Great North Run 2013



  • Bearsted Plodder wrote (see)

    Brothers' who'd have them!!

    I know!  Of all the weekends!
    Personally, I think they only decided to come up as they realised they'd have someone to babysit the cat for the weekend.

  • At least you know they trust you.

  • The weather doesnt look too great for the weekend at York image Are you coming down by yourself then Shielsy? Will have to meet up inside the main grandstand before.

  • Yes James I'd be coming to York on my own but I'm quickly going off the idea.
  • Shielsy,Thats frustrating for you,have you got any club mates to hitch a lift off.Hope the weather clears for the race.
  • Just a heads up for anyone booking accommodation at Newcastle university . Nirvana have taken sole control of bookings and the rooms have gone up 50% on last year.

  • This was just posted on Knavesmire FB page re Brass Monkey  

    Brass Monkey Update..

    The weather forecast over recent days has continued to fluctuate and today appears to record a slight improvement, but more snow is expected over the next 48 hours. YKH are closely monitoring the situation and taking appropriate actions, which subject to acceptable weather conditions, will allow the race to take place but only under safe running optimum conditions; BUT at this time (Thursday 6.00pm) there is No guarantee.

    On Saturday (early pm) we plan to have a discussion with the BBC (Leeds) weather forecasters who will produce a detailed forecast for York on Sunday am. This will allow us to take a “fact based” decision which will then be posted on our website.

    Unfortunately is not practical to make an earlier decision for those intending to travel before midday on Saturday.

    The safety & welfare of all runners, marshals and volunteers will influence our final decision

  • Thanks for posting this Jovi Runner.

    I think on balance I'm not going to come down for this now - thanks to the weather up here I haven't been able to get out for a run properly for over a week, and what with the fact that I'm going to be stuck in York in a house by myself from lunchtime Saturday until Sunday evening (as when I booked the train tickets I booked them with the view of giving myself as much time as poss with my family image ) then it doesn't seem like it's going to be much fun ... especially if it'll be cancelled anyway.

    This always happens ... your training goes well, and then something occurs to throw a spanner in the works - blimmin' weather!

  • Will be gutted if the Brass Monkey is cancelled. First year running it and this happens. Getting the train from Alnmouth on Saturday morning so will have to make a decision before then. What to do? hmmm. don't particularly want to fork out for the hotel if I'm not runnning and can cancel it right upto 4pm sat.

  • Thats such a shame Shielsy, but I can understand why you would want to stay at home.

    The snow seems to be coming down quite thick down here this evening - I'm dreading waking up and looking out of the window in the morning!

    Roll on Summer.

  • Prefer to train at this time of year - don't like it when it is too warm - but snow does get in the way
  • Up in Rothbury next weekend to celebrate my sons 21st -- he at Durham Uni so we coming up to him and then going to hotel in Rothbury for weekend. Hopefully get some walking in and plenty of eating and drinking.
  • Respect to anyone who can do more than 5  minutes on a treadmill- although I'm not sure where I'm going to do my 15 miles on Sunday if the snow forecast is correct for the next few days image.

    Bad luck on your upset weekend Shielsy- although the best thing is probably not to travel if the weather's looking bad.

  • I can't wait to go out in the snow tomorrow morning image

  • Hi all, hope everyone is well despite the ridiculously cold weather. Haven't been on here much recently, work is crazy in the run up to Christmas sorting out contracts for the New Year and to be honest after doing a 7 mile pb in November followed by going flying on ice as it rained onto frozen groaund part way through a run I took a few weeks off....had a poor NYD 10k race when I had to stop for the 1st time ever, I was struggling to breath and a turn after into the cold wind really affected my lungs...steady jog back to the start with an asthmatic who also stopped. My lungs just don't respond in the cold so just keeping ticking over at the moment working on my x-trainer when its too icy to go out. 3 races planned though starting in 3 weeks with a 10k, followed by a 10 mile 2 weeks later and a half-marathon two weeks after that so need to get out soon.

    So sorry to here about Mick, I never met him but suffice to say he was clearly a popular character and the fact that everyone who did have the pleasure of being his acquaintence has nothing but warm words shows that he had a significant impact on your lives and therefore will always be there with you in spirit and add that extra encouragement on race days.

    Stay fit and healthy

  • Shielsy, its a pity about York, its one of my wife and I's favourite places having spent quite a few breaks there for the Ebor week, my football team playing there and just because we like the city. In fact for this years GNR we are stopping off in York on the long drive up on Friday....Is the Terry's of York factory still working, I used to have to visit there in a former job, listed building and great to be able to pop into the workers shop for the cheap faulty chocolate oranges...

  • I have decided against doing the Brass Monkey this weekend as I have a place for the VLM and dont want to risk racing in the temperatures or possible underfoot conditions. Managed to train ok in it but racing is a whole different perspective. Think it will be an easy 17 miles instead .

  • Martin Slater 3 wrote (see)

    I have decided against doing the Brass Monkey this weekend as I have a place for the VLM and dont want to risk racing in the temperatures or possible underfoot conditions. Managed to train ok in it but racing is a whole different perspective. Think it will be an easy 17 miles instead .

    Me too Martin, for the reasons in my posts above, and because if it's as cold as it has been up here, in York, trying to race will not be pleasant; at the Cathedral relays on Sunday I only raced 1.7 miles and afterwards my chest was really hurting me ... and it wasn't as cold then as it's going to be this weekend.

    Really disappointing as I was looking forward to doing it again (and I always love my weekends in York) but I suppose that's the risk you take by entering a race called the Brass Monkey image

  • I can't get up there either unless we have some defrosting take place. I can't even get my car out of our road (am at my Mom's). I have been out twice for a run though.... image

  • Vixx - Run up there!!! HaHa

  • image

    Bearsted - don't give him ideas!!! image

  • That was the idea Mandie - I love to give challenges and knowing what Vixx is like who knows.
  • image

    Approximately 9.5 miles done now and I still have to go out again to get stuff from shop. I could feel my core was tiring though toward the end of my second run as I was starting to slip a little image


  • Where I live in Huddersfield we have had about 3-4 inches of snow I would guestimate (being a man its probs more realistically 1-2 inches) and its supposed to be another bad snow day tomorrow. Its not looking good for the Brass Monkey, but at least the more it snows it will mean they have to cancel the event altogether and it will get re-arranged.

  • Did anyone see Mr Ks two feet of snowimage

  • Yep they were brilliant
  • Good news, Park Run comes to my area in the next couple of month & I'll have 2 courses to run within 10-15mins of my house plus another a little further
  • Andy, Terry's has been closed for about 6 years.

  • We had our 1st parkrun since the floods started in November.  26 (fool)hardy runners turned up in the snow and a good time was had by all.  There were some large chunks of riverbank that have disappeared in the floods so we'll have to get the council onto that problem again.  Hope everyone else is OK

  • Managed a 10 miler this morning - we only had a dusting of snow so far - our snow to come tonight. Not as cold out as I thought so hat and gloves only lasted 3 miles before put away in pocket. Loads of other runners out there.
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