Great North Run 2013



  • Awesome! Thank you spongecake image

  • Vixx - keep an eye out for me at the Brass Monkey then!  image

    I've just had a doughnut but totally didn't enjoy it ... do I still put the calories on? image

  • If it's a regular doughnut, the calories all fall out of the hole in the middle, so there are none, whether or not you enjoyed it.

  • They never did Homer Simpson any harm. D'oh!

  • Just entered the Yorkshire marathon decided I enjoyed 2 mrathons last year and the date of this one fitted in great.

  • Nice one BP,is it later in the year.

    Sounds like we may all be running on that white stuff over the weekend.Well thats if the weather forecast is right.

    Ive got rubbish shifts this weekend so good luck to all who are running this weekend.
  • I did two sessions in the gym yesterday,spin bike and treadmill in the morning then more treadmill and weights last night.Today everthing aches and I'm so not looking forward to my lateshift.
  • Spongecake - yep 20 October. Good stuff yesterday it will get easier i am sure

  • Bearsted Plodder wrote (see)

    Just entered the Yorkshire marathon decided I enjoyed 2 mrathons last year and the date of this one fitted in great.

    I've entered that as well - amazing that it's full already

    The timing, 5 weeks after the GNR, is ideal as well (assuming I'm lucky in the GNR ballot that is).

  • Andrew - that's what I thought about timing as this year I am running the GNR with my daughter at a nice easy pace so it is perfect
  • Bearsted - your daughter got a place then image

    Shielsy - I will look out for you, although you'd probably do better watching the finish line for stragglersimage

    We were hoping to be coming up to Durham tomorrow, but Salsa's dad has suggested we don't - we'll make a decision in the morning but if the weather is likely to be bad he reckons we wouldn't get to theirs image

    Hi XL, spongecake and Andrew image

  • Vixx - no not yet she is in ballot. I have got her a reserved place with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation if she does not get a place via ballot. It is a charity I have raised a fair bit for over the last 5 years since my wife had a lung removed due to a cancer of the lung (she OK now) - she had never smoked or been in smokey environment. We will be running in their vests anyway and that is reason I will not be able to take up the idea of running in red and white (although that would be culturally hard for me to do anyway).

  • I can understand that Bearsted - my team play in Blue and White, but as it's not a local rivalry I can manage it (just don't ask me to run in 'Old Gold and Black')

  • I tried out my new velcro strap for my Garmin and it works a treat.  I will still wear it over a sweat band cos I like the strap tight and so it keeps it comfy.  But the velcro makes it far more adjustable.  And its easy to slip the charging cradle tween the Garmin and the strap afterwards.  A good buy all round!

  • Cant believe the Yorkshire marathon sold out 5,000 places in less than 3 days! I was looking at entering later on in the year if my body would allow it, but didnt want to push it by entering now. Great time to start promoting a race though when everyone is setting their new years resolutions. It'll be interesting to see how many of the 5,000 turn up on the day.

    Im doing Brass Monkey next Sunday too, looking forward to it!

  • Cool - might see you in the distance James image

  • Did it arrive today Vixx.
  • No spongecake. Hopefully Monday image


  • So much for 1st class Royal Mail eh
  • First Class Royal Mail now is 'guaranteed within 4 days' apparently.

  • Wohooo !! Results form this morning's parkrun in. 449 runners (another record after last week's 401) and I've finished 6th out of 2,037 in the Male Points Table image

  • Congratulations XL! image

  • Hi all.
    Dissapointed i'm not doing the Brass Monkey; done it for past 3 years and enjoyed it.
    Good luck to all running it.

    XL - Great parkrun turnout!  

  • Evening, Stringy.

    Thanks guys. To be fair, it was more a matter of persistence. I did 40/52 runs over the year and volunteered in 7 more. Feels good, though image

  • Hi Stringy - I'll run it for you then image

    Hi Bearsted image

  • Hi Vixx made decision on your marathons yet??? Booked my hotel for Yorkshire Marathon so that all set up now. My daughter has now persuaded me to run the Bristol 10K with her 5th May (week after Manchester Marathon) I did this last year and set a new PB but not this year as I will be running around with my daughter.
  • Not yet Bearsted. So much choice! :S

  • I wish I had the option of what you are considering but I think Mrs Bearsted might disagree with me. She likes the odd weekend away in nice hotels but don't think she would go for that many
  • I am looking at a couple that are not too far to drive so that I can do 'local' ones and have a weekend away too (which might well be Beachy Head). Am doing Luxembourg in June though so that might be my European adventure yet.

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