Muscle and Running

I run around 20 miles a week sometimes less and sometimes more and then do weight training three times a week, i've recently started eating a better diet hoping to gain more of a muscular body but still be able to run long distances. Really don't want to stop running but I don't really want to end up looking really skinny like some of the pro's. Anyone know if I can still get a good athletic figure like cristiano ronaldo or someone.. 

Or am i worrying over nothing, as the pro's don't train for muscle strength?


  • you wont look skinny running 20mpw. the pros are doing 100mpw+

  • You just need to look at some of the guys doing 100/200 metres.... are ther skinny.

    No o o . It's good that you've cleaned your diet up but to put on muscle you have to work your body and feed it right. Keep up the improvement.

  • Ok thanks guys

  • if u want a body like those on the front of magazines its your diet you need to focus on and getting your body fat down to a low percentage..

  • Thats why I changed my diet..

  • Holding significant muscle at a low bf%, and being a long distance runner, are two goals that are diametrically opposed. Pick one, or be so-so at both.

  • Ah ok cheers pal

  • image I don't think that 20mpw is going to put in in the league of a long distance runner. You'd need to be running one run of 20 miles plus running virtually every day. You have nothing to fear.

    I run, swim, cycle and have just started playing hockey. I run 45 mpw with a LSR of at least 15 miles. I am not skinny. Having said that, I'm not the most muscular of people you'll ever meet. image

    If you enjoy what you do and are happy then you've got the balance right.

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