What to wear for GNR?

I've not been running long and have never raced before. I normally wear the same old jogging bottoms & tshirt - what should i wear for the race tho? I'm anticipating a v.slow time (knee injury so may be walking a fair bit/lot). Is it ok to wear my fave trousers (too hot?), or should i get some shorts? If so who makes good longer ladies styles (i'm quite tall & hate short shorts)?
Many thanks, :o)


  • Greaves Sports on Sauchiehall Street is the only serious sports shop I know of (I don't live in Glasgow), so they may be worth a try.

    Whatever you get, make sure you try them out beforehand, in case they run anywhere you don't want them to.

    However, depending on the weather, you may get away with your comfy trousers, especially if you think you may be out there for a while. If you have worn them for long training runs with no ill effects, there should be no problem on the day (except for the body heat of 30,000 others....)

    Good luck for the race.
  • Flora take an old sweatshirt, pair of joggy bottoms and a bin liner to keep you warm and dry before you start, you will find that most of the other runners will do the same, and then just dump them at the start line. Also take your own sports drink, you may need this at around 9/10 miles, but make sure you have tried it out before hand, Lucozade Sports in particular doesn't seem to agree with alot of people.
  • Thanks Wicked Witch & Nessie,
    I'd read somewhere about the binliner thing (that some people use them to keep warm/dry at the start) but didn't know if that's what really happens. Somehow i'm almost more stressed about not knowing where to go/what happens at a race than the actual race itself!
  • Flora; don't worry about not knowing where to go or what to do. Just follow the crowds and you'll get to the right place. Also, don't be afraid to ask anybody if you're not sure. Everybody is very friendly & helpful. We were all first timers once, so we know how it feels. The binliners are very good, I sometimes take 2 if it is quite cold, 1 for the top half & 1 for round the legs. Nessie is right about the body heat thing though, 30k people do generate a lot of heat.
    Most of all enjoy it, it is an incredible experience.
  • Hi Flora,
    I usually get my running stuff from Sweatshop which is in Next Generation Gym in Anniesland, Glasgow. They have quite a good selection.
    However, I would say that if you have been fine training over the distance in your regular bottoms, stick with them and only try out new kit after the race in prepartaion for the next one!
  • hi Flora,stick with what you are comfortable in,just do`nt try anything new ON THE DAY,I`m sure you will be fine,and most of all ,like Baz says, enjoy it,runners are usualy a friendly crowd.
  • Thanks everyone,
    I feel MUCH better now. I think i've actually gone past fear and am now feeling quite excited about it all.

    'Fat Running Fingers' - I'll check out the sweatshop. Not sure about needing stuff for a next race tho. I'm seriously considering an early retirement :o)
  • Just wait until you get the medal round your neck - you'll be browsing the race calendar before you know it!
  • Flora, I'll be wearing a pair of old M&S stirrup pants and a t-shirt, so we can be scruffy together. Shorts outdoors in October in the North of England? No, thanks! Stay relaxed - you'll have a great time.

    Last year I watched the GNR on television, and at the start everyone threw their pre-race clothes to the sides of the course - the commentator said that this was a part of the GNR ritual and the organisers collect up the clothes to donate to charity. If this is true, I'll wear a jumper rather than a bin-liner. Didn't see it mentioned in the race guide.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-rap it doesn't do to assume that it's always cold up here in the North East, even if the national weather people seem to think this is Scotland. I was out yesterday morning, and it was absolutely gorgeous weather, bright sunshine & very warm, even at 10:30. It made my 10.5 miles go very pleasantly, just 1 or 2 short runs now til the big day.
    I think the clothes thing is correct, although like you I have never seen anything official.
  • Careful, Baz - it doesn't do to assume Scotland is always cold either! My mother is always trying to entice us to go and live there by telling me how gorgeous the weather is, how it never rains, how they've just been for a walk in t-shirts and shorts (in December), conveniently forgetting that I lived there for 23 years and KNOW that the weather is bogging most of the time!

    I won't be running outdoors in shorts in October anywhere on these shores. The shorts and vests are now packed away until March, and I shall soon be digging out my fleeces.

    See you there, Baz, if you're not too embarrassed to be associated with me. Those stirrup pants really are as superannuated as a garment can be without having holes in the knees.
  • It's lovely in Inverness today. Sunny and warm. Surely it can't be nearly October.

    It was colder than this in July!
  • V-rap it looks like you & i will be setting new fashion trends together then, tho i may have to take some shorts just in case of freak warm weather.
    I'm with Nessie weatherwise tho - Ayr's been lovely this autumn, faaaaaaar drier than the supposed summer. Scotland can be warm...sometimes :o)
  • I come from Kilmarnock. I'm sure it rained every single day I lived there...mind you, better class of weather in Ayr as well as better class of everything else except football....
  • V-rap, I would never be embarrassed to be seen with any of the other runners. I'm with you on being comfortable . I'm a runner, not a fashion model, so you will often see me training in quite a collection of different gear.
    Do you have to keep your claws clipped to stop getting any holes in your leggings ?
    Seriously though, it is a lot nicer if the weather is ok though on the morning, especially as we will be hanging around for a couple of hours waiting for the start.
  • V-rap - Luckily i'm not originally from Ayr (my home towns actually Bath), otherwise i'd be forced to defend Ayr united (who are admittedly pants!).
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