Swimming coaching?

Not really thinking of doing Tri's just yet but I'm keen to improve my swimming which is basically a fairly slow breast-stroke at the moment or an inept splashing movement I laughably call front crawl.

WW keeps mentioning something called TI which seems to be the dogs doo-dahs for swimming technique - are there coaches in London for this or would my local swimming pool instructor be ok?


  • Chaos - start off with you local swimming instructor and see how you get on. TI courses can be very expensive and you may find that after a few sessions you will see a remarkable improvement with the coach. If you can't find one, give me a shout and I will have a look at your stroke for you, but word of warning I can be quite 'teachery'...!!
  • Chaos - I owe you a HUGE favour (book and DVD are great!) so I'd happily do some swim coaching with you FOC.
  • Does anyone know of any good swimming instrution DVDs? - me an' hubby are both trying to improve our swimming at the moment, he wants to do his first tri next year, I want to do my second, but neither of us has gone beyond 500metres of front crawl before drowning .....
  • Ta, I'll give my local pool in Ealing a go as it's quite close and I could go there after work easily. Just had a look at the website and it's a 50 metre one so I guess it gets serious swimmers. It'd be fantastic to have your views/comments as well if we get the chance to meet up somewhere suitable.

    Hmmm... "teachery"? i can just imagine it Spans.
  • I didn't know that Ealing has a 50m pool... interesting, where abouts is it?
  • Chaos- last Summer I learnt front crawl from scratch doing adult swimming lessons, although I am still v slow my technique is ok, bi-lateral breathing and all, It took about 5 lessons to get it and I can still improve loads. At our local sports centre the lessons are pay per session a bit dearer than a normal swim with very mixed abilities, some total non swimmers. You just tell the instructers what you want to learn. I am now screwing my courage up to learn butterfly- but that's impossible isn't it?
  • Spans - http://gurnell.leisureconnection.co.uk/ I've just emailed them about lessons as their phones are constantly engaged.

    bi-lateral breathing eh! what are you talking about Monique? sounds impressive anyway. Butterfly must be good for the pecs - is it fast as well?
  • gurnell 50m, yep.
  • Monique - if my little girl can do 'fly, you can!

    (are 50m pools not common? there's one at Wycombe)
  • fly is easy once you have the technique but most importantly rythmn!!

    Will have to investigate how easy it is to get to Gurnell...
  • julie joo.

    50m pools? theres ONE in wales. (although they are starting work on the second as we speak)
  • Blimey.

    Just goes to show what you take for granted, doesn't it?

  • next time you hear people writing off brit. swimming, look at the facilities our guys and girls are having to use -although things are starting to move in the right direction. I have a friend in california who was here for a year. Before she came to this country she had never even SEEN a 25m pool. all were 50's, and a few in most cities. don't even start talking about the aussie facilities!!!
  • Jj - the lack of 50m pools in this country is what they are blaming for our previous poor performances in major comps...
  • in fact (rantrantrant) Paris alone has more 50m pools than the uk. I'm sure someone told me that last year.
  • oooh snap moosey!
  • spans - i'm not hugely sure how they can use that excuse for short course comps though! LOL. Hopefully things will improve though.
  • ooooh. Had no idea.

    come to Wycombe! Swimming parrtteeeeeeee!!!

  • hang on, looking wycombe up on a map.....
  • yeah but there aren't many of those outside of this country due to no where else having the facilities!!

    Might take you up on that offer one day Jj
  • miles away.

    nevermind, we'll have one in 2005!
  • (pool that is, not necessarily booking a party for 2 years time - my diary isn't that full!!)
  • Oooh! They got a Moonbase there too!

    We can have balloons and cake!
  • Oh lucky me, I've got 2 50m pools nearby, and several open water swimming places too.
  • Who needs 50m Pools. We (Brits not you Ironwolf) live on an island so all live not too far from the sea. You can swim for miles without ever needing a tumble turn. Swim fast and you may forget the cold.

    I'll get me coat...

  • Doesn't matter how long the pool is there will always be some miserable old goat in the fast lane doing breast stroke and moaning about people overtaking.
  • PPB - behave - December in the North sea - I think not
  • anyone for a paddle up the Thames?
  • Tooting Bec lido is tops. About 90 yards or so long apparently, so not too many twee turns required, which can be tricky for marsupials :)
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