Great North Run 2013



  • BP - It is just beautiful up there, and to think its just over an hour and a half from my front door! (sorry to rub it in some more image)

    SoreCalf - imageimage

    Thanks Fiona and Vixx.

  • Mandie - spent many a day and weekend there when I was a kid and remember it so well.

  • Bob ParrBob Parr ✭✭✭

    Great photo Mandie, found this one of You and Steve in that collection too.  I've looked on the SAFC website and they are selling this years shirts for £20 so I've ordered one.  Best I start to look at events to enter so I have somewhere to wear it!

  • Cheers for the heads up Bob Parr - I need to order me one too! Hope they have at least an XL! (But not a camel shaped XLimage  )

  • Terrific photos Mandie and well done on a cracking time.

  • Nice photo Mandie,how did you manage a smile at the top of that hillimage
  • Mandie- looks like you were enjoying that hill far too much image

  • Hi everyone! How's the training going? I'm feeling a bit sore as I write this, I had to compress my midweek runs into back to back sessions yesterday and today, I prefer to have a day's gap, but work got in the way image

    Happily I did manage to join the gym running group again this lunchtime, we did a tempo run for about 20 mins and then a really interesting sprint session - several laps of a circuit, sprinting the first 20%, jogging the rest and then doubling the sprint distance on each successive lap (theres probably a name or easier way to describe this activity?) it was a lot of fun and without doubt I worked harder than I would have done just doing my usual lunchtime 5K. (maybe even harder because I was the only guy in a group of 10 rather athletic young ladies imageimage)


    I was planning on doing a night time 6k trail race up a local hill on Saturday night, but I think I'll give it a miss - my legs are feeling a bit tight this week, so I'll rest until Sunday and do a moderate 10-12k . I'd hate to tear my calf again.

    Anyone used a foam roller? The sports massage girl at the gym recommended I bought one - I'd be intrested in hearing about any experiences with them.

  • Sorecalf,well done on the lunch time run,wish I could do that at my work. I was shown a foam roller while getting physio last year,fairly uncomfortable but worth it in the end.I had a few issues with a tight itb band and a torn hamstring,think its pretty much sorted now.
  • Sorecalf - yes got one and certainly works if as spongecake does say painful.

  • +1 for the foam roller and I would say fairly uncomfortable is an understatement. Ouch image

    Sorecalf - I would definitely be wary of trail races in the Ednburgh area that include hills as I've seen the hills!

    Morning to everyone else. image

  • Fiona,well I suppose the foam roller can make you grimace a bit.I can also vouch for hilly runs in Edinburgh,Arthurs Seat has a lovely view from the top but it really hurts running up it.,image
  • You can tell there are a few away in the sun it's a bit slow on here at moment. Can't wait till Sunday to see how the 10 days of non running has hopefully solved the knee problem. Lydd Half Marathon on Sunday - to say its pancake flat is an underestimate I think there is a 7ft climb at one point ha ha
  • I ran in the annual Teddy Hall relays in Oxford on Wednesday- teams of 4 running 3.6 mile laps around the town/ river.  I was pleased to knock 20secs off my time from 2 yrs ago but its taken 400miles of marathon training in 2013 to do that image.  So that's 20 miles per second...

    Tis indeed a bit quiet on here!  We are off to the intercounties XC tomorrow in Birmingham as young OS is representing Oxfordshire in the U13 boys.  So some dead proud parents will be screaming him on.  the Brownlee boys are running too, plus Gemma Steel and quite a few from our club.  And the weather is looking a bit drier than it has been today.  Good luck to anyone running this weekend

  • Evening all,

    Os - 20 mikes a second is still a pb !

    Hope everyone is fit and well, planning a little jaunt to do parkrun in the morning, weather forecast is for 20mph winds and torrential rain, should be fun image
  • Oh and foam rollers are the tool of the devil
  • People say that about me mr sj!

    Evening all image

  • Evening vixx
  • OS - good luck to young OS
  • Afternoon,

    Nice morning at e parkrun, weather was horrendous, wind blowing a gale, raining and absolutely freezing. Thought i would still have a crack at a pb and see what happens, to cut a 20:50 minute story short, i ran a 20:50. Not a pb but only 11 secs off my best and in todays wind i cant complain about that.

    Nice to see madmax making a rare break from toon parkrun. Was a funny run is morning, parkruns normally very tight affairs with runners closely groped but i found myself running 2 miles today totally alone, 2 runners about 800m up ahead and a group about the same behind but i was just stuck in no mans land !

    Good luck to anyone racing or running tomorrow, weather up north is grimmer than grim
  • Well done sj,weather was awful this morning.

    OS,Hope your son got on ok at xc.

    Luckily I've had a tutorial all day so couldnt run. Need a power nap then maybe a short run later.
  • Mmmmm, im a bit baffled now. Just had my email from parkrun and they have me at 20:12 and i recorded 20:50. Checked with those who finished around me and they all have times within a few seconds of official time. Guy finishing behind me has 20:51 and i would say he was a good 30 secs behind me, that would fit in with the official 20:12 but not my time of 20:50.

    Ive emailed parkrun to check but not sure if i've somehow messed up or if they have ! Annoying thing is i didnt look at my garmin once today during the run, which is a miracle for me ! So i am officially confused !
  • Is that a baffled PB mr sj,A baffled pb is still a pb and 20.12 is a cracking time.A massive well done to you.

  • Young OS had a great day at the World cross trials, thanks. 271st out of 311 and he's got another year in this age group.  Nice and muddy and some seriously good runners.  Speaking of which, on going through my pics I found one of CC2 which I'll post when this website allows me to!  Hope you had a good race too.  You look to be in a good position in the photo.


  • Oh lordy, I don't want to see any photos from today! I had an awful race. I got a massive stitch and it just got worse and worse. I spent most of the race jabbing my fingers into my ribs and gasping for breath while all and sundry came past me. Where did you find the results? Not that I really want to know! (In my defence I had no warm up because we spent 50 mins searching for a non-existent red tent and the team manager didn't answer his phone - we found him just in time to get changed, barge into the loo queue and get to the start line).

  • Well I did 20 miles today in that weather including parkrun. It was cold, very wet and miserable but remarkably my legs are feeling great.

    Well done to OS junior and CC2 I'm sure you didn't do as badly as all that.

    Off on my hols tomorrow so hopefully warm and sunny.
  • Have a great hol Fiona,20 miles is hardcore,leave your trainers at home and take some flipflops insteadimage

    Speedy,sounds like youve had a tough day at the office.

    Great effort from young OS
  • CC2 - the results have just gone up on power of 10 but you looked relaxed  where I saw you (on the 1st lap, behind the tented area).  I was taking a pic of one of the Oxfordshire ladies and you were ahead of her, although I didn't spot you at the time. 

    Well done Fiona- enjoy your hols.

  • Well done to young OS

    Great running Fiona

    Got through my half today without any recurring knee issues. My only problem was the pace I went off at on the back of 10 days of no running. I wanted to see how my legs were so I went off at 7:20 pace (PB territory) and got through 10K in 45mins but suffered for this at 9 1/2 miles as got calf cramps and had to idle in to make sure didn't do any damage. Now to put the miles in
  • Well done BP- I was supposed to do a half marathon race today according to my schedule but I didn't get round to entering one so I did a fast paced training 13 mile run instead.  There was bitingly cold wind which made me stop a few times in the 1st 6 miles to thaw out my noseimage.


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