Great North Run 2013



  • Congratulations XL-man and Pengwyn image

  • Morning everyone,

    Hows the heel today xl ?

    Out this morning for a nice 8 miler along the coast, felt really good and kept picking the pace up with each mile, average pace of 7:44 miles which felt nice and easy.

    Good luck to anyone out running or racing this weekend
  • Hello again.

    Sorry, didn’t have time for a proper read earlier.

    ‘Dodging round people’? I thought you just ran through their legs, Shielsy image

    That will be lovely doing it with your daughter Bearsted. A run to treasure, for both of you.

    It is a perennial moan (and a justified one) Adrain that people come across walkers within the first mile. I haven’t done a GNR for a while, so my memory may be rose-tinted, but I honestly don’t think it was any worse before they started using pens. Happy to be put right on that by any regulars with experience of both (And a good memory image )

    Can’t tell you where the days are going, Mandie. I have knocked Haweswater on the head – I think it was unlikely anyway, but with a ten day lay-off in November, and now this new injury, plus other ‘stuff’ I can’t be ready for a half in just three weeks ! (It is 3rd, isn’t it?)

    Sorry you were unlucky, Col. Go on, go for a charity place. We’ll help to get you to your target, I’m sure.

  • Congratulations, and welcome to all the new faces who have go tplaces. I hoep you stick around and enjoy the craic and teh white noise on here, as well as the running talk.

    Well done on the 15 miles, Shielsy. It all seems to be going well again for you. How does it compare to the first time you did it?

    Hello, and thank you, FuzzyVixx. Can't believe that 11 years have passed. Cautionary tail to any of you newbies who are just starting out on this runnign lark. I began running, with my training partner, on Feb 10th, 2002 - we both intended to do the GNR once only and hang up our trainers after enjoying the experience and getting our medals and t-shirts. We are still runing ! (Though not at the GNR for some time now)

    Hi mr sj, and thanks. The heel is still sore, but nowhere near as bad as it was yesterday. RICE seems to be helping. I'm hopeful that I'll be OK by the end of next week for a gentle run. May have to forego parkrun, but I would rather do that and get a few good runs at half term. Well done on your miles this morning. Sounds like a good run for you.

  • Evening everyone,

    Does anyone know what time the Junior Great North Run starts on the Saturday? - my 14 year old is keen to run it and was going to fit it in to our GNR weekend

  • I think it starts at different times according to age group Tanlash.

  • Thanks FuzzyVixx

  • Shielsy - Great distances you're putting in lately

    XL - That's really tough to have an injury when you've been XLing so well lately (couldn't resist image)  Hope you can get back on track soon. 

    Been seeing some fantastic runs going on, so many of you preparing for marathons including London. 

    I've returned for a quick kick up the backside as I haven't run for weeks image. Last outing in November I believe image.


  • Hello everyone.

    I've been lurking for a while and not wanting to tempt the ballot fate. But now I know I'm in can I join in the thread and pick your brains and ask questions?
  • Whoever kicks RLTW can they kick me as well,I seemed to have developed a nasty allergy to running outsideimage
  • Hi K80, welcome to the thread.
  • Hi K80- welcome to the madhouse.

    I've not had time to post this last week.  Marathon training just takes up so much time- plus I said I'd help out with entries in our marathon which is taking up a lot of time.  I might suggest we just use online entries next year!  

      Lots of big mileages happening on here too, despite the weather.  I did my 18 miler yesterday in sleet and light drizzle which was a good decision as it was even worse here today.

    And I can go to TR24 so look forward to seeing some of you there image.  mr sj- what's our team name this year?

  • Welcome to the forum k80

    Spongecake, consider this a kick up the backside ! Get yourself out there and run !!

    Shadowfax - at the moment we are just willy wonka IV, but if a momentof inspiration hits me that may change image
  • How about "Simons Wonkas"? I don't think "Simons Willys" would be appropriate

    Spongecake - I'm double kicking you up the backside!

  • I'll give kicks up the backside to those who need them too image

    Morning all image

    Welcome k80 image

    Glad you are coming to TR24 OS image

  • Morning all

    How is everybody?

    Shielsy - well done on the 15 miles. It was a lovely day on Saturday.  I still feel like that everytime I do a long run and yet come marathon day I still make it round 26.2 miles and so will you - you've done it before.

    Welcome to all new comers who have got ballot places this year

    XL - I missed you on Saturday.  It was near perfect running conditions on the moor.  Hope the heel settles soon.

    OS - I know what you mean about marathon training, I feel like I do nothing but run, shower and eat.image

    I managed 20 miles yesterday.  It was rather windy but in the opposite direction to the last few weeks so I had a tailwind all the way home. image  and I managed to get home before the rain. It was still tough (it always is), however, my pace is getting better so there must be some improvement.

    Mr SJ/XL which clubs website do I need to look at for Clive Cookson?

  • Well done Shielsy on the 15 miles.

    Fiona - great mileage, 20 miles. A tail wind is always good. image

    XL - How's the ankle?

    RLTW & Spongebob, consider yourelves kicked.

    A slow 4 miles for me yesterday. I'm on some tablets to try and help my knee out and up to now, they are helping. image

  • Welcome K80 - feel free to ask anything (though we can't promise we'll be able to answer everything)

    This is for spongecake and RLTW: 'Get out there and run - NOW!  If I can get my arse into gear then so can you!

    Day off from running today, but I'm working until 8pm so not exactly putting my feet up all night image.

    Old Shadowfax - see you in Derbyshire this summer  image

  • Well done on your 20 miles Fiona!  You seem to have done nothing but long runs for months now!

    XL - how's your achilles feeling today?  You were asking how marathon training compared this time to 2 years ago.  I think it's a bit harder this time, as last time it had the novelty factor, I was anticipating doing London, which is just special, and lots of my running club pals were doing it as well, so we were forever comparing notes.  This time it's more 'low key', which in a way is good (there's hardly anyone in work knows I'm training for a marathon this time, whereas in 2011 people were asking me how things were going all the time - so the pressure is off a bit).  But obviously I'm 2 years older than I was, plus I want to get a better time (wind permitting!)

    I've signed up for the Royal Signals Road Relays this weekend, which I'm looking forward to - I missed the weekend's cross country (because of long-run and work committments) so it'll be nice to be running with the club again.

    Off to look for a new fridge freezer in my lunch hour, as mine seems to be going doolaly tap ... it's starting to freeze the veg and salad stuff in the fridge, even though the thermostat is on the middle setting (even half a tin of custard had started to freeze when I made pudding last night.

    All fridge freezer recommendations welcome.

  • Afternoon everyone,

    Stringy - im quite tempted with simons willys ! Mit get some t shirts printed up ! Or maybe i'll go for "plimsolls on, eyeballs out"

    Sielsey - i fancied the relays is weekend but couldnt make it, i really enjoyed the last one.

    Fona - clive cookson is organised by north shields poly! No details on the website yet but should be updated soon enough
  • K80 - welcome

    14 miler for me today - thats after my new i-phone arrives so I can sign for it, bet that will be 5 O'clock!!


  • Mr SJ - ta

    Shielsy - that is the first 20 miler but I do feel like I've been doing a lot of running! I hope it all pays off!!!!!

    Just on case anyone is interested I'm doing VLM for HeartUK. This is a charity which supports people with inherited high cholesterol conditions and raises funds for research. I work in this area so seemed sensible. I am again hoping to break Guinness record for fastest female dressed as doctor (sub 4 hours). If you wish to sponsor me I' ll add site address shortly.
  • 14miler done late this afternoon first 8 miles weather ok then last 6 miles cold sleet into face. Never mind run done
  • Thanks everyone for the welcome image

    There are some serious miles being trod on here.

    I managed to do 16k yesterday (my longest run for months). I got lost again. You'll hear that a lot from meimage
  • K80 - don't worry if you get lost on the day just follow the signs for South Shields image

    Nice run there Bearsted! image

    Nice run Fiona image

  • Good luck with the VLM Fiona. Unfortunatly I won't be there to watch in London like last year, but i'll be fixed to the TV instead. image

  • Stringy - I'll just think of you as I whizz past the 24 mile marker. image Or more likely try not to collapse.

    As I said here is my sponsorship page:

    if anyone feels that they would like to sponsor me.

    K80 - just ignore all the high mileages, a few of us are doing spring marathons this year.

    Vixx - how's it going?

    Bearsted - did the iphone turn up at a reasonable time?

  • FJ - yep it arrived at 2:50pm so was out running just after 3pm which meant all the run was before got dark. I will go onto your sponsorship page at sometime it is for a great cause.

  • Very quick visit from me - just wanted to share my first TR24 nightmare with you all from last night.

    I dreamt the location was changed to a little village and there was no camping, everyone was staying in the houses around the course. i somehow got split up from everyone else and when I finished my lap there was no-one to hand my wristband to so I went to my house to find i was sharing it with my ex husband!! image. This stopped me from having a shower as I didn't want to undress in front of him and then I couldn't find the food tent.

    I eventually found everyone else, who were staying in a big house all together, only to be told Shielsy had moved to the Willy Wonka team which meant the Thunder Crackers had less time to recover in between laps!!!

    I was panicking and XL was there and calmed me down (in true XL- way, always says the right thing at the right time, love him).

    Anyhow, I woke up in a right tizzy so just wanted to share it with you all !!!!

    Got to dash - work calling - speak soon! xx

  • Wow - and all that in one dream - wish I had such dreams

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