Walking shoes for overpronation

I overpronate on my left leg. This is more of a problem when walking rather than running, because there are plenty of good running shoes around and I tend to run on my forefeet anyway. The tension that builds up when wearing normal shoes leads to calf and achilles niggles that are annoying when running though.

Any suggestions for shoes that might help with this? Unfortunately they have to be reasonable respectable, since I spend my days talking to bankers and similar - otherwise I could just wear trainers.

The collective name for a group of bankers is a wunch, by the way.


  • Try Superfeet or Orthoheel inserts (Outdoor shops and Boots respectively stock them). They are similar to off the shelf orthotics, but with the emphasis on support rather than correction. They will fit inside most shoes (not ladies court shoes, but I assume that won't be a problem for you).
  • PS - I wear Orthoheel all the time in my work shoes - I can't walk more than 200 yards otherwise. When I got them at first, it was instant relief from similar problems to yours plus sore arches.
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    Thanks Nessie. I'll go and visit Boots. Bored with work anyway :-). Shame about the court shoes though...
  • I have recently been advised (at Sweatshop) that I overpronate & was sold some Asics GT2070, this has helped with my running but I now suffer with really bad pain in my lower right shin do you think these inserts could help?
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    Thank you so much. How could I be so dumb? I should now save a fortune in shoes - usually trashed in weeks.


    Some soreness in the shins when you move to more stable shoes is not surprising. Give yourself a little while to get used to them. These inserts would make them even more stable and probably make the problem worse. You could, however, use inserts in more neutral shoes to give them some stability. I got the superfeet full length ones.
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    Oh, Nessie, Boots in Cambridge had slimfit Orthoheel for ladies' fashion shoes as well. I could always post you some :-)
  • Thanks, Glen, but I can't wear fashion shoes anymore. They make them for people who only have 3 toes, and have titanium bones in thier feet so don't require any cushioning on the soles. I'll stick with the rather unfeminine, clumpy, solid type with my standard fit ladies' Orthoheels.

    I hope you find them as good as I do. One thing I should mention - take them out of your shoes once a week and spray them with air freshener or Febreeze, as they do tend to get a bit pongy after a while.
  • I use an insert from Boots in my work shoes, but they are I think called A.O.L. They are made of a black rubbery material with a brown cloth upper covering and come in a variety of fitting width and sizes and cost around £15.00. Before I bought them, like Nessie, I also had problems walking more than a few hundred metres. I used to get cramps in the front of my legs and would have to stop, which I put up with for 7 years.

    Another option is to visit a Scholl shop where they will give you an assessment and make a set of inserts for you. Back in 1999 I was quoted £70 for the inserts but the assessment was free. decided to see if Boots did anything off the shelf which is where I found the AOLs. Within a week my walking problem had disapeared.

    Looking back now with the 2002 FLM behind me it's hard to imagine that 3 years ago I couldn't even walk let alone run.

    Good luck

  • jenks, they sound very similar (black with brown fabric), although mine were £20.

    Nick - Glen's right, they do take a bit of getting used to - you are probably using the muscles in a slightly different way than you did before, so even if this is now the "right" way, it still takes time to adjust. Persevere, but build up the mileage gradually.
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