly runners going off in 3 different directions.

  • Think I'm going to have to take my chances in the ballott again in 2013 as just not got the £94 up front fee at the moment.

  • Some ISP's block bulk e-mails but let other spam through. Very annoying and not down to I found out e-mails gone out via their facebook page so e-mailed them & they sent me priority member link.
  • Hi Guys - finally on Sunday I ran for the first time since the GNR - time / or lack of it is driving me crazy but I feel so much better again after just 3.5 miles. Fitness levels have obviously dipped somewhat but my time wasnt far off normal pace.

    I have had the renewal e mail too and I agree £94 is a lot to pay this time of year but I will find it from somewhere - this race is just too good to risk missing out on.

    I have also booked my accomadation for Sept & for 2 nights so this year I will be joining my GNR mates for a curry / meal of your choice on Sunday image

  • Have also founf the weight creeping back on so now up to 16.5 stone again - oops image

    On a diet to get to 15 stone by Christmas & I will do it without failure

  • Shrek ! wrote (see)

    I have also booked my accomadation for Sept & for 2 nights so this year I will be joining my GNR mates for a curry / meal of your choice on Sunday image

    Great news, Shrek!

    Good luck with the diet!  I'm noticing my weight creeping back up again too since I stopped going to Slimming World so I need to just reign things in a bit as well.  Not easy when you've got an OH who's becoming a bit of a 'feeder' - he's on a gluten and diary-free diet at the moment, but it's like he's overcompensating with me, and every time I open the fridge there's little cakes and pies and cheese in there for me.

    Very sweet - but no good for my skinny jeans.

  • Cheers Shielsy,

    You, overweight - even the thaught of it makes me laugh - you are one of the tiniest people I know (not sure that is spelt right / or even a word)

    Dont know what a feeder is - is that a northern phrase ?



  • A feeder is someone who purposely feeds up their partner in order for them to gain weight. Usually a control thing.

    Evening all.

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)

    A feeder is someone who purposely feeds up their partner in order for them to gain weight. Usually a control thing.

    Evening all.

    And a sex thing too, apparently, lol.  Can I just stress at this point that I wasn't being serious about my OH being a feeder and I'm sure it's more of a mis-placed kind gesture thing.

    Evening Vixx - how's things with you?

    Club session tonight for me. I'd planned on taking things a bit easier after the 10k on Sunday and upcoming XC on Saturday, but that went out the window once I started.  Plus it's a bit hard not to go for it when you've got your coach shouting encouragement at you from up the street.

    Hills session - running up a hill 10 times, with the downhills as recoveries.  Normally we do 12 reps, but the session was still tough as half-way up you're met with a horrible head wind for that extra challenge.

    Then back to my club to pick up my Town Moor prize - a £10 voucher for Start Fitness, yay!  

    Now off downstairs ... OH has made me a cup of tea and a custard tart.

  • Sorry Shielsy - I didn't mean to imply that. Your OH seems like a lovely fella and i wouldn't think that at all!

    Nice prize! Have you got any plans for it? image

    I'm not in a good place today, but I will be better tomorrow. I saw the surgeon this morning and because no-one has kept an eye on my meds my levels dropped way too low and she said that if the surgery was done now it wouldn't be as successful as if she does it in 6-12 months (with the levels being corrected). Of course I would rather have a successful outcome but I am just sad that this possibly could have been avoided. I've wasted her time. image

    I hope that everyone is good. image

  • Vixx76 wrote (see)

    Sorry Shielsy - I didn't mean to imply that. Your OH seems like a lovely fella and i wouldn't think that at all!

    No worries, Vixx, lol.  I know that's not what you were implying (just educating Shrek) but I felt I had to clarify for those who don't know us.

    Sorry to hear about the delay to the op.  But you haven't wasted anyone's time - you weren't to know.

    'All good things' and all that.  Though I can sympathise with your frustration.

    Take care.

  • Thanks Shielsy.

  • Vixx - when it comes to health you can never waste any ones time.
  • Bearsted - the one thing I am glad about was that she was so honest about why it would be better to do it later. I don't know how many surgeons would be that honest.

  • Vixx - yes true with that.
  • Evening all,

    Shielsey - did you find out what tour prize was for ? Was it top 3 finish for your category or team prize ?

    Im just back from my clubs winter grand prix, wasnt sure if i should do it as knee been very sore but being the stubborn fool i am, i ran ! Went off pretty hard and he group i started with stayed together for re first 3/4 mile and then me and another guy pulled away, he stayed in front of me and i tucked in behind and stuck with him for the first half of the race, we were averaging 6:50 mile pace.

    On the way back (out and back race) i pulled ahead of him and thankfully we had the wind at our backs, i sensed someone right behind me and knew it was him and then with about 400m to go he went past me, i let him go for 100m and then had a change of plan and thought 'sod that' and went after him, he beat me by 2 seconds !! Results not out yet but i ran a pb of 24:30 for the 3.56 mile course and looks like a top 20 finish.

    Knee was ok but im expecting it to hurt tomorrow
  • Well done mr sj
  • Well done, mr sj.  I hope the knee isn't aggravated tomorrow.

    I think the prize was an age category thing.  I even got a mention in the Shields Gazette tonight about it (admittedly it was a miniscule mention, and they did spell my name wrong, but whatever).

  • Shielsy - a miniscule mention in an article in the paper is much better than just appearing in the "list of finishers".  I still like to get the papers with the list of finishers and send it to my Dad to say "look, I made the news!".  Well done on your 3rd place.  I see the race got a mention in the BBC News web page for the false start.

    Also, well done on your club session, sounds hard.

    Vixx - sorry that your op has had to be delayed.  It's better to wait and have a completely successful op than one that you end up not really happy with in the end.

    Mr SJ - excellent race there.  Hope the knee is not grumbling too much today.

    Snoopy - How is Cooper getting on?  I hate it when people let their aggressive dogs off the lead and so don't control them properly.

    Mandie - How is Bobbi getting on too?  I'm presumimg that no news is good news.

    I was Volunteer Coordinator at parkrun last weekend and then I helped to enter the results after as I am getting shown more of the "responsible" tasks at parkrun.  Our pregnant parkrunner turned up but did not run and later on that night she had a boy.  I had a quick chat and she did joke that if she did run and it bounced out, she'd just scoop it up and carry on!
    I might have to pop out at lunch for a run as I've got a flat 10K race this Sunday and I need to test my knee over about 5 miles before I commit to going to the race.  It will only be my second run since the end of September when I picked up the injury.

  • Afternoon all
  • Evening all
  • Night night all
  • image Did someone speak?



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    Well done on you race mr sj image

  • Shielsy - I enjoy being educated by the fairer sex image Cant image anyone enjoying the feeder thing - hey ho - whatever pleases !

    Ps - was the custard tart nice ?

    mr sj - well done mate on the race

    Why am I up at past 11pm on a schoold night ? I am knackered but cant sleep, whats that all about ?


  • Overtired Shrek!

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