Great North Run 2013



  • James - clive cookson is a wednesday night, bit farfor you to come for a little 10k isnt it !

    Shrek - hope you're ok, ice has all gone here thankfully and i can ride to work again,was getting sick of having to trudge through the ice and slush every day

    Lfc - the mojo will return, it always does. It would guess it is down to the crappy weather but dont worry about it, just keep plodding on and it will all come together

    Morning fuzzy image
  • Morning all

    Thanks everyone for help with the mojo hunt. I put some extra effort into the bike ride into work this morning and I am determined that nothing will get in the way of tonight's run.

    Shrek - how are you today, hope you don't have too many bruises. image

  • Hi LFC - it probably went after mine! My mojo disappeared for a while, but after I stopped stressing about it, it made a reappearance. I'm sure it will head on back when it's found what it was looking for......

    Amazingly, after I thought last year was my last guaranteed entry, I got the e-mail so have my place for this year's GNR. To be honest, that probably helped!

    Sounds like their is some good running going on. I've headed back to basics to start building up again. Have got the entry form for the North Tyneside 10k ready, so am probably going to go for that. Will be able to eat those chocolate eggs guilt free afterwards!
  • Evening everyone

    Mucker's Fuddle - a nice surprise for you with the unexpected GNR entry!

    Shrek - hope you're ok after your fall.

    I was supposed to go to running club tonight, but my knee was hurting on my run there, so decided against it (as we always do speedwork) and just went for a 5.5 mile run on my own instead.  It was wet (which I don't mind) and windy (which I hate) but at least it's done now, and I love that smug feeling you get afterwards as you take that nice hot shower.

  • Well done Skielsy in that weather
  • SJ - Yeah just a bit far for a midweek 10k! I may have considered it at a weekend.

    Just over 6 miles tonight for me. Its a bit windy and rainy out there. Very "character building!"

  • North tyneside 10k on easter sunday is a great run if you fancy an easter weekend up here james.
  • Mucker's Fuddle - I think I caught sight of my mojo tonight, it kept being just out of reach, but it did make me chase it for 4.5 miles. I got lucky with the weather tonight. It wa pouring down with rain but stopped just as I got to the running club. image

    Shielsy - well don on the run in that weather. I was sooooo tempted to turn around and leave the run tonight. Glad I didn't give up now.

  • Good effort lfc,I had two good sessions in at the weekend, unfortunately this week I'm on nights and my mojo goes awol along with my bodyclockimage
  • Thank's Spongecake. I couldn't work nights, I'm too messed up as it is. image

  • Day off today.

    Was planning on doing about 6 - 7 miles at some point ... but the wind has been blowing a hoolie all day, and shows no signs of abating even now, so - no thanks!

    This weather is nuts, and very frustrating ... we've jumped straight from snow to howling gales - bah!

  • Shielsy- it was windy here too, so that was another good reason not to go out!  But we did take the dog to look at the parkrun- this is our finish field!  You can just see the boats moored on the closest bank in the distance.  Methinks we won't be running it on Saturday again...



  • Not too bad down here - just been out and run a 6 mile Fartlek. Forgot how hard they could be!!

  • Bearsted- I did a similar fartlek on Monday- it nearly killed me!  The sprinting bits got shorter and shorter!

  • OS - that's why I don't do fartlek cos the recovery gets longer and longer and less and less speed!

    I did 4 miles recovery into a head wind but felt quite comfortable which was surprising since I did 10 miles last night including 5 at hm pace. Tomorrow 11 miles so hopefully will feel just as easy.

    Well done to all those who put in a few miles.

    Mr SJ - tempted by Clive Cookson, but just a month after vlm so might not do myself justice.

    Shielsy - can't say I blame you , it wasn't exactly pleasant out.

    Mr SJ - I'm tempted by Clive Cookson, but it's only a month after vlm so might do myself justice.

  • Ooh. What happened there?
  • OS - You could always have a park duathlon there. image

    That was a very windy bike ride into work. Why is it that the wind is always against you and never pushes you? image

  • Boy, it's blowy out there. Five miles, to just squeak me past 50 for January. I was comfortably over 60 last year, but given the snow and ice we've had, I'll settle for that. Parkrun on Saturday to start February off, and a little matter of getting a form in the post as quickly as possible on Monday.

    Stay safe if you're out there, everyone.

  • XL - I was actually thinking that it was much less windy this morning than last night or Tuesday. Sadly I got soaked instead.  Good mileage for the month

  • You may be right, Fiona; I just wasn't out in it last night. Just as well, too, given the stuff that is blown around out garden this morning.

    Are you on the moor on Saturday ?

  • Slow 6 miler tonight to go past the 125 for January - with the long runs now starting to kick in hopefully the weather will behave.

  • OK I have revised my opinion on the weather - it seems to have got a lot worse since I was running this morning.

    XL- yes planning to be there, unless I sleep in again image

  • Afternoon all,7 blustery miles this morning,looked like a wheelie bin massacre had taken place overnight.Good luck to anyone else venturing out later.

  • LFC-a duathlon or even a tri has been suggested before!

    If I get time to run tonight, I should just make 170 miles this month- I did have to double check that myself.  Roll on VLM!!


  • OS - that is great mileage - I wont hit that amount till March and April where it will be just over 200 a month

  • Was hoping the wind would have died down today so I can get in a good 7 miles after work but by the sounds of things (and the fact I was blown from one end of Northumberland Street to the other this lunchtime) it seems like it's going to be a bit of a chore tonight ... dreading it!  image

    OS - can't believe that 'lake' is where you'd usually finish your parkrun image.  Mandie will love that photo of you and your dog.

    If I can drag myself out of bed on Saturday I may pay a visit to Whitley Bay parkrun as mr sj says they're doing a 'pink parkrun' or something.

  • Afternoon everyone.

    My god its windy out there ! Coming home from work on my bike and The cross wonds were knocking me rig out into the middle of e road, very scary and ended up getting off and pushing the bike.

    Off to the club tonight and im guessing its going to be hard work on the track !

    Shielsey - would be great to see you at the pink park run on saturday and anyone else local that fancies it. Its for a friend of mine and a regular parkrun marshall who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she is a real fighter and has come through it and will be tail walker this sat as she's still ot allowed to run.

    You just need to wear something pink and they will be doing a collection and selling cakes at the finish, after lots of ebay hunting i eventually found a mans running t shirt in bright neon pink !
  • OK - someone mentions cakes and I'm there!  image

  • Just back from a 5 miler. Felt more like 10 miles in this wind. I had to be at the coast anyway so parked at the St Mary's Island car-park and ran from there. It was bad enough at home in Gosforth but at the coast it must have been almost gale-force. Struggled to do much more than walking-pace into it and, when it was behind me, had to keep putting the brakes on to stop being carried away. No kidding. Not to mention being knocked all over the place when it was coming from the side. Probably the strongest wind I've run in. Better than bloomin' ice though.

  • *peeks head round door*

    Hello everyone - its been ages since I've been able to post. I hope you are all well. I'm back in work now after my broken finger episode and I've no idea how I used to find the time to fit everything in. This work malarky doesn't half get in the way.

    I've not had a chance to read back properly but can see that there has been some admireable running in all the snow/ice/wind/rain/floods etc.

    I've hardly run this month after suffering a bit of a niggly ankle which, hopefully, seems to have eased now. Other than that I seem to have avoided some tough conditions.

    Its looking very doubtful that I'll be able to join everyone for Blaydon due to our leave rota being fully booked up that weekend which I'm gutted about. There's plenty of time for someone to cancel their leave tho, so I'm not giving up all hope just yet.

    OS - Shielsy is right.....I do love that photo of you and your dog, although I sympathise at the conditions for your parkrun....I doubt it'll drain for a while yet, looking at it. 


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