Had a quick deck at the mag yesterday, looks nice and sexy as per usual!

They are starting to take the p*ss a bit I think with the race results pages....what do you think? AT least a dozen pages this time!

And yay!, I know the female winner of the Longest Day - Helen! She works here in defra. If anyoen eants an autograph for a fiver then let me know!


  • I agree

    It seems that most of the copy is reace reports, whereas the technique side of things are not in depth enough

    I only browse it these days unless there is something specific I want to keep
  • It's a shame really isn't it. Still a agreat mag, but after seeing the major races on TV, I have no need to read about them in the mag (several pages wasted!)

  • Personally I'd like to see more detailed technique stuff and less filler

    for example they strung out the pre sherbourne over several issues- the build up to the race, analysis of the course and then another month deidicated to the mental prepararion- this could all have been done in one or two issues.

    The balance between newbie and more advanced topics isnt right- I think it is great to have newcomers advice, but the more advanced stuff should also have more of a place at the expense of some of the race reports.

    I think it is good having access to race photos for tri as the course is always important- but that is what a website of for.

    It would also be good to have more detailed stuff in the interview, not just a basic overview - motivations, schedules etc

    How about interview from the greats and how they overcame adversity- espeicllay poignant with ironman.

    I know a lot of this has been dealt with in the past in US mags but does that mean that 220 shouldnt?
  • wow- I got that off my chest
  • I like the ads. :o)

  • aaaannnnnnd relax caspar!

    i get a bit fed up with all the different interval sessions they come with every week. i just forget them straight away!
  • hi jj!
  • I only got one copy, and have to say that I'd have liked more technique and less race reports.
  • I think 220 needs new editorial direction - I got so bored with the contents and rarely look at it now. The Runners World segments on Tri and Adventure Racing were much better.

    220 seems to follow the same format each month:

    Picture of British Triathlete on cover, preferably AJ, with sponsors logos
    Editorial by bloke, photo in shades looking aloof, and contents
    Shorts bits of stuff/new shoes/new floats
    Section on dryland swimming
    The Celeb Triathlete section, Lessing eats fish, Swallow eats meat and so on... (with not enough pictures of the latter)
    Pictures of people cycling up hills
    adverts for bikes you can't afford
    Race reports, with pictures of normal fat sweaty people
    Pictures of people swimming in the tropics, with story about how Mr Money did the St. Lucia sprint tri

    needs a little thought...
  • The problem is that every magazine starts to get very repetitive after a year or so any way.

    I'm sure if you been buying runners world since issue 1 you would be bored of marathon schedules every January by now

    I dont mind pictures of gear I cant afford, I am a sucker for advertising
  • [Jj pleased not to be alone on this]
  • Mmm... pics of gear ....That's why I get Cycling Weekly on subscription. I think what we are talking about here is what some call Cycloporn?

    <<goes off to stroke new Miche Supertype seatpin>>
  • I like the race reports! Don't forget, this is the summer. In winter, there will be no tri reports (maybe the odd duathlon), and just the odd ironman race. To be honest, I read the US mags but tend to throw them away at the end of the month. I keep 220, because of the equipment reviews, and big triathlete interview.

    The "Mr Money" segment has only featured twice, and I think his friends who live there are the rich ones, not him. RW usually has one every issue (see this month's high altitude ultra in Peru).

    Wait till February. You'll be desperate for race reports then!

  • Thing about race reports in 220, is by the time you buy the mag you already know who won what and by how much. The ITU races are on Ch5 and a handful of other big tri events are now shown on Grandstand a week later. The only races I will read about in 220 are generally the ones I competed in.

    Just checked this months mag - pages 26-64 (out of 90) are devoted to race reports (albeit with an advertisement here or there). That's 45% of the mag. Way too much!

    It's a shame because I think it's a great mag.

  • Listen to the whinger!
  • One bit I did find amusing was the pic of the guy, top-left of the page under the Longest Day Race Report.

    The caption said something like 'competitors prepare for a long bike leg". And there was this guy, big grin on his face in a 'superman' position. arms totally straight out in front of him. Imagine the back-ache on the run after 112 miles like that.....ooooof :O)
  • But its good to read the race report if you've been in the race - or if you fancy doing it next time
  • i know.....but that takes up all of about half-2 pages.
  • but we're all interested in different races
  • My 220 still has not arived :o(
  • I don't have cable or satellite, which means I don't get Channel 5, or Sky Sports, or Eurosport (unless I'm at my brother's house). This means that I only get the tris that Grandstand shows on BBC1/2.

    Another thing is there is very little proper background on telly. Usually just "This is Leanda Cave/Jodie Swallow/Michelle Dillon in bed with Stuart Hayes". (By the way, that's just Michelle Dillon in bed with Stuart Hayes. Anything more would be greedy).

    Someone please tell that woman who does the ITU commentary that it's "triathlon", not "triath-alon". Anyway, on BBC1/2 they are primarily aimed at the general public, so you get told what a transition is, and the word "gruelling" must be used. All a bit simple for us experienced types. Oops. A rant slipped in there. Sorry all.


    P.S. AJ, shave! Please!
  • Ooooh! BB - 'triathalon' gets me too!

    I have a friend who calls her hubby a 'triathalete'. gggggrrrrrrrrr.

  • I agree that it would be greedy and totally unfair if stuart hayes was in bed with LC, JS and MD
  • Probably true for most sports BB - the commentary is not that technical.

    Here's a thought - in the days of digital telly where you can select which event to watch at the Paris WOrld champs or which court to watch at WImbledon, why not have a choice of commentary for the novice/more experienced with the same pictures?
  • Careful Fruity. You'll be working in TV before you know it.

    Actually, now that I think about it, that's far too good an idea. The TV bosses will never go for it.

  • Just noticed an event listed in 220 called a tregathon (horse-ride, run and hike, i presume (they put 'nike')).

    so we now have:

    biathlon (which is confusing - used for two diff sports)
    modern pentathlon

    whats next!?
  • actually that might have been tregathlon
  • Dodecathlon?
  • Antandecathon......hahahahaha
  • I'd quite like Smegathlon (not Smegathalon) - swim, horse ride, run.

    Does it exist?

    Agree with what's been said about the mag - any niche mag becomes samey after a year or two of reading it. And inevitably a greater % of the mag is race reports during the season! What will they fill it with in a month or two....?

    I do think it is a good mag tho...glossy, shiny, lots of nice kit, analytical about everything - just like the best triathaletes (!) eh guys?
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