From 10 to 26 ?

Just ran the Brecon 10 miler ( on a hilly course ). I was going to use it as a training run but my heart rate was so high at the start and I was in good (female) company, that I just kept up the pace and finished in a very satisfying 1hr.32 minutes. Hoorah !!!
On the basis that I want to run a sub 4 hour marathon, how can I best train to keep the same pace for London next year


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    The time is fine for a hilly course.On a flatter road course your time would probably be 10-15% quicker ie around 1h20, which is comforatbly inside 4hr marathon pace.
    It's a bit early to build up for FLM03 now,but I find it helpful to follow the RW schedules most of which start in January.
    Until the year end I'd continue to build on what you've achieved thus far (maybe target a halfM in Oct/Nov) to ascertain how on track you are and also give you some focus over the autumn.
    As regards training the key components are firstly the long runs,but also longer intervals - between 800 and 1600m at halfM pace - which will naturally lead to quicker racing.
    Based off your time for the 10 miler and with steady and dedicated training sub 4hr is well within reach.Good luck !
  • Thanks Dustin. Motivation and focus through the winter is simple - While I'm not looking for a sub four hour, I will still give it a shot, - I'm doing New York in November.
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