Great North Run 2013



  • All sound good. Not too many good marathons down in Kent so have to travel to do better ones. There are some great halfs so tensor do them locally
  • I don't do enough half marathons. I always seem to enter the full ones.....

  • Morning everyone,

    XL - well done on parkrun points table and doing that amount of parkruns ! Its taken me 3 years and ive only just hit 20 !

    Off out in a bit to drive to durham to do the xc relays, 3km to run and im going to give it a damn good go at getting close to 12 mins, snow is forecast and its gonna be a cold one, brrrrrrrr !!!!
  • Good luck everyone at XC - for me an easy 10 miler on road in warmer South
  • mr sj - we were hoping to be in Durham today to visit Salsa's parents, but her dad told us not to come up. Sorry I'm not going to get to catch up with you guys image

  • Noproblem vixx.

    Lovely day for xc, bit cold but the sun was out and the ground wasnt too , only my 2nd ever xc race and first time ive ever worn the spikes ! Plan was to run sub 4:00 per km which would then convince me i could hit a sub 20 5k this year, so something around 6:30 mile pace would be good.

    Went off hard on the first lap and ground was a bit uneven but felt atrong, first mile was a 6:23 and felt like i could possibly sustain it so kept going, 2nd lap was harder going but was stillicking people off and plentyof clubmates to keep aiming for. Crossed the finish line in 10:40 for a course i measured at just over 2.7km.

    Works out at roughly 6:21 mile pace(i think!), mile 1 in 6:23 and next 0.68 in 4:18 which is about 6:20 mile pace, so amazingly i ran a negative split although it didnt feel like it at the time, really pleased with my time and means that elusive sub 20 5k could be happening this year !!

    Had a quick catch up with shielsey and vicki at the start and gave them both a shout on the course, all in all a nice morning out !
  • Well done sj,cracking time,did the course go around the cricket ground.Sorry didnt make it over to watch,my client decided to go out on bikes instead.Chilly morning.
  • Well done mr sj- that's an impressive pace for XC image. Congrats too to XL on his parkrun.  Ours still isn't runnable after the floods - we haven't been able to run it since 24 Nov, so I did the Oxford one yesterday and came 6th. It was very slippery and spikes would have been good for some of it, but not the gravel paths.

    I did a lovely 13 miles in the winter sun this morning and felt really good during and after it, which is very reassuring for the VLM.

  • Vixx - sorry you couldn't make it up North this weekend - ironically the weather has been snow-free, but it could all change of course.

    Vicki picked me up this morning (a bit hard getting out of bed on a Sunday morning in Winter at 7.30am) and of course we got there at a ridiculously early time, but the sun was shining and the church bells were ringing so it was very lovely.  It was, however, incredibly cold, and with all the hanging around my feet soon became like blocks of ice, even though I was wearing wellies and two pairs of socks for most of the time.

    Like he said we saw mr sj at the start, and I was able to give him a shout-out on his laps as well.  I was running the last leg of our 3 women team (I was hoping to go out first, so that our fastest runner could go last and chase down the field in front of her, but the coach had other ideas). 

    The course is flat, and much much less muddy than I've ran on so far this X/C season, but one section was pretty uneven underfoot, and my toes were literally frozen solid so that I could barely feel them, which is horrible.  One of our coaches shouted at me as I ran past him to use the Sunderland Stroller lady in front of me as a target and to try and keep up with her, which I tried to do as much as I could for the following lap and a half, but she was just too fast at the finish and pulled away.

    Finished and literally collapsed into the arms of one of the JHAC blokes (a bit dramatic, I know, but I was done in!  image ).  I crossed the line in 12:19, so averaged 7:23 m/m pace.  

    Lots of fun, but I'm going to get some of those hand warmer thingies and stuff them into my trainers for the next one to keep my feet from freezing.

  • Nice running shielsey, well done !

    Have to say i really enjoyed it so will be checking the calendar for any upcoming relays !
  • Shielsy/ mr sj - well done on your xc this morning!! image

    I was gutted when Salsa's dad said not to go, but where they live is difficult to get to if it had snowed and my fear was that we would have started off yesterday morning and it snowed, and then we'd have been stuck either trying to get to Durham, or getting back to Manchester.  Either way the forecasters have got it wrong again. Considering all the technology they have these days you would have thought they would have been a bit more accurate! :S

    What are your plans for the rest of the day?

    Hi OS - sounds like a good run for you too image

    I've been doing some gradient training on the treadmill and some weights whilst watching the football. The new drugs are beginning to work I think.

  • Well done on your 6th place parkrun, OS!

    By the way, that photo you posted the other day of the muddy guy was hilarious.

  • Shielsy/ mr sj - well done on your xc this morning - dont do XC so am in admoration of you to do it

  • Bearsted Plodder wrote (see)

    Shielsy/ mr sj - well done on your xc this morning - dont do XC so am in admoration of you to do it

    Thank you, Bearsted Plodder.  You really should think about giving X/C a go, it's very good training (plus, if I'm going to suffer, I think it's only fair others should be suffering too image )

    Hi Vixx - totally understandable about not coming up, giving the dramatic forecasts we had a few days ago (which have been proven to be largely inaccurate so far).  Good news about the drugs.  I'm doing nowt for the rest of the afternoon - apart from slobbing on the sofa - I'm still freezing cold, even after a hot shower.

  • It does sound cold up there then Shielsy! :S Hot chocolate is called for by the sound of it. image

  • Well done mr sj, Shielsy & OS - good to hear you're keeping 'my' course warm for me image

    Forecast here was for light rain and sleet.  It's been the most glorious sunshine!

  • Shielsy - I work on the logic that I find it har enough to concentrate on my running without having to look where my feet are landing - i am also scared I will do my self an injury (ankle twist etc). I know all the benefits of it and all my mates down here keep trying to persuade me but I am just a scaredy at heart (which is a bit of a shame considering I am from Durham originally).

  • I won't tell you about the other year then Bearsted when I damaged both ankles in separate off road events....image

  • just what I am getting at - time off training for me is gruesome for me and wife - I am not worth knowing


  • Thanks Shielsy- most of us weren't as muddy as that pic, but about the same as your muddy legs pic last year!

    Bearsted- the ground is so sloppy at the moment that there's nothing firm enough to twist an ankle on image.  But I know what you mean about one's mental state when you can't run. At the parkrun there was a runner who has had hip surgery in the last year.  It was her 2nd parkrun since then and she was overjoyed to just get round (is a respectable 23mins or so!)- and she was a sub 3hr marathoner only 2.5yrs ago.  How she has kept sane since then i don't know.

  • Have to say that i found having to concentrate on where i was putting my feet was beneficial to my running, it meant i wasnt obsessing about my garmin and just ran !
  • Im a garmin addict when i run !
  • Me too mr sj.  That's why I was irritated when my strap broke just as I was about to start the XC last Sunday.  Its not very readable in my back pocket!

  • You and me alike. I have 2 on - my old 110 and my 610. My 610 set to either virtual partner or virtual race to show me where I am at for time set out to do and my 110 to show me pace and distance. Also as a back up as have had instance twice now where watch has crashed adm all I could think about for rest of race was that
  • Never tought about using virtual partner for pacing, thats something i havent tried. My problem is that i often rely on the garmin more than on my own feeling of how im running, today was flat out all the way andi really didnt glance down at my watch as i was just focusing on staying upright and i ran well.

    Maybe a parkrun with virtual partner set to 20mins wold be good for me
  • Virtual race is great if you have down race before and had a good time as you can see where you are compared to where you were. Virtual partner just shows you how far ahead r behind you are of your target pace at any time. I find it better in halfs and marathons more so than 10K's but still works with them
  • mr sj wrote (see)
    Never tought about using virtual partner for pacing, thats something i havent tried.

    I tried virtual partner once on what should have been a steady state run ... after about a mile I looked at it and realised I was a little bit ahead of my little man, but instead of easing off a little and keeping pace with what I'd programmed, I picked up the pace as I wanted to see how much I'd eventually beat him by ... totally spoiling the whole point of the session.

    I'm competitive even against a little stick man  image.

  • Well done Shielsy, Vicki and Mr SJ, it sounds freezing up there. We had a chill breeze down here but it sounds nothing compared to up there. Hope you've all warmed up by now.

  • Shieilsy - yes I like to beat the little man and if he gets too far ahead well then it's time to give up and wait for the next race
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